The Neutrals Collections

The Neutral Collections (NCs) are collections of 12 pieces of fabric cut in 9×4 inch rectangles in colours that function as wardrobe neutrals. Every colour is unique to that Season.

NC Price and Purchasing

The price for the NCs is $78.00 CDN before tax and shipping if buying from me.

E-mail is the best way to contact me:

The price from analysts will vary depending on shipping, duties, and other decisions that influence each of their independent businesses.

My intention is to support the analysts, since they are my direct clients, and their clients through them. As with cosmetics, for clients outside the US, I am happy to sell product directly.

I will be glad to A any Q you might have at any time. Please ask here if possible so that others can benefit from the excellence of the questions, perspectives, and opinions that is always true of readers of this site.


Mentioned in the video:

Terry Wildfong, my colleague, fellow trainer, and co-creator of the drapes and 6 eyeshadow colour collections for the 12 Seasons, is at Your Natural Design. We have harmonized a lot of colours, she and I, and Terry would agree that neutral colours are the most fun of all ;)

Rachel Nachmias, Philadelphia-based colour and image consultant whose work amazes me and with whom I write the Signature/STYLE newsletter, is at Best Dressed. As I mention in the video, Rachel and I are soon to enjoy some speaking and meeting time with a Vancouver audience. This event is still in the planning stages. Information will be announced here as locations, agendas, etc. are determined.

The book, The Power of Presence by Kristi Hedges. Our analyst in Norway, Jorunn Hernes, re-introduced me to the word meaningful recently. Here is a book about developing a truly meaningful presence, with fascinating information about the biology of how humans learn, change, and form long-term memory. We are all humans. By knowing how we learn and with awareness of our natural impediments (for example, our favourite learning thing is to re-confirm what we know already; the brain pats itself on the back for conserving energy), we become more effective in our own lives.

An important announcement for clients outside Canada and the US, Jorunn Hernes now has a most beautiful online store for the Blueprints cosmetics line.  The colour analysis website is The cosmetic store is at  Pay a visit. The photographs are simply lovely.


More than any other descriptive, I see myself in the role of explorer. In this Video 1, the explorations continue into why we feel so much a part of the colour world. The video is here at YouTube or below.


In Video 2, I get to the point and show you the NCs. Here at YouTube or below:


13 thoughts on “The Neutrals Collections”

  1. Wow, this is great news. You know I struggled with neutrals for quite a while, constrained by my overall dislike for beiges and greys. Right now I’m using a lot of navy and some dark chocolate and that works for winter but not so much for summer. Need to figure out warm weather neutrals. And I feel I could improve on my navy and brown colour choices. So work still to be done.

    Which leads me to wonder if you would be willing to share a little more detail about the Bright Spring swatches. Questions running through my mind are….will I be able to zero in on my best navies? how heavily do they lean to grey or beige? That sort of thing.

    Hope you enjoy your time in Toronto, it will be nice to think of you being here next week.

  2. I also struggle with the neutrals and find them “blah-ish” so I’m certain, I am making errors that this collection should fix! How many swatch colours are in each season? Thanks!

  3. Hi Christine could you tell me how many swatches are in the true winter neutral pack please?

  4. These look fantastic Christine and look like the answer to my current dilemma. I will be finding some money for these (and the customs charges ).

    After my analysis I went through my fabric stash to find which ones were my colours . I hit a stumbling block when I came to the greys, dark purples and near-blacks. I still haven’t sewn neutrals since I was analysed because I am reluctant to commit my time when I’m not sure the fabric falls in the good enough territory. This is a bit of a disaster as I sew as many of my clothes as possible. It is next to impossible for me to get RTW to fit, even with altering, due being extremely short-waisted, and having a narrow bone structure.

  5. Thank you for your comments and questions.

    12 swatches in each collection.

    There is always a selection of beige and grays at various darkness levels, but which swatches in the palettes will vary a little over time. Some colours (many of the dark browns) are not in the palettes (might be in the TCA Corporates, I do not have those). Most sets have 1 navy, and any Neutral Season, like BSp, has warmer-cooler versions of its colours, so redder and greener navy. Having the rest of the set will probably help you ‘zero in’ on every neutral better. They need not be identical, just look like they could have grown in the same garden (would be worn well together). For people who sew, the NCs are fantastic because the pieces come from fabric stores in the first place.

  6. Dear Christine,
    What hair color are you wearing? I agree with a previous post, it looks stunning on you! Many thanks

  7. Thank you :) That’s my own hair colour. I stopped colouring it 1.5 years ago. It has grown out to about eye level now. The bangs are fully grown out. After 25 years of less-than-best hair colour, I finally went back to the hair colour and highlights I should have had all along. Sigh.

  8. I was just on Pinterest and noticed your new (perhaps) headshot, you look wonderful.

  9. Hi Christine,
    I ordered the DW neutral collection several months ago, and the Swatches are beautiful, thank you. I was disappointed that there were not more light and medium-light colors in the collection, however, as these are the hardest for me to get just right. As a DW, dark colors tend to be very forgiving on me unless they are way-off, but the lights need to be absolutely perfect for the magic to happen, so light to medium colors are where I need the most help.
    Thanks for your consideration, and for the work you do!

  10. Thank you for this feedback, Jennith. I will make a point of looking for the medium range for Dark Winter. I appreciate the challenge that you describe from personal experience (and a series of returns and donations). The palette in general darkens quickly, as you may have found with cosmetics, and more is available in the darker value levels when shopping. You probably are aware of this, but if you lay the colours you have on the possible garment, the sense of continuity is what you’re looking for. I look at them from the side, kind of skimming across of the surface of the swatch and the garment. Look for the same sorts of reflections and a similar type of yellow content. For me, getting too caught up in just right caused me to decline purchases that would haven been fine and that others would have seen that way, especially in an overall appearance with other elements in the composition, even though I knew that they might not be exact. Rather than a perfect match, which may be too high a goal, I ask myself “if a woman wore these, would they be attractive together? do they appear to share more than they differ?” Between the DW and TW NC, I allow some flex unless the TW colour has a red cast. A green cast is ok, DW is much the same. For the perfectionists among us, which I was but found it more hindrance than help, asking “do I see any conflict here?” may not be the best question, because the answer is always yes :)

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