The PCA Training Course



More information about travel below.



You will learn the 12-Tone method developed by Sci\ART founder, Kathryn Kalisz, as taught to me by Sci\ART trainer, Terry Wildfong, who was certified personally by Kathryn Kalisz. I have added certain interpretations and explanations to better define my understanding and practice. These will alter the original Sci\ART training program. The draping process itself has not changed from the one I learned four years ago.

March 1/16: A post here at my USA colleague’s website that any prospective colour analyst should read, aimed at helping you be happy with your choice to pursue this career or decide not to.

Study Guide

The Training Guide will be in the form of an 8×10 twin-wire bound book. It is called Discerning Our Natural Colours. It will be mailed to you once the deposit is paid, 6-10 weeks prior to the date the course begins.

It is only available with the 12 Blueprints course, therefore only to my students.

This is a technical document. You are 100% certain not to know your Season or anyone else’s after reading it. A live colour analysis contains far too much sensory information to be written down. For some of it, there are no words, only feelings. Like surgery, instruction manuals only get you so far. You have to be shown a few times until you can figure it out on your own.

Little or nothing is included regarding personality or clothing styles. Also, besides speculation, there is no information about colour mixing, which isn’t my field. The content repeats very little of Kathryn Kalisz’s textbook, Understanding Your Color (presently unavailable).

Here is the cover for the second edition.


Business and Marketing

Your Value Proposition (VP) is what you offer and how you deliver it. I believe that we need to deliver more to the client than their Season and the swatches. She wants better hair colour. He wants to know how to buy shirts and ties. She wants to know how to make the best choices in today’s stores.

If you want to do a single PCA per month, that’s fine. If you want to see two clients a day, that’s fine too. The guide contains a section about providing the full VP to your clients. It also includes shopping lists for your studio, which will hopefully be partially complete or in the advance planning stages when you take the course. You need to begin practice draping people within a month after the course, ideally within 2 weeks, to keep the knowledge you gained during your training.

Pre-course Interview

It matters to me that the right people are matched with the right job. Loving colour does not make a successful and happy colour analyst any more than loving animals makes a fulfilled and profitable veterinarian.

Whether you want to practice PCA as a hobbyist or entrepreneur, part-time or full-time, I would like to meet with you before moving ahead with the course.  We will schedule a call on Skype to talk informally about your plans and aspirations. This is also a time to ask me any questions you may have. There is no question or situation that you should feel hesitant to ask about.

This is a 2-way conversation. Think of it as you interviewing me. You may find that you do not wish to work with me, a decision that it will be important for you to act upon. If we agree that this course is the right decision, the next step is to pay the deposit and mail you the introductory package.

Choice of Dates 

Courses are scheduled according to your availability and mine. We can discuss possible dates by email and/or finalize this decision during our Skype talk or at some later time.

Choice of Locations

The course is held in London, Ontario, CANADA.

In Ontario, the course takes place in the city of London, located 2 hours SW of Toronto.

The training course can be held in any Canadian city in which there is an analyst with a studio. Training in the student’s own studio in their home town works very well. The learning environment is comfortable and relaxed, and therefore very effective. The student knows the models personally, and can begin to create some word-of-mouth interest.

Training can also be held in the studio of a Vancouver analyst.  As repeated below in the section on cost, training in cities other than London adds costs to cover expenses.

As a Canadian, I am not permitted to work in the US or EU at the present time.



The easiest hotel is the Best Western London Airport Inn&Suites. It is a very new and comfortable facility, located 5 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from our studio.

The contact info:

2230 Dundas Street
London, Ontario, N5V 1R5, CA
Phone: 519/457-1200
Fax: 519/659-1632

Book directly with the hotel, not a third party like Expedia. The hotel is more flexible to make changes as needed.

Ask for a fridge and microwave in the room, which should be standard at this hotel. You may enjoy putting your feet up at the end of the day and dining in your own space.

The hotel has a free shuttle to the airport which you can ask about. The airport opens at 430 AM. The shuttle is generally available for the earliest flights.

The hotel shuttle service can also pick up at the airport and bring you to the hotel.  Once you arrive and settle in, connect to the wifi and email me that you have arrived.

