12 Blueprints

What is Personal Colour Analysis ?

PCA is a scientific process that determines the colours that are already in your skin, hair, and eyes. By choosing them in every item you buy, your appearance is beautiful and healthy. What you wear is exactly harmonized with you. Your first impression has impact like never before. Does PCA really work? Yes, it really works. Every person. Every outfit. Every time.

What is a Season? What is a PCA and what can it do for you today?

12 Blueprints

Becoming a Personal Colour Analyst

What if your passion for colour goes beyond your own analysis? If you discovered a desire to empower others to become their own colour success story, and in so doing, enrich the rest of your life more than you imagined possible, then join me. In 3 days, you will be a 12 Blueprints Personal Colour Analyst.

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12 Blueprints

The fundamental book written by Kathryn Kalisz

Available by direct purchase from the Spectrafiles site, linked below. No emails necessary.

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12 Blueprints

Return to your Natural Colours

A guide book for the 12 Seasons, to help you select and wear your colours to their most right and real effect. You will know your Season better by comparing it to the 11 others, in descriptions, imagery, and collections of 28 colours (including best makeup). Clothing, cosmetic, hair colour, and accessory choices are outlined for all 12 Seasons.

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