Test and Luxury Drape Update

The colours have been selected and production has begun on the Round 3 of the 12 Blueprints Test Drape collection. Nine sets are made in each Round after which colours and textiles are reevaluated.

First, please allow me answer a question that I have been asked.

Photo: rometree
Photo: rometree


Why don’t I teach with the drapes I make?

Here’s why.

After analyst training courses were offered once again in February, 2013, with 2 to 5 new colour analysts per month since, the drapes have sold faster than I could make them. Now that I’m caught up, I will be adding to my Sci\ART drape sets to merge them with the 12 Blueprints drapes. The Key, 4 Test, and Red Drapes will remain the same. The only change will be adding to the 12 Test sets to bring them up to 6 drapes of same colours, rather than the present 3 of varying colours.

Secondly, the Sci/ART drapes are among a very small number assembled by a Munsell Master Colorist. Students should have the opportunity to use them, giving them a sense of the history of our profession, and a comparison with the drapes they will use in their own businesses.

I was trained with Terry’s Sci\ART drapes, quite different from the sets I purchased two months later. No transition time was necessary. Therefore, I didn’t feel that teaching with the exact sets the new analysts would be using was a priority. The order of use and decision-making processes are identical.

There are drapes collections in Canada and the US. European students take their drapes home with them. Though we do use them for the course as the student wishes, unpacking them and repacking them for airplane journeys is a process in itself. Like maps, they never pack up as clean and flat as the first time.

I have taught with the Round 1 drapes and used the Round 2 sets. Both performed perfectly well.

Photo: redvisualg
Photo: redvisualg


What’s New in Test Drapes Round 3

Already, the 12 Blueprints Test Drapes have no precedent. Improvements will continue to come on board with each Round of production. Terry  and I are carefully studying the borders of the Seasons in terms of their boundaries in colour space. I doubt that either of us anticipated how truly fascinating and eye-opening the journey would be.

The Red Test Drapes have seen the biggest change. Previous sets were modeled after the Sci\ART drapes, with a cool, warm, and a neutral drape, either as warm neutral or cool neutral. In Round 3, both warm-neutral and cool-neutral are now present in each of the 4 Red Test sets, along with the pure warm and pure cool colours. Also, all 8 Neutral Seasons are represented in the 8 neutral drapes so every Neutral Season client should resonate highly with at least 1 of the 8. They are working beautifully.

Colour comparisons are more exciting than ever. Tolerances for specific colour dimensions may be tighter. More than anything else, I’m especially proud of the plasticity of these drapes. Based on our solid belief that colour analysis is entirely dependent on relationships and comparisons, we aimed to express the 3-dimensional truth of every colour. However the analyst moves in colour space or in the algorithm of the analysis process, this colour series will provide a powerful platform for her/his decisions.

Stunning and beautiful fabrics are used in the Red Drape and 12 Test series. This has been true in previous sets, though more so now, as we gain experience, skill, and confirmation from watching the drapes perform.

Broadcloth continues as the basis for the 4 Test sets to give all analysts standardized colours and to take advantage of the variety and consistent availability in those colours.

Photo:  mbacina
Photo: mbacina


Price Change

With additions to the Red Test series, the collection now comprises 112 drapes, not 108.

Photo: nkzs
Photo: nkzs


For Analysts with Round 1 and 2 Sets

If you’ve already bought drapes and would like to expand your Reds to contain both a warm and cool neutral, email me and we’ll figure out what you have and what you need. We’ll work together to provide you with exactly what you want, ASAP.

You’re not missing out if you don’t. My Sci\ART sets served as the models for to the Rounds 1 and 2 sets, and have served me well for 4 years. Adding more bells and buttons to a car doesn’t mean it drives itself. Sometimes more is just more. Whether there are 3 or 4 drapes per value level in the Red Drapes does not in any way relieve the analyst of a single aspect of the criteria in the decision-making process.

If Terry and I trained you, you know how to drive. You know what to look for in the Red Drapes. You know which colour dimension they measure, and how to get indirect information about the other dimensions. The new drape additions are optional. You have had experience with a client whose parameters are reacting well and poorly in both the neutral and pure cool, with no 100%. You appreciate that it may just be that the drape is warm-neutral and the person is cool-neutral. Leave them both in, confirm later with the 12 Tests.