Choice of Airports #1: Toronto CANADA >London CANADA

The easiest flight path is into Toronto Pearson Airport.

From there, take  the 20 minute flight from Toronto to London, Ontario.

Leave yourself at least an hour for this connecting flight in case you need to retrieve luggage and clear Customs in Toronto or possibly switch to the other terminal.

Some students rent a car in Toronto and drive to London.

You also have the option of renting a limousine/car from Toronto to London. Google will find a few choices, or ask me for help. Cost is about $250 one way.

Others take the Robert Q airport shuttle into the London Intl. Airport. This is a great service. The drive is 2 hours long. The only down side is that you may have a 2-3 hour wait in Toronto for the next shuttle. The booking service is set up for these delays to allow for late flight arrivals. Cost is about $65 one way.

To find the Robt Q at Pearson Airport in Toronto (both Terminals 1 and 3, there is no Terminal 2)after you collect your luggage and have gone out the Exit from the baggage carousel area:

Terminal 1: Find the Robert Q check-in counter at the Ground Transportation Desk, located on Ground Level, one level below the arrivals level, between Post R and Post S.

Terminal 3: Follow signs for the Out of Town Services desk, inside to the right of door “C” on the arrivals level.

If you arrive quite early before the bus leaves, ask at the desk if they have an earlier trip option, which they often do and are happy to accommodate. Text/email/phone me your new arrival time. If not, like all airports, there are food/drink/lounge options up on the Departures level to pass the time.

Be sure to have your RobertQ airbus tickets reserved before leaving home if you are using this service to get to and from the airports. They can sell out for certain travel times and you may have longer waits at airports if you book at the last minute.

Try to arrive in London not later than 4PM the day before the course begins to give us time to get you checked in, stock your room with the food you like, and have you well rested for morning. Don’t begin this course exhausted.

If the time change from your country is big, many students arrive an extra day early. This is a good idea.

Choice of Airports 2: Detroit MI USA

If you wish to fly into Detroit, the drive to London is 2 hours.

The RobertQ Airbus will bring you across the border, and into London. Online, you are booking from Detroit Metro Airport to London Intl. Airport where I will meet you. They drive every day of the year regardless of weather.

The Detroit Airport does not have a RobertQ desk. There is a phone in the baggage pickup area to  notify the dispatch of your arrival.


The price of the 4 day course in Ontario is US$3200.00 (includes tax).

In other Canadian cities, the price is  US$4000.00 for a single student or US$3600.00 if there are two students.

Of that amount, $US250.00 is required as a non-refundable deposit.

The amount must be paid in full before the course begins. Included in the fee is the neutral gray analyst coat (made by a professional tailor),  1 gray client headscarf, and 1 gray client cape.  Additional caps and capes can be purchased for $CN34.00 each.

The amount does include the tax (unlike the drapes) because the purchased item (the course) was acquired in this country.

For Canadians, if you are able to pay by EMT (email transfer), it is not necessary for me to give PayPal a fee for both currency exchange and for bank withdrawal. Therefore, whatever the US exchange rate at the time of the course or drape purchase, it can be reduced by 3%.

When to Pay

I will send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit approximately 8 weeks before the course. If you live outside North America, I suggest the deposit be paid 12 weeks in advance so that the course materials can be mailed in time for you to study them and prepare your thoughts and questions.  Deposit invoices will not be sent before these 8 and 12 week dates.

The invoices for drapes and course are sent once you arrive in the city in which the course will be held. Call your bank or credit card company to advise them to these upcoming transactions. It has happened that purchases are temporarily suspended until the bank is able to contact you. Much easier to address this before it happens.

If your PayPal account has limits and the course and drapes must be paid in separate transactions or on different days, it may be easier to have me send one of the  invoices 48hrs before the travel date. Advise me of the situation and we will find the solution.

Payment Methods

If you are Canadian, the best method to pay is by e-transfer (Interac transfer, EMT). Your bank will go through the process with you; you and I simply need to verify the correct email address and agree on the answer to a security question that you set up.

Anyone  can also pay by PayPal or using the Square system (square with a Visa or MasterCard.

