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Bright Winter Q and A

The analyst evaluates many markers, related to line, colour, and texture, and makes a better-than choice. The markers will not be the same in every face. A Dark Winter man may wear Bright Winter saturation fairly well if his colouring is intense, but his face might look very oily. Another Dark Winter man will lose eye energy in Bright Winter drapes but the complexion reflects light much the same between the two.

Myles Is A Bright Winter

Among the Bright Winter test drapes is a gleaming dark sapphire fabric. Not only is it electric blue, it is very shiny. Nobody, but nobody, can balance that colour unless they are Bright Winter. It dominates even True Winter unquestionably. Myles wore it with ease, and without fidgeting the way men do in shiny fabric. He felt confident, attractive, and relaxed.

Kip Is A Light Summer

You might think that Light Spring is often confused with Soft Autumn, but in fact, it is Light Summer. The Light Summer colouring is muted enough to enjoy much of what Autumn offers.