An Update for 12 Blueprints

Speculate, wonder, be curious, but don’t decide. Quite challenging, would you agree? Whatever your feelings about the amount of makeup or colours, most would agree that this woman and the one in the foundation video look different. They may evoke different feelings from you.

Leaning in Your Season

I am not a believer in narrowing down our palette. The Sci/ART palettes are already adjusted to be the right darkness, warmth, and saturation

Digital Self Forward: Improve Your e-Dating Pictures

Wouldn’t it be great to voice over your pictures while others are scanning them? To be able to say, “That’s not really who I am!!” Nobody wants a simple picture to be the reason that Mr. or Ms. Right dismisses them.

Enneastyle: What We (Really) Want Clothes To Say

By defining our perception of reality and our experience of ourselves within it, our Enneagram type plays a major role in what we want to say with clothing. As our mind's perception of its survival needs, our E type can take precedence over Season and Image Archetype in dressing decisions.

PCA Training Course Testimonials

Christine likes to use the word “gift”, and she does not use it lightly. In turn, I would like to say that being trained by her is truly a gift, and she will empower you to bring the amazing gift...

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Soft Autumn Landscapes in Clothes and Makeup Plus Blue

What's worse, to balance the clanging, insistent white, the person just gets grayer. When you force two things together that don't belong, they both seem to go further in the bad direction. Something has to give to keep the balance. The white glows more and the person mutes more. On a Winter person, they can subdue that white to be just white, not phosphorescent-where-are-my-sunglasses-I-can't-see-the-woman white.