Once more, know and adjust your PayPal and Visa limits before leaving home . It is easier to adjust these from your home location than try to call banks from another country and time zone.


Should a circumstance in your life require a cancelation during the course, I will refund the unused portion of the fee calculated at a rate of $1000.00USD per day less $200.00 to cover hotel cancelation policies if they apply. The deposit is not refunded.

Should a cancelation be required because of a circumstance in my life, I will refund 100% of the fee regardless of when during the course the cancelation took place. The deposit is not refunded.

For all types of cancelation, I will hold the price of the course to whatever it was when the course was scheduled for one year. After this time, the price will be whatever is current.

Number of Students

A maximum of one student per training course.


The precise scheduling will vary depending on availability of draping models. We will drape 7 people in total, including the student(s). I will do my best to ensure a variety of ages and colouring types, but I haven’t draped these people myself (in fact, I often have not met many of them beforehand).

We will spend about 4 hours working with colour matching exercises in Munsell charts, the 12-Tone palettes, and textiles in solid colours and prints. These exercises will involve the practical use of hue, value, and chroma progressions and developing the skills to recognize, analyze, and feel harmony before it is applied to a human face. We will also learn to place cosmetics into their best Season.

Our 4 days begin at 9AM and end around 6PM. Depending on model schedules, we may have days where we drape in the evening, freeing up time earlier in the day to spend as you wish or cover other topics.

We will work from 9AM to 6PM for 4 solid days. We will take a one hour break for lunch. You can visit nearby restaurants, which are not fancy, or have food in your hotel room (I can drive back and forth as needed). As mentioned earlier, request that your hotel room have a fridge. Tea is available all day in the studio. If you prefer coffee, there is a nearby Starbucks. For these 4 days, no time will be available for dining out or sightseeing.

Bringing Friends or Family

If you have family or friends who would like to be draping models, they are most welcome and appreciated, and may be a comfortable ‘client’ for you to learn with. I need to know 2-3 months in advance because that’s how far ahead the models are scheduled. If family travels with you, they can join us for their modelling session and visit the area at the other times. Family members will not be in the room for any other draping except your own.

There are pros and cons to travel with family or friends. The pros are learning with a familiar model, and having someone to share meals with or run errands for you. On the con side, you will find yourself physically and mentally tired at the end of each day. Quiet time alone to organize your thoughts and study your notes may be appreciated.

Keep in mind that everyone needs a valid passport if arriving from outside Canada.

Course Preparations

While there are no prerequisites for the course, you will be happy that you invested some time in the following:

  1. Have your visual focus tested. Be certain that you can focus close-up and at the distance between you standing behind a chair and a mirror about 3-4 feet in front of you.  Adjust glasses or contacts beforehand.
  2. Check your colour acuity. The ophtho who does your focus exam may be able to do it. This link at EnChroma is also quite good. Be very honest with yourself about the result. As long as you are in the normal range, your vision should be adequate to do PCA.
  3. Read some background on the Season palettes and their application from this website and others in our industry. Read Return to Your Natural Colours (blue book, L side column of this page) and some of the references mentioned at the back of the book.
  4. Gain familiarity with cosmetic colour, basic application, and hair colour terminology. Reading the 12 Blueprints PCA boards on Pinterest (links in R side column of this page) will give you a good start. Read the Shopping for your Season and Style board to become conversational about image archetype (IA).
  5. I do not advise buying cosmetics until we discuss these during the course. If you choose to  use the 12 Blueprints line, deep discounts are offered for studio tester sets and products for clients once your training is complete.

Your PCA

As part of the course, we will analyze both students and apply their cosmetics. It is a definite advantage if you’ve had a colour analysis in the past that involved drapes with any PCA system, but I am flexible. If you’ve had several PCAs and feel confused, even better. These experiences will make you a better colour analyst.

We might find a different result than what you thought. That’s not to say I’m right and others are wrong, never that. We’re all doing our best. If it should happen, you must be prepared to use the event only as a growth opportunity to becoming a better colour analyst. To serve your client, you need to have been your client.

