True Winter Jewelry to 13 Kibbes

You can use lipstick to help you narrow down your Season among the 12, and in some cases, you tap the nail on the head. You would have to use those colours that nobody else could wear as well. You need to stick close to TMIT for each.

As when test drapes are truly useful, they may or may not be colours that you’re supposed to love or go out and buy, though you could. They’re intended to create a colour reaction to help make a clear either/or choice. You need the extremes. If you’re a Light Season, pick a light lipstick colour. On everyone else, it will erase their lips and undefine the face, especially at maturity.

David Kibbe wrote Metamorphosis in the late 80s. It’s still brilliant. If you had a salon for women to discover their Image Identity, it would be near impossible to do by trying clothing styles, though it can be amazing how well that works taking photos of yourself in dressing rooms mirrors. In your salon, you’d need too many sizes and styles.

Can it be done with makeup? The makeup guidelines didn’t seem different enough in Kibbe’s book. Watercolours vs sculpted looked much the same because the face beneath was sculpted or it wasn’t. I can’t imagine finding your KibbeType with makeup.

Jewelry, now, that could be done. Maybe hats too. Choosing True Winter was a way to keep colour out of it to make the lines more audible. There are a couple of colours used if they shift the perception as pink >> soft, even icy pink. Oh, to be a True Winter. Black and White and you’re on the mountaintop.

Removing colour also adds the stillness quality so beautiful and true to Winter people. I tried to keep a frozen in time quality, since symmetric and smooth are not right on everyone. Even the rough pieces have something sleek or motionless.

On TW, a strand of pearls doesn’t match the presence of the person. Just by their natural colouring, this person is edgy looking, however soft their body’s lines. Simple pearls need something extra to make the same statement as the person, even a double strand is better.

The Classics


True Winter Jewelry 3 Classics


This is True Winter. Even when its line are soft, it should look hard in density. I love about that SC necklace the way the pearl is balanced. That’s such a strong Winter association.

Psychology Section

I’m using this article as a place to say something. Please skip if not into self-discovery conversations.

I read messages and questions from women learning their new Season and feeling more discouraged with themselves than ever. I am so happy to see that such a community of support and good advice has evolved on so many facebook pages. The free and generous cheering for one another is a most beautiful expression of an abundance mentality. Women have shared their experience and knowledge without pausing to realize that they are contributing great gifts of service to others. Putting goodness out into the world counts.

The Naturals


True Winter Jewelry 3 Naturals


Like all forms of growth, you have to give yourself 6 months to learn to use your new colour palette. Your mind needs time to untangle how it has seen stores for the last 20 years. Practice patience. Think of this like exercise, which works for every single person who stays with it. You will find your best self because everyone else did. It always works. Women who have had a Sci\ART analysis would not go back to how they used to shop and neither will you. Give any doubts about that to the wind before you read another word.

You have to put in the time to get the reward. Like asking someone else to meditate for you, it just won’t work that way. You can’t miss the journey. The journey is the whole point, there’s no final destination. You have to engage it with conscious thought, not skim the surface or expect an automatic lock ‘n load. Don’t think about the endpoint or wish to be there till it’s fairly earned. Focus on moving closer and closer to defining your center. That right there is the entire point. You will get very, very good at your colours. Expect to return a few things – on those days, you’ll know even more about yourself. Move towards those moments.

I want you to be happy to be all of you, not just your natural colouring – which I guarantee you is beautiful enough to bring tears to the eyes of anyone who takes the time to really look.

The Gamines

Broken lines and  many small points are the deal here. Connect the dots, dashes, seeds, beads. Add in swirls for soft and multi-directional lines for Flamboyant.


True Winter Jewelry 3 Gamines


We all have these, I hate abcd about myself.conversations, me just as much as anyone. Please don’t anyone email me and tell me I’m not sensitive to women’s body issues. I’ve got first hand knowledge of having your most basic survival foundations shaken by anorexia (high school but I can go back there in my head in an instant), of being beat around as a kid (school, not family). I get what humiliation at the hands of others and my own feels like. I fight it every day too.

