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3 Medium Grays for 12 Seasons

Here is how you really get gray right in your wardrobe. Reading about it only gets you so far. The shopping breakthrough is taking the fabric to the store. Compare the colours under the same lighting. Then, it becomes easy and fast.

3 Types of True Winter

The unique radiance of True Winter speaks to me as space and solitude on the most majestic, mysterious scale. It is the silence of the ice cave, the rising of a blue white moon over a frozen lake, the jewel that resembles a planet, the yellow flower that could be the sun.

Professional Photographs

Why are we all here? Because we believe that appearance gives us information about a person. Colour analysis is the #1 Advantage to have in your back pocket to achieve your highest visual potential. With that in order, and stop #2 to interpret your lines, shapes, and natural body language  in attire, you have given yourself … Continue reading Professional Photographs