If you figure you might feel irritated or need to contact the first analyst or discuss it among online groups, I will have trouble supporting you in the future. Demonstrate professionalism from the get-go. Keep in mind how others will feel having you as a colleague. You might one day need to ask for a favour. Burning bridges before your career has even begun will not help anyone.

What matters  is that we find the highest potential of service within ourselves and together as a community. If you can’t be that person, seek training elsewhere. If you have legitimate questions, ask them to me privately and we’ll figure it out. Over your career, you will arrive at a different Season than another analyst a few times too, maybe a lot in the beginning. Nobody graduates from anything  knowing all there is. The industry evolves, the knowledge base grows, and continuing education matters.


No video or audio recording of the training or draping sessions is permitted.

You are free to use a digital camera to photograph equipment and set-up. Once I got home from my training, I couldn’t recall all the details of the lighting adjustments, the chair design, etc.

You are encouraged to bring a camera to take pictures of yourself in your Luxury drapes and at any other stage of your own PCA.


An 8×10 certificate of completion suitable for framing is included with the course. Bring a stiff plastic folder or envelope to get it home intact.

As you know, the Sci\ART system of colour analysis is the one  that I believe works. I never met the founder, Kathryn Kalisz, though we did speak on the phone and by email several times.  By the time I knew the more profound questions in colour analysis, she was gone. We never talked about her intentions or priorities for her business.

I have not taken any instruction to become a trainer in that system. The training you receive from me will not differ from what I was taught by a Certified Sci\ART trainer in terms of the analysis process or deductive reasoning that goes along with it – but by necessity, my spin will be on it. Every ideology has a beginning and then is moulded by each mind with which it makes contact. I will teach you the Sci\ART system as I learned it, adapted  to how I apply the algorithm and how I implement the results for the client making colour decisions.

The language gets sticky. Although I can call myself a Sci\ART Analyst, having learned from a Sci\ART trainer, you won’t be able to. Your certificate will say, “has earned the designation of 12 Blueprints Colour Analyst, training based on the Sci\ART concept, adapted by Christine Scaman”. That would be fair and true.

If anyone wonders how it’s adapted, they need only read this website. Very few people actually invented what they teach. Attribution is important and tells everyone where you got your start and the foundation of your belief system. I don’t want to get wrapped around this axle too tight, but you ought to give it some thought and decide your position.

Website Banner

The HTML code to display a 12 Blueprints Certified banner on your website will be provided once the Test Drapes have been purchased. The banner will link back to this page when people click on it. It will look something like this:



Continued Support

Nobody graduates from cooking school as a master chef. Don’t expect of yourself what nobody can do. You will not go home, unpack a kit, begin seeing paying clients, and pronounce their Seasons correctly every time. Colour analysis takes practice like anything else.

The second reason that nobody can be perfect on the day they leave school is that they have not yet seen enough variety. Human colouring is truly wild and wonderful in its combinations. Your eyes need time to see the patterns emerge.

No training course can contain all the information in a discipline and no student could absorb it all. You need practice to solidify the knowledge gained from the course. Continued advice during that period makes a world of difference in your skills and confidence.

Thinking always in terms of solutions, I welcome any suggestion. Presently, the support takes several forms:

  1. Once your studio is set up, you will begin practicing your training on real clients. For the first 15 people, we will work through questions and process together in a format that will be discussed during the training. Information regarding how to send the photographs will be provided, and the limitations of Photo PCA discussed in depth. The learning is tremendous; invaluable, one analyst said. Choose clients/models from your community who can return to have a second look or repeat certain comparisons. Once this internship period is complete, we will post your introduction on the 12Blueprints website and add your name to the Analyst Directory.
  2. Every student and each draping generates new questions and insights. These must not be lost. Also, as our industry grows, new topics of interest come along regarding business practices, drape use and innovations, new products for you and your customer, and so on.  I reflect on these opportunities and email them to you as periodic Review PDFs, each containing discussion on about 4 to 6 topics.  There have been 10 as of January/14.
  3. The analysts meet online on a daily basis in a forum to which you will be invited as soon as your 4-day training session is finished. This is a very exciting moment for you and your professional community.

At anytime after the training course, you can ask questions about the process or the drapes, post pictures, share links to resources, and work through any situation that arises, privately with me by Skype or email.  We do this with our analysts on a continuing basis.