No decision is ever conclusive till it’s confirmed in a variety of contests, at least two, hopefully more, even if the evidence is indirect. Colouring/Season is not fully described by the Red Drapes, as you know. Depending on where the colouring leans in their Season, on the particular Season to which each red drape belongs, and sometimes just analyst familiarity with that face, results may differ. You still need to apply full-strength interpretive skills to the Reds. And you still should spend ages on the Key and 4 Test sets.

Photo: hapekla
Photo: hapekla


Luxury Drapes

These are very fine drapes. Very fine.

6 sets of Luxury drapes each were manufactured, with 15 drapes in each of 12 Seasons.

The earlier article is here, which discusses their multitasking ability. The client perceives their first leap from theory and swatch into real fabric. Although your Test Drapes contain more colours than the Sci\ART sets, the Luxury Drapes still have enormous value as Season confirmation for analyst and client. Great Test Drapes are good. Experience is good. A backup is still welcome.

3 sets remain.

No further sets are expected until February or later.

There are 180 drapes, all stamped and tagged.


Photo: katagaci
Photo: katagaci


Personal Luxury Drapes

This information has moved to a post of its own at http://12blueprints.com/personal-luxury-drapes/


Photo: panuru
Photo: panuru





3 thoughts on “Test and Luxury Drape Update”

  1. Some excellent questions have been asked about the Personal Luxury Drapes. Many of you probably have the same thoughts –

    1. How was the $545 figure calculated?

    Luxury Drapes are sold at CDN$27 per drape to a trained analyst. The retail price of $31 per drape was calculated based on a 15% increase over the analyst price. Every aspect of drape choice and manufacture is identical. It just seemed right that analysts should buy the product at a slightly lesser cost.

    2. What types of fabrics are used? Or are these blends?

    A variety of crepes, knits, satins, and heavier cottons. Fabrics were selected primarily to satisfy the harmony of the Season, in a wide variety of colours from the swatch book. There is too much tendency (perhaps by all of us) to remember, understand, and wear the colours near the center of the strips. It was important to me to offer several of each colour from different positions on each strip.
    Many of these colours, I finally learned by creating the Luxury Drapes. Previously, I wasn’t certain of how each would look in textile. Many surprised me. Many also are not identical to any particular swatch, just like a real shopping situation seldom offers you the same exact colours. These drapes can teach you how harmony works and how to recognize it.
    The selection is also intended to represent a variety of clothing types.
    Finally, fabrics were also selected to be non-transparent, hand washable (with strong suggestion to test first and only spot wash as needed), and durable enough to hold the grommet and last for many years.
    I didn’t study the composition of the fabrics closely – if I had, the drape sets would not have been possible. The North American textile industry does not provide this type of selection. I suppose they are probably blends.

    3. Are the fabrics Made in the US or Imported?

    No idea where the fabrics are made. The process of acquiring a selection that I was satisfied with already took many months. Although I would much prefer to support US source products, the truth is that there would be no drapes at all.

    4. Do I buy fabric by the bolt?

    I am buying enough fabric to make 6 drape sets at once – 2 reasons: first, I didn’t know how quickly the Luxury Drapes would sell. Second, I inquired at several stores about buying by the bolt for excellent colours and materials IF the store would then re-order the same SKU, but they don’t. Their purchasing is random, not based on maintaining a particular inventory. For each new round of Test and Luxury Drapes, shopping begins at the beginning once again. I had hoped we could place re-orders for the best of the best, but this is not the case.

  2. L. expresses her experience with colour analysis in meaningful and searching ways. I loved what she had to say about the Luxury Drapes:

    “When I think about it, for me, the luxury drapes and the makeup were less about affirming the season – the test drapes truly did that, on their own – rather, the luxury drapes convinced me that working with my season could make me feel beautiful. Gave me the motivation to work with my season, so to speak:)
    Otherwise, based on the test drapes alone, perhaps I would have been driven more by fear of looking tired/drained etc, instead of by joy of reaching for the good.
    Knowing your season helps to finally let go of the wanting of what others have – their complexion, their hair colour, their eyes, their cheeks, their glow – it’s like you can now celebrate both what everyone else has and what you have, without any negatives. It all sings, leaving room for so much that is affirming.”

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