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Return to Your Natural Colours Edition 2

With this book and the colour palette from your colour analyst, you will learn to manage your appearance choices for your greatest result.

Wearing The True Autumn Landscape

True Autumn is the homeland for the most flattering colours of the person whose natural pigmentation is made of colours that are absolutely warm; even the colours we think of as cool have been warmed by comparison to their appearance in the cooler Seasons; like True Summer, True Autumn is more saturated than people think.

The Consistent Bright Spring Landscape

These persons look more delicate than they are, like the finest icicles and waterfalls. This is not daintiness, frills, or fragility. Rather, think of the morning after a freezing rainstorm.

Soft Autumn Darkness Adjustments

With her PCA, she understands that though she appears warm, her warmth is more neutral, so she keeps the highlights warm-neutral with a lot of visible natural colour.

When Your Season Doesn’t Feel Right

Release who your parents expected. Never look back over your shoulder again. You are not her anymore. You can choose what she has that you want to keep. Allow the calm, strong feeling of finding, and speaking, in your own true voice.

How Springs Intensify Eye Colour

The very fascinating Bright Spring never fails to surprise everyone, the analyst included. If the eyes are light, you may wonder why they look so bad in Summer pastels, which is where you thought you were headed.