Important note: In many countries, if drapes are purchased by you as a registered business (instead of by you as a private individual), you can save substantial fees in taxes and duties. In Canada, I believe that you may purchase items as a business within 30 days before registering the business with Revenue Canada to reclaim the HST as a business expense. Double check this, the rules may have changed since I last checked in Dec. 2013.

If you are buying drapes,

Drapes are available for sale to my and Terry Wildfong‘s students only.




They have been harmonized with the original Sci\ART palettes from 2010, and those from True Colour Australia. Instruction on how the drape sets are structured and intended to work together will be provided.

Test Drapes

The drapes are beautiful, interesting, amazing, and complex. The degree to which they are calibrated will reveal more information about your clients’ colouring than you can imagine. Like your computer, they can do more than you can, or at least, more than I can. The colours have been selected to do a lot of thinking for you. You’ll understand how to use them with our training and will grow into all that they will tell you. Terry consulted with me on the colours. We knew the strengths of the Sci\ART drapes up to 2009 and where they could be stronger. We wanted to create colour choices that would be very plastic in terms of how you choose to use them, provide you with abundant comparisons within the same colour family, and never repeat a single drape in any set.

You will learn with my drapes and with the ones that will become yours. The transition is seamless. The history lesson and comparison will enrich your understanding of the evolution of PCA and your own drapes. Two months went by between training and having my own drapes, also a non-issue. My drapes have been expanded from the original Sci\ART sets to be very similar to the 12 Blueprints drapes. Each set differs slightly.

If you want to defer the purchase decision for the drapes until after the course, that’s perfectly fine. If there are sets available, they will be held for you and shipped with receipt of the full payment. If you’re undecided about the purchase, any available sets will be sold right away. If sets are not available at the time and you decide that you’d like to buy them, expect a 12 week minimum wait between deciding to buy them and having them shipped. Production will be continuous if demand is there.

The Test sets include 4 Key, 20 True Season 4-Test, 16 Red Test, and 72 12- Tone 12-Test drapes for a total of 112 drapes. An information document outlining their use in detail will be emailed to you as a PDF file.

The cost for the Test Drape Collection is USD $3543.68.00 before tax (13% HST) or shipping. Non-Canadians do not pay the tax if drapes are shipped. If you wish to take your drapes home with you, the Canadian HST of 13%  is added since the physical transfer of the product occurred here, a decision which makes little sense for non-Canadians.  If you live in Canada, you can recover this tax as a business expense if the purchase was made once your business is registered with CRA or in the 30 days preceding the registration.

If you live outside Canada, you can avoid this tax by having the drapes shipped from here in Ontario. Clearly, this is the choice every person has made, for a 5-7 business day delivery to the US and Europe. If you take them home with you, the HST must be paid in Canada. Duty into the US is unlikely with NAFTA, though state taxes may apply which you may be able to recover. This article outlines recovery of Canadian HST for non-residents, or at this URL: Each country may have particular import duties and taxes which are not known to me.

Shipping fees are dependent on destination. Cost is CDN $70-100 in the US, and CDN $200-300 to Europe.

Drapes are sold as complete sets only. This is of crucial importance, as they have been planned and tested to work together when compared to one another.

For taking possession of drapes, bring carry on luggage to take the drapes home if you wish. The Test Drape collection weighs 17 lb. It takes up about 17 inches square of space. Drapes can also be shipped to you from Ontario, Canada, upon your arrival home.

Drapes measure 18 x 34 inches each.

Each drape is stamped on the back. Tags are included. A letter outlining the drapes and their use will be sent as a PDF.

Luxury Drapes

It is not essential to buy these drapes at the time of training, or ever if you are not able to. They help the client understand how to wear their Season, which they cannot always grasp from the more theoretical Test Drapes. Many analysts are grateful to have Luxury Drapes to help finalize and confirm Season decisions.

