Rimmel Lip Gloss for 12 Seasons

Some folks take exception to my swatching makeup on white paper. They say you can’t tell how the colour would look on your face. They’re going to love the way I swatch lip gloss.

I find I can see the subtleties of the colours way better on paper. On paper, you can be more detached about the colour. It’s still far enough from you to be perceived as separate from you, and only on its own merits. Once it enters your Personal Zone, all kinds of meta impressions start happening.

The hot second you try to evaluate a colour on your own face, you’ve lost objectivity. Your imagination alters your face, and everything on it. We have no idea what we look like to others. The only thing we decide when we look at a new makeup colour on our face is whether it could be consistent with how we’re used to seeing ourselves.

The Sci\ART Colour Book is outstanding for matching makeup colours, the trickiest part of working with your Season. Good thing there’s lots of help to get you started once you get your Season ID. The swatches in the Book are on white canvas. At the store, I can smear the makeup on a white page. Back home and decide, in daylight, if the colours are the same. Any client who has done this with me during a PCA appt knows that she can look from the makeup palette we create on paper to her Colour Book, and find every swatch in her Book immediately. Her eye just goes to it, and she is right every time. This system works.

These Rimmel Stay Glossy lipglosses impressed me because of the good colour selection. Or was it that I found Winter colours, usually so hard to do? So often, a line will have 3 good colours, and you stand there looking at the rest of them, thinking, I have no idea who would wear these colours. In this line, the fairest and darkest have a choice, the most muted and clearest, and the Winter colours are actually wearable.

The gloss is supposed to last 6 hours, or 8 hours, or some big, impressive number.

Critical Thinking : the ability to discern what is probably right and what is probably wrong. A 6 hour lip gloss? You didn’t even expect that to be true. There’s no 2 hour lip gloss out there, unless you’re a mannequin, the plastic kind. Forget 6.

The product is plenty nice, and reasonably priced, whatever that means in cosmetics. There is too much undeserved cosmetic raving going on out there. Every week brings a new rave. That’s how you came to have a Used It Once drawer. I’m just trying to keep the reality glasses in place so you never add one more item to that drawer. I am nice enough to say that there was nothing about the application that I didn’t like, besides the sinking ship of 6 hour expectations. I found it somewhat oily and disappearing compared to many of the longer lasting glosses.

I swatch lip gloss between 2 pieces of tape to avoid having gunk all over my purse. I can spread it around and look at the nuances of the colour when I get home to daylight. I can see the colour next to other tones, because colour is all about comparison.

Once you see a colour you like on paper, and it seems to match your Book, I absolutely suggest you put it on your face. There’s more to a makeup buy decision than its colour. Also, no two women in the same Season look quite the same or will interpret their Season in the same way, or have the same comfort level with colour on the face.

I match the colour analyzed swatches from the middle darkness colours, or the lighter ones for the Light Seasons. The darker swatches work fine in clothing but most light-medium complected women find them dark. The Sci\ART system is 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, because 12 is enough without being too much, but you’ll refine your position within your Season with time.

The pictures are a bit randomly organized, and seem a bit sloppy (that’s part of the reality theme), but they cover all the colours, with some opportunity to compare. In Canada, we did not have Endless Night, Unlimited Gold, or Endless Summer, unless they are here with a different name. I haven’t adjusted any settings. Photos were taken at 11AM on an overcast day, on a sheet of white paper.

True Winter : Yours Forever

Dark Winter : All Night Long

Bright Winter : Timeless Allure, Fuchsia Fever

Finding a clean red-violet that has that purple pivot that True Winter hovers around is challenging, especially in a cheaper product. I like this one.

For many darker Season women, they don’t always want a dark lip. I’ll never (or not soon) be convinced that Sandra Bullock (probably Dark Winter), Liza Minelli (True?), or Audrey Hepburn (Bright W?) look their best in browned, flesh toned lips. Dark W wears a browned deep rose as a disappearing lip (NARS Dolce Vita), but it has little impact. A very good option to nude lips for Winters, which the intensity of the person’s coloring can still dominate too easily, is a sheer lip.

I hope you can see that Dark Winter’s colour is browner. Bright W’s is lighter and clear.

As a Dark Winter, I tried All Night Long. It’s quite similar to the Dark Winter always-in-your-purse anchor of Merle Norman Stolen Kisses.

