Warm Season Makeup Palettes

Please allow me first to introduce Tricia, the woman who created these colour collections. Her ability to re-invent herself and hit the target with beautifully convincing and tasteful precision astounds me.




I asked Trish to tell you a bit about herself:

I am 35, I live on the Wirral peninsular, UK. I have a background in Biology and used to be a Infant School Teacher. My first choice of career at the age of 7 was a Make-up artist (after realising that I would never be either a Ballerina or a Princess). I had my own make-up kit since I was about 5 and have always enjoyed giving my friends make-overs. I have a life-long interest in style anlaysis, colour analysis and make-up and plan to qualify with Colour me Beautiful this summer.

My Colour analysis journey began in 2007, when I decided that my dark Gothic look was not doing anything for me, and my interest on Vintage style clothing was growing. After reading all the available literature I could get my hands on I came to the conclusion that I was Clear Winter, which I confirmed with a CMB Analyst. The transition to colour has been fairly easy for me, but the hardest part has been accepting my yellow overtones and incorporating Spring warmth in to my palette e.g. I stopped dying my hair blue-black and retuned to my natural dark ash brown, I swapped my pale-pink setting powder which was made my skin look pallid, for a icy-yellow shade which added back the natural bright tone. I also experimented with peachy-pink blush and lipstick which I found suited me far better than the cool blue-pinks, plums and mauves I had been wearing (which made my skin look ashen!). A huge wrench for me was to drop the Vampy burgundy lipsticks in favour of bright pinks and reds which make my skin sparkle. I am still learning and each day I seem to learn new things about colour, which is one reason I find this subject so fascinating.

The Warm Palettes

In the previous post, we saw neutral (meaning wardrobe neutrals, browns and greys) and coloured eyeshadow and blushers for the Summer and Winter types of natural colouring, or Seasons. In this post, Tricia has assembled the same groups of colours for the warm Seasons of Spring and Autumn.

MAC products were used to create these sets. If you would like to know the details of a particular colour, please post a note in the Comments and Tricia will be glad to answer. She also has lists of many equivalents from MAC to Pretty Your World, Lora Alexander’s simply fabulous line of colour-analyzed cosmetics for the 12 Seasons. PYW eyeshadows are pure silk, as are the blushes, and you can compare a particular colour from Trish’s 4 Season groupings to where Lora placed it among the 12.

Neutral Eyeshadows


Spring neutral eyeshadows.



Autumn neutral eyeshadows.


Coloured Eyeshadows


Spring colour eyeshadow.



Autumn colour eyeshadows.




Spring’s blush.



Autumn’s blush.


The Autumn blushes are called Sculpt, Taupe, and shaping powders which we’ve inserted here as Tricia acquires more of the colourful Autumn blush choices. These seem as if they could be used as excellent contours and sculptors by numerous types of colouring, with warmer and cooler choices. As great flesh tones, they remind me very much of the light and dark colours Kevyn Aucoin used to demonstrate where to place these products on a face to create a most incredible facial shaping, forming, and chiseling in his essential book Making Faces. The book can be bought anywhere. That image can be seen here, though the colours are more intense in the book.

Remember that there are many colours you could wear in addition to these. You may prefer a more colourful blush effect or a more natural or sculpted face. Look at these palettes and think about why Tricia included each colour where she did and what her vision of these Seasons might be. In the end, it’s your vision of your Season that will develop and mature, influenced by everyone else’s input, and finalized with your own.



30 thoughts on “Warm Season Makeup Palettes”

  1. Ooh, I was waiting for this post and now it’s up! Also, wow, Trish — I love your beautiful 40s makeup looks. I would especially love to know which eyeshadows are the bottom two in the first row of Spring neutrals, the middle one in the fourth row and the bottom one in the last row . . . plus, the last blush looks as though it would work for TSp. Thanks for doing this!

  2. Trish you look so beautiful in that bottom pic, makes me think of the 1920’s! Wondering if you have the names of the spring neutral eyeshadows. There are a lot there so even a few of the names would be helpful. Thank you :)

  3. Christine,

    You’re right about Trish being a very beautiful bright winter! I have a style question. The feel of her bottom two pictures to me seems more dark winter than bright winter. (more majestic than glamorous, maybe) I can, however, see bright winter in the cuteness of the bottom picture. I’m wondering what you see that “hit the target” in terms of bright winter in terms of style.

    ThanksI I realize this is a subtle and nuanced question, but hearing your thoughts would be helpful to me!

  4. I love the choice of eyeshadows for Autumn – I think I see a few colours I already own. Not as keen on the blush colours, indeed they seem more intended for contouring than adding colour, which means I find myself coveting the Spring blush on the right. :D

    Tricia, I love that last photo of you – beautiful!

  5. Trish, could you give us a breakdown of all the Spring eyeshadow and blush shades? Thank you.

  6. Trish, you look adorable in that cloche hat :) Thank you for all the info you are sharing with us. Could you please write down all the autumn eye shadows?