Because the Test Drape sets are so generous in number, you’ll be well equipped to begin draping. The Luxury Drapes (more in the article The Value of the Luxury Drapes) are those drapes that are used after the Season is identified to show the client their beautiful colours in fabric and talk about how to wear them. These are the drapes that bring the magic home. They have been called Final Drapes and Masterpiece Drapes at various times in the past. There are 15 colours per tone for a total of 180 drapes. Each is stamped, grommetted, and tagged. An information document outlining their use in detail will be emailed to you as a PDF file.

The cost for the Luxury Drapes  is USD $5491.80 before tax (13% HST) and shipping. As for the Test Drapes above, when drapes are shipped to non-Canadian destinations, no tax is applied. If you wish to take your drapes home with you, the Canadian HST of 13% is added since the physical transfer of the product occurred here. If you live outside Canada, the tax cannot be recovered, making shipping the far better choice. If you live in Canada, you can recover this tax as a business expense once your business is registered with the CRA or within the 30 days preceding the registration.

If you live outside Canada, you can avoid this tax by having the drapes shipped, certainly the best choice. Delivery takes 5-7 business days to the US and Europe.  If you take them home with you, the HST tax must be paid here in Canada. Duty into the US is unlikely with NAFTA, though state taxes may apply which you may be able to recover. This article outlines recovery of Canadian HST for non-residents, or at this URL: Each country may have particular import duties and taxes which are not known to me.

  Each drape is stamped on the back. Tags are included. A letter outlining the drapes and their use will be sent as a PDF.

Shipping cost depends on destination, roughly 1.5 times the cost of Test Drape shipping.

These drapes measure and weigh half again as much as the Test Drapes (180 vs. 112 items) at 27 lb. They are also 18 x 34 inches in size.

I am happy to address any other questions by email or in person when we meet.

I cannot predict the price for drapes beyond the current production round or how quickly they will sell. Most importantly, my commitment is to continued learning, detailed observation and testing, colour expansion, experimentation, imagination, feedback responsiveness, and quality – the full exploration of colour space in textile as a measuring tool for human colouring. Should brilliant possibilities arise, I will incorporate them.

If you are NOT buying drapes,

This situation takes three forms:

  1. The student who takes the course and realizes that this career path is not right for them. You are not committed to the drape purchase. Better to be honest with yourself beforehand. Your name will not appear in the Analyst Directories, no website banner is sent, and you would not join the analyst group discussion forum.
  2. A person who chooses our training system and tries to apply it to another company’s drapes might find their success rate with clients low. The disconnect between our system and other palette philosophies is quite large. The 12Blueprints and Your Natural Design courses goes with the 12Blueprints drapes. This is non-negotiable. No publicity, certificates, or support are available for analysts using drapes from other PCA systems.
  3. If you know ahead of time that you will not purchase the Test Drapes, don’t take the course.

If you wish to delay the purchase by a month (not more than that, you simply must begin practicing immediately after the training or you will lose too many skills), that is fine. If you foresee more than a month delay before buying the drapes, it is better to delay the training till you are able to purchase both.

Price Changes, Drape Changes, and Refunds.

I reserve the right to change the course or drape prices at any time.

Should alternative colours in the drape sets be requested, I reserve the right to decide which drapes will be switched and at what cost. When the drapes are purchases, you will receive a comprehensive letter outlining colour choices, specifications, care, and changing or upgrading colours. Analysts add to their Test drape sets all the time. We can discuss your questions at any time.

Drape purchases cannot be refunded. However, I do want to help you with both the entry and exit stages of this career as much as I can. A consignment system for previously owned drapes exists. The set is shipped back to me (at the analyst’s cost), changes are made as necessary (at my cost), and the student purchases the set at a lower cost with financial benefit to student, previous owner, and myself.

Swatch Books

The books of swatches by,, and are very good. They will be here for you to view. Do not make any purchases until you see them during the course.

Last Details

Before you arrive, please send me, in a single email entitled The Facts:

1. Your street mailing address so I can send your course package.

2. Your name exactly as you want it on your certificate.

3. Your arrival and depart times and locations in London.

4. Which size of analyst coat is best? S, M, or L ? I will try to have all sizes available to try. The course price includes the neutral gray analyst coat, one neutral gray client headscarf, and one client cape.

