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3 Types of True Winter

This True Winter can be, if not monochromatic, then not very colour-animated to look at. The skin can be beige gray with little natural blush. The eyes and hair colours would not look much different on a B&W TV.

Best Makeup Colours Light Summer

Being a Light Season means lighter makeup than other Seasons. Light is not near-white in this context. Too pale is draining and chalky.

Best Makeup Colours Dark Autumn

This person does have Winter coolness and darkness. Black coffee and muted charcoal make great eyeliners. Just as their navy in clothing or a suit is a fantastic complement to the orange tones in skin, hair, and eyes, so is it a great eyeliner. 

When Does Wearing Black Harm Your Brand?

Colour is inherently young and expressive. Black plum, dark espresso, the soft gray on the underside of a cloud that’s sunlit on the top, golden barley, crisp teal, stormy Atlantic blue, do not reduce professionalism. They’re a visual attraction in the best way.

The Best Skin Finish on Winter Colouring

On a Soft Season, the liner, lid, and contour are quite close in darkness level, as in medium, with contour only slightly darker. They distinguish their roles by being of different colours in similar darkness levels, rather than Winter’s variations on one colour (gray) in extremes of darkness levels. On a Winter, light means really light and dark means really dark.

The Best Skin Finish on Summer Colouring

The True Summer section applies. There is more warmth here as a definite first warm weekend in May. Outdoor glows are great but controlled. A pale pink gold gloss OR an uplight on the cheeks is plenty. You are a Summer, not a Spring, so restraint is needed. A May picnic isn’t the same as the beach in July. As a Neutral Cool colouring, remain cooler than warmer in everything you add.