Thing is, everybody does. Nobody’s life is all charmed. When I learned my Season, and when other women do, I noticed that it had a calming effect. The expression in the eyes at the end of the PCA is peaceful. I just figured that was recognition of that which lives in us and letting it have its voice.

Then I learned my Kibbe style. Again, that was calming. There seems a frantic rummaging that goes on, being unable to let it go till the puzzle is solved, followed by a strong, receiving quiet. Again, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It needs to be closer to the real you than where you were.

The Dramatics

Note to self: Soft Anything means smoother and rounder. Also smooth does not equal sleek.


True Winter Jewelry 2 Dramatics


We have seen or been the woman going into stores with her new colour palette and finding nothing, leaving her with an “I’m not this, I’m not that, I’m not anything.” type of discouragement. And then joins on the appendix “And besides, I hate my shape.” So, to find that allowing, satisfied calm about your shape, I think you have to learn it, just like it works with colours. Doesn’t matter if you find the perfect answer or the perfect jacket. It’s about starting to ask the questions and getting closer to who you are, sometimes through the Who You Are Not maze. This appears to be calming and empowering to everyone who experiences it.


“What good are these colours I have? I can’t find them in stores. If I see something close, I’m either not sure or the style is off. All I see is the black they said I can’t wear. I hate the weight that won’t budge, I’m so tired of having big arms I’m always hiding them.

What I feel is really far away from finding a way to communicate with me, like she’s actually trying to get away or hide so I can’t find her. Who I thought I was, her seat is empty, as if everybody left without telling me and I got left here alone trying to figure this out. I don’t even know where to start.”

doesn’t feel as good as

“It will take time to break away all the hype I now believe about colour and me – and decide what of that I want to keep that does speak to me and for me. I have new knowledge and new tools. I don’t have to worry. It’s all happening right now in my subconscious, even when I’m asleep. It took time to get how it was and it’s going to take time to go back. I’m going to calm down about it. I make a devotion to me to stay in the boat and give myself that time.

Spending more time in stores is just more depressing. What I need is to find the places where I feel good. Maybe that’s new makeup instead of clothes. Maybe it’s time with women who’ve lived it and are there just to listen. What the women on facebook notice about me never seems to be my thighs. Should I start thinking that I’m the only one who sees them? They see how I barely need foundation and the shape of my lips. If I learned a bit more about me, would I find more good stuff on my own? It sure would feel better to be paying attention to that.”


You might just feel so good and right in your own skin and everything you buy that you’ll have to work a wee bit harder at keeping your humility grounded and your joy contained.

The Romantics


True Winter Jewelry 2 Romantics


Your truths are where your power is. What is true about you is what is strong about you. By the time you’re 35, you’re going to need a shovel to get at that. It won’t bubble up on its own for most of us. Those brave, intelligent, and very giving women of facebook didn’t start that way either. They started by talking the talk, hearing themselves in the stories and advice of others. They taught each other. They have come out on their other side, easily and steadily and continuously walking the walk. You will too. Just join the party. Look for the least contaminated truths you can find inside you when you talk. It’s really hard to do, but do it anyhow. Put yourself in a place of learning, only that, and make it good enough. If lovely clothes start finding their way into your life, fine, but make the primary purpose to learn who you are. Your most beautiful lipstick is waiting for you to do that.

The road to Heaven isn’t paved with high achievers, right? It’s a one-at-a-time brick road of finding your Self, and never living one moment beneath or beside that again. We have many selves. In our past, they get pulled out like the pages of a book and left behind. The restlessness you feel will settle when you gather them back where they belong. The Kingdom of Heaven is, has always been, and forever will be, inside. Anything that helps you find what is true and real and authentic about you will bring you closer.