  7. I second Tallulah’s request for the names of all the Spring eyeshadow and blush shades. Thank you.

  8. Hi Girls

    Thanks for all the lovely compliments, I’m still trying to grapple with my look! These paletttes are still evolving as i manage to get more shades and I’m constamtly re-organising them- your input as been invaluable. Thank you so much, all of you.

    Here you are: (vertically top to bottom , in threes- then left to right)

    Mylar (satin)
    Dazzlelight (pearl)
    Nylon (frost)

    Blanc Type (matte)
    Orb (matte)
    Hush 2 (Frost)

    Grain (Satin)
    Naked lunch (frost)
    Jest (Frost)

    Ricepaper (frost)
    Soba (satin)
    Charcoal brown (matte)

    Filament (lustre)
    Retrospeck (lustre)
    Cross Cultural (matte) LIMITED EDITION

    Gleam (lustre)
    Paradiso (frost)
    Expensive pink (pearl)

    Aqua (matte) Pro shade
    Aquadisiac (lustre)
    Shimmermoss (pearl)

    Swimming (lustre)
    I have also added coral and Free to be in here (to be used lightly)

    Stunner Limted edition (I love this on myself)
    Pinch O peach (a peachy pink)
    Fleur power (pinky peach)

    I also have some coral red blush that looks lovely on Bright Spring- MAC Bite of an Apple and Salsa Rose

    Brule (matte)
    Femmi Fi (frost) LIMITED EDITION (peachy-gold)
    Shroom (satin)

    Era (satin)
    Omega (matte)
    Copperplate (since been removed)

    All that Glitters (pearl)
    Kid (velvet)
    Wedge (matte)

    Patina (Frost)
    Cork (matte)
    Expresso (matte)

    Satin taupe (satin)
    Handwritten (matte)
    Brown Down (veluxe)

    Sable (frost)
    Twinks (pearl)
    Folie (satin)

    Ground Brown (matte)
    Amber Lights (frost)
    Tempting (lustre)

    Humid (frost)
    Club (frost)one on my swap list as its a bit bright!
    Orange (matte) – since gone on my swap list as its so bright!

    I don’t actually have any Autumn blush so i am using my MAC Scuplt & shape powders for now.

    Shaping powder in Emphasize (pearl) Off white with pearl
    Sculpting powder in Scuplt (Matte) Soft Taupe
    Shaping powder in Accentuate (pearl) Peachy beige with pearl
    Sculpting powder in Bone beige (Matte) Soft warm brown.

  9. thank you Trish! i was going to second and third Tallulah and Emily. great to know the names and see the choices. i find it interesting for some reason that we are light, true, and bright spring respectively:-) thanks again

  10. sorry I meant to say Emma…so what are your thoughts on Copperplate for BSp. Or Mystery.

  11. Denise – I looked at that last photo and the thought that came straight into my mind, too, was “What a beautiful dark winter”. Something about the quality of that red. Never mind what you call it though, Tricia really does look stunning there and I think that is one of her “WOW” colours.

    That is the kind of look I always wished I could pull off, and I wanted so much to be a DW. (I’m a Soft Autumn, still struggling rather with the drabness).

  12. Hi Linsay

    Thanks for the compliment. The red lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo- its my favourite. I do tend to wear a lot of black, which is a hang over from my Gothy past. I’m tyring to incorporate more colour in to my wardrobe- i wore a sugarplum purple sweater for work yesterday!

  13. First of all Tricia – you are a beauty – a real classic hollywood vixen. thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us and these beautiful colors.

    Second, to Lindsay – I can sympathize with you being a soft autumn and drooling over dark winters when dressed their best and beauties like Tricia. I also am a soft autumn (in so far as that is what CMB and HOC pinned me as and I’m working with until I can get to Christine…..). If you haven’t got Christine’s book yet – I really recommend it because it will help you to see your own unique beauty. Just like we love guysers, tall waterfalls and still lakes – there is also something to be said for the soft and flowing brook – which is how I choose to see myself now. We bring peace and gentleness to the world. We can ‘play’ and appreciate the other worlds by means of friends who are other seasons but they also need us to be who we truly are too.

    Third – to Christine and Tricia – since I have troubles to get to a MAC counter – not to mention a budget issue :) , and I am sick this week and have extra time on my hands – I did web searches for dupes for each of the MAC colors. I am going to post the list here, but if for some reason you would rather it not be here that is fine – edit it out.

    Here it is:

    Disclaimer – I have not tried any of these dupes nor can I vouch for how similar they are to the MAC product. I know with MAC you get what you pay for – excellent quality – not sure of the quality of these other products.