Light Summer : All Day Seduction, Stay My Rose, Dare To Say, Eternal Flirt

True Summer : Captivate Me, Dare To Say

Soft Summer : My Eternity, Stay My Rose, Captivate Me

With the sheerness of a gloss, several of these colours will work across categories. Your own lip colour will come through and help adapt the shade to your face.

All Day Seduction has a gold glimmer in it, it felt best for Light Summer. Soft Summer can do gold shimmer sometimes, as in MAC Plumfoolery blush, but the base colour is deeper in that blush than this light pink gloss. Soft Summers are much cooler than they are warm and not especially light.

Light Spring : Non Stop Glamour, Always Lovely,  All Day Seduction

True Spring: Here To Say, Non Stop Glamour

Bright Spring: Fuchsia Fever, Timeless Allure, All Day Seduction

True Spring gave me some trouble. Here To Say may be one those colours that is too browned for a Spring and not browned enough for an Autumn. It is orange and yellow enough that it may work well, with just enough brown to make it more nude/flesh coloured. I was hoping it might look like this.

The beauty of a gloss is that it tempers brightness (as in Fuchsia Fever) and darkness (as Timeless Allure), allowing Bright Spring to wear both. They could also do All Day Seduction, because it’s a clean pink with a gold shimmer. Light Summer had this colour too, because there are similarities between it and Bright Spring (both can do well in medium-darkness colours, both have a trace of Spring yellow).

So Fabulous is a slightly yellow caramel beige. It is not orange, nor is it as heavy as butterscotch sundae sauce. It is a Spring colour, perhaps a good flesh-toned lip for Light Spring, a Season that is exemplary in the various beiges of nuts and their shells.

Soft Autumn: Here To Say

True Autumn: Immortal Charm

Dark Autumn : Everlasting Crush, Still Gorgeous

A Soft Autumn will probably find Here To Say too orange. I’m usually looking for a color like the pink in a flowerpot, and this is not it, but they do have a warm side, especially when the hair has an apricot highlight, and they do look great in nude/flesh lips, a la J.Lo. This is a line where the Autumn colours are less plentiful, while the pinks are over-represented.

Still Gorgeous could be lovely on Dark Autumn, and very natural on women of deeper complexion.

Black Diva, well, y’know. Oh, I forgot that one.




31 thoughts on “Rimmel Lip Gloss for 12 Seasons”

  1. Are these available in the US? Because the way these look, I’m wanting to pick up the DA and DW colors.

  2. The ones you have up for Soft Summer totally work. I can’t wait to buy some of this stuff….though I might have to wait for my tax return. I have a surprisingly hard time with glosses. It’s hard to find that Soft Summer balance between color and softness. I err on the side of Spring often and get too MUCH brightness, which hijacks my skin and eyes. Or I get too much gray which makes me look dead. I am going to try these on STAT.

  3. Hi Christine

    Suprise, I’m gonna give you a couple of MAC recomendations:

    Rimmel Fuchsia Fever- MAC Just add colour
    Rimmel All day Seduction- MAC pink poodle (may be a little too soft- but it’s natural)
    Rimmel All night long- MAC Desire

    I’d also recomend MAC Russian red gloss for Bright Spring and Bright Winter

    I’m looking for a MAC version of All day seduction as Desire is too purple/brown/dark- not bright enough for me. I’m not a MAC addict per se – i’m a neat-freak and I like allmy make-up to match! :)

  4. I do this too. I swatch colors in a white notebook and match them to my fan at home under natural light. This way I have a mini-library of colors that work (and those that don’t) that I can refer to at any later date. The only problem is that saleswomen give me dirty looks when I take out the notebook and start swatching, as if I’m some kind of spy or insane. Explaining that I will not buy a color based on how it looks on the back of my hand in artificial store lighting doesn’t work.

    It is true that colors appear different on white paper than on the face (because they’re surrounded with colors different from white on the face), but every single swatch on white paper that matched a color in my fan looked just right on my face and those that didn’t match – even when they came close – looked off or simply wrong.

  5. Okay already purchased Everlasting Crush and wore it today and had comments. Now how often does that happen from a lip gloss???? Thought that the Still Gorgeous might be too brown but, ya know what, I am going back for it, asap. Thanks for all your good work. xox

  6. Samantha,
    I cannot imagine that they’d be in Canada and not the US. In fact, you probably have the missing colours! They’re so versatile that several colours would work well.

    And the beauty of Rimmel is that you’re never out much money.