16 thoughts on “True Winter Jewelry to 13 Kibbes”

  1. Thank you for writing this, Christine. I am especially impressed with your willingness to learn about the ideas/systems of others, even if they might conflict with your own. Your advice is timely for me. At times I feel frustrated when the answers seem so vague. “Wasn’t this supposed to make my life easier?” I wonder. as I struggle. But, I have seen the peace you speak of when others find their answers and it keeps me going. And today the jewelery examples in your article have got me questioning my Kibbe once more. That’s a good thing. Can’t wait until the all of the puzzle pieces fall into their correct places. In the meantime, it seems we’ve just to got to let go of our preconceptions to get to the truth. I couldn’t agree more with this: “If lovely clothes start finding their way into your life, fine, but make the primary purpose to learn who you are.”

  2. Wow Christine – a most beautiful piece. . . everyone of those polyvores in just an exquisite ode to their kibbe owner! I agree with you Amy, that last quote above from Christine is very inspring and apt for me. My youngest angel suffered a severe brain bleed from an AVM just before Easter, and it may sound strange but being in a place personally when it happened where I have never felt more confident and at peace with who I really am has been a factor in assisting this little one along in his remarkable recovery. A million thanks, Christine and all the wonderful contributors on this site.

  3. What a beautiful article with amazing polyvores. It sounds like you see the “home” season as definitive?

    On another note, I’ve been trying to decide between TR and SG. My answers are closer to TR but I’m barely 5 feet tall. Seeing your pics, there was no contest. I would wear all of the TR pieces if they were my colors and none of the SG pieces, even in my colors. (I also love the classic selections – I can’t decide if they look TR to me or if I’m just a classic wannabe!)

  4. Christine,

    I wonder how you think one would approach a situation where her DYT type doesn’t seem to match her coloring. If I’m both an obvious SS as well as an obvious 4, I might try just wearing dramatic styles in my muted color pallette. But Carol repeatedly talks about how high contrast, winter color schemes really benefit 4s. I also know a type 1 lady whose coloring is muted — not exactly fitting with the springy colors I see in a lot of the 1 after-photos on Carol’s website. Anyway, I’m sure plenty of other ladies are experiencing the same thing in different combinations. Any ideas about this? I’m crossing my fingers that there’s a way to honor muted coloring and 4 or 1 energy at the same time!

  5. You know what, I think I’ve figured out the answer to my own question!

    I flipped through some fashion blogs and what I saw led me to this conclusion: The descriptive terms listed for your type don’t have to actually translate to colors; they can relatively be applied to colors.

    In other words if your types descriptors are bright and lively, but you are a Soft Autumn, then it isn’t necessary to wear actual bright colors (that are wrong for you) in order to honor the vibe of your type. You can go through your fan book and choose more lively combinations or wear “pops” of the brightest colors in there. On you, it will look bright and lively and that’s all that matters.

    I know I opened my book the first time and thought, “Wow. Some of these are really bright. I didn’t think Soft Summer could wear brights. And is that black and white I see?” But when I looked at it next to a saturated season’s book, I realized that not a single one of my chips were actually bright. They looked really dull in comparison. But what matters is that, within my fan book, relative to my coloring, I had bright options and “high contrast” options that would look good on me.

    So I think we can use this to take some of DYT’s color suggestions with a grain of salt. For example, Carol says in one of her books that only 4’s look right in black. Christine says only Winters look good in true black. So we can assume that, while a Winter Type 2 may look good in black, it might not honor her energy as much as other color combos. And, although her energy could pull it off, a type 4 Light Summer woman still won’t look as pretty in black as she would if she used relatively bold pops of color from her fan book.

    I saw so many examples of this in action on the blogs I mentioned earlier. There was woman of saturated, Winter coloring wearing a frilly, flowing type 2 dress in Winter colors. Sure enough, she gave off a type 2 vibe. The colors didn’t fight with that, or look particularly bold, because they were harmonious with her coloring. Then were was a Warm Autumn woman wearing a striking, dramatic, type 4 work outfit in colors you would see in her fan book. None of it was actually saturated or bold in color, but on her it all looked like it was. And it didn’t compete with her face — she wore little makeup and it still looked like enough. I don’t think that would have been the case in black and white.

