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Highlight: Chillin'

Pink pearly white creating a snowy white sheen, with the platinum quality that is so well suited to True and Bright Winter. The finish is shiny and cool enough to create a metallic polish that is seamless with the natural colours and a flawless quality in the skin texture.

For True Summer, this cool white-gold is an excellent starting place. Although the white is very clear, the quantity of pigment is low and easily blended for a more satin finish. To soften it further, blending a dab of Chillin' with a touch of Watered Silk blush in the True Summer collection makes a lovely light pink with a delicate silvery sheen for application to the upper cheekbone, which will blend invisibly with the more matte blush applied to the wider cheek area.

A highlighter with extremely smooth texture in powder formulation that seems to dissolve on contact with the skin without migrating away from the area of application. Colour pigment is extremely sheer, adding a subtle glow with a delicate colour effect, just enough to harmonize beautifully with the natural colours of the face and other cosmetics. The reflection appears natural for any type of day or evening light.

The natural highlight of the face is enhanced, shaping the top of the cheekbone and accentuating the shine and colour in the eye. This product may be used anywhere that traditional highlighters are placed, such as the bow of the upper lip or inner corner of the eye. As a brow bone highlight however, some may prefer the distinct colour of more pigmented highlighters, as well as their more satin, metallic, or frosted effects. Barely there colour translucency makes these ideal for use beyond the face too, as illumination for collarbones or shoulders without an oily or sparkly finish. 

Application with a fingertip is excellent for cheekbones, but for smaller areas or faces where precise or compact application is preferred, a cotton-tipped swab or fine eyeshadow brush are ideal. 

Seasons: True Summer, True Winter, Bright Winter.

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