  7. Thanks Christine, I just bought the two True Summer colors. I would have never picked them, so I’m excited about being able to pick them from your recommendations. I’ve tried the brighter pink one so far and really like it. :-)

  8. BTW, two places I went to had Rimmel on sale, one 20% off and the other 30% off (I’m in Canada)

  9. Hi Christine,

    I am trying to figure out my season and I think I’m either a True Summer or a True Winter. I already have this gloss as “stay my rose”, from back when I thought I might be a soft summer. Do you think True Winter can wear this color?


  10. Maja,

    This gloss is already very gently pigmented, so with the natural intensity of coloring of the True Winter, I expect it would look like nothing more than clear balm. Still, if you’re looking for a slight effect, with no darkening of the lips, the color is cool enough to satisfy True Winter. It’s not so much a question of not being able to wear it, as the possibility that there are better choices. The other issue is that the color is far too soft. If you want a lighter lip, choose an icy, crisp pink or even lilac.

  11. I really liked the look of Yours Forever but it’s not available in the U.K. Then I thought Timeless Allure might be alright for True Winter but nope, they don’t have that either. They have Black Diva though. Thanks Rimmel! The only Winter ones they have are All Night Long & Fuchsia Fever here. Would the latter be the best available option for True Winter?

  12. I looked at Still Gorgeous (DARK brown, for a Dark Autumn) and thought it would be too dark.

    It isn’t. It looks great, echoing hair, brows and eyeliner, and balancing the face.

    Everlasting Crush is near nude on me (again, with fair skin). But it is a SUCCESSFUL ‘nude’, when all the standard nudes look awful. It still amazes me that a near russet colour can look so naturally almost-invisible on me.

    Once again, you have a perfect eye!


  13. Lucy,
    Fuchsia Fever is a bold, bright color. True Winter is a bit more muted than Bright Winter, but this color is full on pure. BUT, this is a gloss, so sheer and therefore far more forgiving. For that reason, it could work very well for True Winter, as the lips showing through might naturally quiet the color a little bit. How ridiculous in this day and age that makeup companies are so inconsistent when women the world over endorse products to one another. And the stuff is made on your turf!

  14. I thought it might be good, Jo. I’ve known Dark Autumns, and not particularly dark ones, wear brown eyeliner for lipliner and it is quite perfect.

  15. Christine, I asked this because of this: I live in a small(ish) town that doesn’t really carry a lot of the good stuff. I went searching for this line at my local WalMart, Target, Kmart, and Walgreen’s, but couldn’t find it at all. (And I looked in the Rimmel makeup displays too)

    This makes me wonder if Rimmel will bother to send this line (which I really do want to try) to my small town in the States in the near future.

  16. I could not find this product @ any store, not even at Ulta, but it is available at the Ulta website. Ordered all three colors that Christine recommends for Soft Summer and they ALL work wonderfully by themselves and as a gloss over lipsticks. Trust Christines eyes. They are spot on !

  17. Honestly, Rachel, the colour range is good but they’re oily, don’t last, and make your long-wear lipstick underneath vanish too fast. Don’t spend time searching.

  18. I was hoping to use them to help narrow down my season, but the one I most wanted I can’t even find online. It’s good to know that they’re not worth the trouble!

  19. Just got 2 of the Soft Summer colors, and they are PERFECT!! I love love love the color and the sheerness of it! I do wish it wasn’t as sticky though. Rachel, I found it at Walmart. Christine, do you have any suggestions for lipstick for the Soft Summer?

  20. Lauder Exotic Orchid, Soft Amethyst ; MAC Syrup ; Bobbi Brown Rose ; Dior Addict Londres ; Clinique Water Violet and Voluptuous Violet. :)

  21. Hi Chrisine thank you I am going to look out for these. Do you have any recommendations for light summer lipsticks please?

  22. Sue – you know that MarySteele, a L Su herself, has the lists up on the Luminosity page on facebook, right? Many choices there.
    A few here – Clinique Pink Beach, Chanel Aventure, Boy, and Imaginaire, Revlon Carnation and Gentlemen Prefer Pink , Maybelline Pinkalicious.

