Taking Down The Eye Albums

My time is presently occupied going through this website in preparation for the coming upgrade. The Search function will be fast and slick. An index page will sort all the posts by title and topic. I know :) Finally!

Photo: nkzs
Photo: nkzs


Cleaning up links and punctuation has given me a reason to watch the last five years drift before my eyes. I often marvel at how little I knew a month ago. Imagine what I think of me way back then, or how afraid I am of what my five-years-from-now self will think of me today. Such is the nature of growth. Rather than dwell on that, I’d rather reflect on how far we’ve come together and continue on our learning path.

The Our Eye Album articles will be taken down this week. As beautiful as they were, there was a confusion factor. Season cannot be derived from an eye image, no matter how much it resembles those shown for that Season. I still get emails from people asking me to read their eye images. I guess we all want to be outside the disclaimers just this once.

Treading into a delicate topic here that will get more air time later, many of the PCA results came from other analysts and other PCA systems. By posting them, it appeared as if I was agreeing, which was not always the case. I became involved in conversations about confirming results that I no longer want to be in.

The PCA industry is divided both inside and outside the Sci\ART group. I didn’t realize how much till a few months ago. You all knew this before I did. Not only are we not the same, we are too different to match. We decide Season for different reasons, often reaching way back to entirely different beliefs about what harmony itself means and looks like.

I am too transparent in my belief of what the public has a right to know and expect when it buys a service to be comfortable with this situation for any length of time. Taking down the eye images is a first step towards identifying a new and distinct community.

Please know that I extend deep and sincere thanks to everyone who shared those pictures so that we could all learn. I value your generosity towards that goal above all.





11 thoughts on “Taking Down The Eye Albums”

  1. Becoming even more clear, I see. You amaze me, Christine and your work has truly been life-changing. Think of you almost every time I open my closet! :)

  2. Thanks for your honesty Christine and for sticking to what you believe in! I for one appreciate that. I have a suggestion which I think many people would love to see… Replace those eye albums with a HUGE article on suggested hairstyles/cuts/concepts for each season! (if there is one already, I have not been able to find it.) Who’s with me?! :)

  3. I would be more than willing to help with the hair! Style is going to depend upon your style type, so it would be tough to be completely comprehensive on that..and it would span much more than one article. It would have to be done in a series. If Christine so wishes, I can help her make it happen. :)

  4. Nail on the head, Brooke, as ever. Yes, clearer every day. You know and I know how much it means to say that. So much work and reflection for something that seems so simple.

    A hair style article? Tina is quite right, this is a style type decision. From a colour perspective, I am not finding two ideas to rub together. From an Image Archetype viewpoint? Many ideas. Ultimately, hairstyle is like eyeglass frames, one woman at a time because the huge variable of head shape must be factored. Your thought is a valid and good one though, Holly. Less than a year ago, I would have given Winter geometric cuts, Spring layered beach looks, and so on. That was before I met Rachel and the whole image type concept clarified (and validated) for me. Now, I see my previous Winter = geometric thinking is as limiting and limited in hair as clothing as any other form of personal adornment. I’ll give some thought to a hair topic we can cover. If there are particular images you wonder about, just ask. I’ll see if I can find something for the Pinterest hair board.

  5. As one who has indeed hovered a close up image of their own iris up and down those columns {{embarrassed face}} and back again, Christine, I applaud – with relief! – your decision to take them down.

    Thank you for your customary clarity, not to mention respect for us as readers, in giving your reasons for the decision frankly. The manner of your self expression is a frequent validation and inspiration to me, and I would imagine to many women – no matter their season.

    In a world where stereotyped notions of ‘gentle femininity’ and it’s attendant apology, shame and obfuscation constantly cloud female communication, you are a very beacon.

    Oh, and my real life draping is tomorrow. After months of vacillating and home draping and lipstick testing, I honestly have literally no idea what my result will be. Exciting though!!!!

  6. Thank you Tina and Christine for your responses to the idea about hairstyles and cuts. I guess I just wondered if the lines and textures that harmonize with our seasons also could be translated to our hair (lines/textures etc). I didn’t take into account variation of face shapes, individual hair textures, and style types which do play a huge part like you said (any link to info about these style types would be appreciated!) As a dark blonde, straight and fine-haired Bright Spring, I was looking for some key words to take as inspiration. I’ll keep searching! Thanks again!

  7. Christine, I totally respect your decision to take down the eye albums and to bow out of things that result in entanglements with no end in sight. Your growth continues to amaze me. I, too, scarcely recognize my own thoughts on the PCA subject from many months ago. I’m not sure where the differences lie between the systems, but they seem to have sprung from different motivations. Kathryn Kalisz followed the trajectory of healing with light (aura related), whereas PCA has had a trajectory following aesthetics. Some systems try to blend the two (with variable success). You just have to go with your gut in the end.

  8. Christine, I see that you are recreating your amazing blog. I think you made the eye album to show variety but it was interpreted quite opposite – I knew your intentions but anyway found myself confused cause my eyes were nothing like the ones I saw. But anyway I found a picture perfectly illustrating how bad is going against the nature and warming up to look “young and fashionable” This happens if foundation will not last (she probobly just ate something and wiped her mouth):



    I found this photos of Joan Van Ark in galleries of “worst plastic surgery” but it’s just make up. That’s how powerfull colour is! Feel free to remove my comment if it’s too much “off topic”, didn’t know where to put it for you to see.

  9. Re Kathryn’s comment ” Kathryn Kalisz followed the trajectory of healing with light (aura related), …” This reminded me that, Christine, you posted a question somewhere about the core colors and their relation to the seasons. Is this not KK’s ‘invention,’ in linking the chakras and their colors to palettes? Of course the seasons already existed. It’s really two separate approaches being cobbled together.

  10. While the eye album was beautiful (what amazing colors!), I too found it confusing as I first explored what the seasons were about and where I belonged. My eyes were a medium warm brown from childhood until my early 30’s when they started to fade to gray/green/blue with a little yellow going on. What was I to do with that? Go to Heather Noakes for an actual PCA and learn that, even with brownish eyes, I am a Light Summer. The encouragement from 12 Blueprints to dig deeper to understand ourselves is so important, with colors and beyond. I second the suggestion that a hair album would be extremely helpful!

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