    Brule (matte):
    Wet & Wild: Brule
    Sephora: Universal Beige 08
    Ulta: Bone (slightly more pigmented)
    NYX: Nude (different finish,texture), Suede
    Milani: Almondine
    Femmi Fi (frost) LIMITED EDITION (peachy-gold)
    NYX: Sahara
    Shroom (satin):
    Milani: Classic Beige or Jordana’s Beige
    Covergirl – Champagne
    NYX – Frosted Flakes and Sahara
    L’Oreal: Shroom Shimmer
    Bourjois Paris: Beige Rose (available at Target and Priceline)
    Era (satin)
    Covergirl: Tapestry Taupe
    Omega (matte):
    Too Faced: Velvet Revolver
    Copperplate (since been removed)
    All that Glitters (pearl)
    Covergirl: Mink (less pigmented)
    Lorac: Serenity (more pigmented)
    Revlon: Nude Slip (different finish/texture)
    NYX: Champagne (a little darker?)
    Kat Von D: Dimebag (warmer?)
    Kid (velvet)
    Wedge (matte):
    Jane: Rock Star (lighter)
    Ulta: Sable (Different Finish/Texture)
    Patina (Frost)

    Cork (matte):
    Cover Girl: Swiss Chocolate (less pigmented, warmer)
    Palladio: Suede (cooler)
    Urban Decay: Buck (not as creamy)
    Espresso (matte):
    Bobbi Brown: Chocolate
    Satin taupe (satin):
    Rubie & Millie: Beige 840p (available in UK Boots stores)
    Handwritten (matte): cant find
    Brown Down (veluxe)
    NYX: Dark Brown

    Sable (frost):
    Urban Decay: Toasted (lighter)
    Milani: Java Bean (slightly cooler)
    Twinks (pearl):
    NXY: Volcanoe (browner in pot – same on eye)
    Folie (satin)
    Ground Brown (matte)
    Amber Lights (frost)
    NYX: Golden
    Wet & Wild: Strong Foiled Amber (in the Golden Goddess Palette)
    Milani: Sun Goddess and Desert Sun
    Tempting (lustre)
    Stila: Go Lightly (different finish/texture)
    Covergirl: eye enhancers in Tapestry Taupe & Swiss Chocolate
    Humid (frost)
    Milani: Clover
    Ulta: Shamrock
    Club (frost)one on my swap list as its a bit bright!
    Bare Minerals: Bon Bon (loose powder)
    Two Faced: Label Whore (darker/glitter)
    Wet & Wild: Night Elf Palette (more teal effects)

  14. woops i pressed submit before I changed the spacing around to make it more clear which were the MAC and which were the dupes. sorry.

    also – most of the dupes came from suggestions from this website: http://www.temptalia.com

    also, they are just for the autumn suggestions.


  15. I have Jordana Beige; be warned that it is a shimmer finish and may go on a lot lighter than it appears in the pan. It’ll work for some people, but being around a 3.5 on the foundation depth scale, I find that shimmer can push a normally deep enough color into the “way too light” category.

  16. Wow, Tricia! Thank you *so much* for doing this! It confirmed that I must’ve had some inherent knowledge of my season, since I chose Soba and Swimming for myself even before I was draped as a TSp! Thanks!

  17. Katie,
    Lancome Couture Suede lips and Clinique Paprika. Blush: Dior Sunkissed Cinnamon and MAC Trace Gold. Liner: Clinique Chocolate Luster. Shadow: Arden Sueded Browns quad. It’s a start.

  18. Katie – you know, these are posted online too. Big lists on facebook, search Luminosity Color Analysis.

  19. I figured out what my question about style was about. I love the look in both pictures – but they don’t jive with what’s in my head about bright winter. These pictures have a more grown up glamour than my picture of bright winter’s glamour. I like the idea of “grown up glamour” very much, esp. for bright winter. Thanks for a thought provoking series of posts!

  20. A question for Trish – I was analyzed as a bright winter and find your look inspiring. Thanks for posting it. I’ve had the most difficulty finding a foundation that works well for me. I’m wondering if you’d mind naming some that you have liked.


  21. Hi Denise

    Sorry for the late reply. I am about a MAC NW10 in tone- but I have a pink undertone and yellow overtone. The best foundation I have foud so far is MAC face and body in N1 mixed with white , and then layered over with MAC select powder in NC05 (the only icy yellwo powder ive found so far). Other foundations I have in my kit are True match C1 (mixed with Dainty Doll 0- a creamy off-white) and NYX pale (which tends to cake). I love the Grafobian range of HD creams which have a great range of shades. Hope that helps. T

  22. Hey Trish, I think our skintones are similar. How much white do mix with the N1? I love Face & Body, but N1, the lightest shade, is way too dark. I have a good match with Make Up For Ever’s HD in 115 or 110 in the winter (which is really close to L’oreal’s True Match in C1, but I think it’s a better formula). My problem with MAC is that most of their shades are too yellow/orange. My best match is Full Coverage foundation in W10, but I only use it as concealer.

  23. Hi Trish, I am like you with cool undertones and warm overtones. Can you tell me where you find the white to mix with your foundation? Thank you.

  24. Hi Kathy and Kellee

    I use MAC Face and body in white to mix with the N1 (as Linsay suggests). Its not great for mixing with other foundations though. MAC now have Studiofix in NW10 which is a good shade for me (though can break some people out)

  25. Iv been looking at this article for a very longtime.

    Are MAC lustre eyeshadows a no for autumn?

  26. Thank you so much Tricia for these fantastic recommendations! I have bought Orb, Gleam and Charcoal Brown and all 3 are great used together to achieve a natural, neutral look. I will very soon purchase Expensive Pink to add a punch of color that I am missing otherwise (completely agree with you Christine that True Springs need colors to look normal).

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