  23. Christine thank you very much. I have seen Mary’s page but I was curious to know your choices for LSu pages. I bought Aventure a few days ago and it is beautiful and now I have some more to look out for :)

  24. I realize it’s so much easier for us and better for the analysts (you guys get paid!) when we go get analyzed, but for some reason, I have stubbornly been refusing to just go get it done for close to 6 years now. Early on, I only knew about 4 seasons, and in that system, I typed myself as an Autumn. Becoming more involved and reading lots of your stuff, actually, I first thought I was probably a True Spring: I have light red hair. I had this mirror though that every time I wore what I thought were Spring colors (I realize now they really weren’t), I looked awful in. Like death in. So I went looking elsewhere. I “realized” I had little warmth in my skin (in practical terms I realized I was neutral, at the time I thought I was cool-neutral) and my hair was also quite browned and that I was easily overwhelmed by anything too heavy. It was a weird process, but I ended up at Soft Summer. I lived mostly comfortably for years as a Soft Summer, but every once in a while, something that should have been ok just wasn’t, and obviously so.

    Three months ago, I went to repurchase my always-in-hand YSL mascara in grey, but to my horror, it had been discontinued. When I asked the salesperson at Sephora if there were any other grey mascaras in-store, she couldn’t think of any and mentioned how great I’d look in brown. With no safety net mascara lying around and a renewed push toward brown, I decided to start from scratch and whittle down which season I really was.

    I knew I was a Soft or a Light. Heavy and/or dark has always been obviously bad. The four true seasons were out for various reasons. I had long ignored the Lights out of a personal bias – I hate pink with a fiery, burning passion (I’ll get to why I think that subconsciously developed later), and my impression of them was that all I had to work with was light, airy colors and a whole lot of pink, which I recoiled from. Add to that my small inner voice that had always wanted to be an Autumn of some type, and the first season I started playing with was Soft Autumn. I felt at home there unlike any other season I’d ever tried – the practicality, the earthy essence and jewelry (I hate shiny jewelry), the small summer aspects, the colors, everything. I hopped on board very quickly, and found I had a lot of stuff in my closet that already fit with Soft Autumn – mostly impulse buys. I started noticing though how old I was looking. I stopped getting carded for shows and alcoholic beverage purchases (I’m 26), and I started noticing how, especially in one particular mirror, my usually not-amazing skin was looking a lot worse.

    So not a Soft Autumn, then, to my great sadness. One thing that had happened, though, in Soft Autumn, was that I finally saw and understood the heat that my skin really does have. When I tried going back to Soft Summer colors, all I saw was lifeless skin staring back out of smaller eyes. Not Soft Summer, then. Softs were out. Since heat had done so much for my eyes and pallor, my next stop was Light Spring.

    I have struggled with acne for 3/5s of my life, and I will continue to do so, probably for my whole life. The years of acne, despite every effort against it, have left scars on my face (not terribly deep, but scars just the same). My skin is not smooth, and I shy away from looking at it too closely most of the time. Shine, and even sheen, has always been something to avoid as well because it meant that my oil was not under control.

    I read through your Spring skin article though, and I looked hard at my skin. Around the scars and unevenness, it is petal-like. That soft sheen that has always been there is what my skin naturally looks like, even when it’s happy and oil-controlled, and it’s a good thing! I got excited. I found pictures of the Light Spring palette and realized there really wasn’t as much pink as I thought.

    I took your makeup recommendations of pink/cream/peaches/beige-gold and a few that you’d named and went off to Sephora to find some Light Spring makeup.

    I first tried your specific recommendations, just to see if the correct effects were there. They were! My eyes popped in several different ways, and my skin looked smoother and healthier and of the correct pallor. I looked good! Unfortunately, I really hated the colors. They were all pink, and despite the right effects, I thought the colors looked *off* on me. So maybe not Light Spring, either. But it occurred to me that I might be reacting to the reddishness of my hair clashing with the pink. So, still keeping peaches and cream and beige-gold bronzer in mind, I found a peachy eyeshadow, an amazing cheek tint with 4 of the right colors to swirl together, and a coral/peachy colored lip gloss. I could not believe how much these colors do for me. The effects are still there from the recommended makeup, but there is no feeling of discomfort from pink. I look more perfected in less makeup that I have in… never. And I’m pretty sure that pink-clash with my hair is why I’ve always hated it so much.

    I read through all the posts even vaguely related to Light Spring I could find here. I found this one, and in it you reference how Light Spring people look “exemplary” in the colors of nuts and their shells. I was thinking about that statement as I was combing my hair this morning, backlit because for once it was beautiful and sunny here in San Francisco in the morning, and I realized that my hair is the color of almond skin. It always has been and it’s always been an impossible hair color to describe, but it is the color of almond skin, and it changes with the lighting, much as almonds tend to. