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How Winters Intensify Eye Colour

Of all the Winters, True adds the fewest colour elements. They are perfectly defined and refined by B&W alone, in symmetric but strongly defined shapes. One colour should stand alone, like one leaf left on a frozen tree, one red berry on a bush.

Soft Autumn Darkness Adjustments

With her PCA, she understands that though she appears warm, her warmth is more neutral, so she keeps the highlights warm-neutral with a lot of visible natural colour.

Best Makeup Colours : Bright Winter

The eyeshadow in icy violet is incredible. Merle Norman makes Freesia and it is gorgeous for a reason. The icy is Winter. The violet is the complement of yellow, a component of all Spring skin.

How Springs Intensify Eye Colour

The very fascinating Bright Spring never fails to surprise everyone, the analyst included. If the eyes are light, you may wonder why they look so bad in Summer pastels, which is where you thought you were headed.