Focus on Comfort

You will be physically tired. You will be on your feet for hours on end, meeting strangers. Wear comfortable shoes. Some bring a mat to stand on for back comfort. Dress is business casual, emphasis on casual. No ripped jeans or flip-flops, but yoga pants and sneakers that are in good shape are fine.

Bring a warm sweater without a hood. The studio is kept cool for the comfort of the models.

If you suffer from jet lag, you might consider arriving a day early.

If you have particular dietary requirements, please advise me before your arrive so that we can accommodate your needs.

Visa and MasterCard work fine from the US and EU. Debit cards do not work. US cash is accepted but you may not receive the full exchange rate and we will not have time to go to banks unless necessary.

I want you to be known for excellence. In your town, if someone wants a PCA, I want the word to be out, “Just get her to do it.”  That means that the course will be intensive. We will learn to fight back when assumptions drive decisions. That’s when theories twist facts. If the facts are, “Her lips are good here, her skin there. But that can’t be, can it?” we will learn what to do and what to never do.

I am asked, “Do you only know beautiful people?”

Yes, I do. And so do you. I will show you how to discover that they are more beautiful than you or they ever dreamed possible.

Once the twenty case studies are completed, your business will be introduced on this website.

1.  Since I cannot say what you want heard, I ask that you write it. We can discuss the specifics when we meet or when you are ready to be introduced. We don’t have to do this if you prefer not, entirely up to you. If your introduction takes the form of a press release in your community, I would be delighted to post that as well.

2. The URL for your website to add to a 12 Blueprints Certified Analyst Directory. Its should include the contact info that you want posted, a link to your introductory article if we do one, and a link to your website. In the early days, an email address is fine until a website is ready.

3. In the coming days or weeks, if you have time to write a few sentences by way of testimonial for a Course Testimonial page, I would very much appreciate it. In that paragraph, if you are willing to share your thoughts in a more private communication where both parties speak openly, please share a link or email address where you can be reached.

Additional Course Dates

I will gladly insert more courses at our convenience. Please email me at to discuss this further.

Policy Re: Continued Inclusion in the 12B/YND Community

YND refers to Your Natural Design, the website of Terry Wildfong, my colleague and collaborator, who runs the Sci\ART-based analyst training course in Michigan, USA.

One of the many benefits of being a 12B/YND analyst includes membership in our Analyst Group on Facebook. Here, information is shared among trainers and analysts to support all aspects of your colour business. We understand that some prefer to avoid Facebook. For now, since I do not wish to moderate a forum or chase down 50 email addresses every time something happens, this group will be the communication vehicle. You can certainly join under an invented name.

Another benefit is that you and your clients will have membership in our analysts’ Natural Blueprint Client Forum on FB. This group talks about Season, makeup, clothing, colour questions, and many other topics from the public’s point of view.

We feel strongly about supporting our analysts and clients as we all share in our dedication and belief in the SciART-based 12-Tone Method. Your inclusion in these groups is available after you have completed your training.

However, in certain instances, we may have to withdraw these privileges:

1. Should you decide to become a trainer yourself, putting you in direct competition with us, your membership in our FB Analyst Group will be revoked. No products or documents that were created or provided by 12B or YND, or any of our analysts, may be used for reselling. Your name will remain on our website analyst directories with a note about the career path you have chosen, indicating a separation from our group for reasons of business expansion.

2. Should your philosophies, draping methods, client communications, and business practices differ greatly from how you were trained and how our system of colour analysis is designed, as determined by Terry and Christine, your name will be removed from our website analyst directories. You will also be removed from our FB Analyst Group to protect information and images. If the differences are large enough, you and your clients will have your memberships revoked in our FB Client Forum as well.

3. Ownership and use of the 12 Blueprints drapes is mandatory. A PCA system has to be absolutely tight in its calibrations from colours to drapes to palettes. Drapes from other providers have different settings and will cause the analyst to arrive at different conclusions.

4. We are committed to learning, progress, discussion, creativity, and exploration at the leading edge of our industry. These conversations require discretion, judgment, and professional courtesy. Should your approach not uphold this standard of behaviour, become detrimental to our teaching, or disruptive to the communities in which the group participates, your membership in online groups and analyst directories will be retracted.



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