    The examples are endless, so I’ll stop here. :)

  6. Dear Christine,

    I second Natalie’s question. I’m a Summer (draped and all) with obvious Soft Summer coloring and have dressed in those colors for decades.
    In Carol’s System I’m an obvious Type 4 (Winter)!

    I have found that this is quite common. For example in her system
    – Duchess Kate (Middleton)
    – Heidi Klum
    – Sharon Stone
    – Diane Kruger
    are all Type 4’s. Yet all of them would be some kind of Summer, I suppose. Or could they be some kind of Light Winter’s?

    In the case of Kate and Heidi Carol has even said that their secondary is a Type 1. So that would translate to Bright Winters.
    For me it’s the same. I have an obvious secondary 1.

    So I’m trying out Bright Winter now instead of Soft Summer. What a change! I have to say that I was mostly shocked about how very easy it was to find Soft Summer colors and how frustrating it is to find Bright Winter’s! Also, it’s really hard for me to put an outfit together, everyhting seems so colorful and like from the Junior’s Departement.

    However I have to say that after all these decades as Summer, I do feel better in the Winter colors and I do look younger, even in black! How can this be true for somebody with really murky coloring?

    I’m curious what you have to say about that! I’d love to hear your oppinion! I also loved to read the article about the Light Winter (forgot her name) from Europe. I guess she would fall in that category too.

    Really looking forward to your answer!

  7. If I had any doubts about my type this would be a way to take the contestants for a test drive. I’m one of those who had to go through pretty much every type there were before I could appreciate things I used to take for granted and devalued about myself. I still wish I had curves, but find it easier and more gratifying to work with what I have instead of what I don’t have. I’m discovering bit by bit that colour and style was never really about appearance. It’s about what I need and what I want – and if I don’t know who I am I can never truly answer those questions. Objectively no type can be better than any other type. And subjectively the best type is my type for me and your type for you.

  8. Mandy – This happens to many, many Summers. Doubt drifts in from somewhere and erases confidence, questions float in. I don’t have an easy answer. You’re either S Su or BW, not both. If this was a Sci\ART draping, I’d trust it long before I trusted ease of finding clothes or how you think you look – because nobody knows how they look, not even close. And compliments are even more misleading. Just like with Kibbe, any Season can have any lines, energy, type, geometry. None of these excludes the others.

  9. kibbe is actually really confusing…at least for me.i have read so many times his descriptions on bone structure,body types and facial features and i still don’t know which out of the 13 types i am. :-(

  10. Hi Christine,

    May I ask if you know where the Dramatic Classic bangle (on the left, underneath the two pairs of earrings) is from? I think I’d like to buy it.

  11. Alison, I only know what Polyvore tels us. But it’s primarily a selling site, like a big interactive ad, so clicking on the collection should take you to the site to expand the product specs in the image.

  12. Hi, Christine,

    Just want to say if you weren’t also a veterinarian and color consultant, your writing talent would take you to the top on its own. I love the way you write, it helps to ease the constant migraine I suffer from trying to figure out/accept/live with my “type” and coloring.
    Hope to meet you one day for a consultation, to be scheduled immediately upon winning the lottery. Many thanks for your work, Mary

  13. Hi Christine, you’ve stated that you are a Kibbe Dramatic Classic. Do you dress DC? Has it made you happier? Thanks!

  14. I dress fairly DC, Jennifer. The more you know about what suits you, the more discriminating of a shopper you become, the more time it takes. I also find that every item need not be DC. It only takes 1 or 2 pieces to move a classic look in a certain direction, at least enough for me to feel comfortable. It hasn’t changed my life or appearance in the way that knowing my colouring has, but it certainly has increased the impact of my appearance to others, gives me more security in myself, more sense of how I present to others and that the story I’m telling others about me is true. For me, it’s all about truth.

  15. Christine, could you please post a Soft Autumn Dramatic Classic polyvore? I could use some visual help. Thanks.

  16. I could try, Ruth, but I’m not good at Kibbe. When I do them, they’re not quite correct. You could look at thewildpapillon collections at Polyvore, she’s absolutely outstanding. Not sure if she’s done this combination.

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