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The Value of the Luxury Drapes

The Luxury Drapes are the culmination of the colour analysis. Use them as the fantastic teaching tool that they are. Use them to position your service as the beginning of a future that your clients can no longer be without.

The Best Skin Finish on Winter Colouring

On a Soft Season, the liner, lid, and contour are quite close in darkness level, as in medium, with contour only slightly darker. They distinguish their roles by being of different colours in similar darkness levels, rather than Winter’s variations on one colour (gray) in extremes of darkness levels. On a Winter, light means really light and dark means really dark.

Jackie and Annie Are Bright Winters

I didn’t imagine she would balance Bright Winter. A colour analyst has the same comparison-based sense of vision as everyone else. We can guess but we know how much money you will part with based on our advice. We don’t guess. We measure. She balanced it and then some. Her eyes were clean and crisp – what happens to part of the face happens to the whole face. It’s just that some features are better markers for it. If your eyes are clear, so is your skin. If their edges are clean, so are the rest of your features’.

Lilia is a Dark Winter

Many women wonder why they have aversions to their best colours. We lose our path. We hear other voices than our own, we believe compliments to be accurate when in fact, compliments are too emotionally invested to be impartial.

Soft Autumn Darkness Adjustments

With her PCA, she understands that though she appears warm, her warmth is more neutral, so she keeps the highlights warm-neutral with a lot of visible natural colour.

Myles Is A Bright Winter

Among the Bright Winter test drapes is a gleaming dark sapphire fabric. Not only is it electric blue, it is very shiny. Nobody, but nobody, can balance that colour unless they are Bright Winter. It dominates even True Winter unquestionably. Myles wore it with ease, and without fidgeting the way men do in shiny fabric. He felt confident, attractive, and relaxed.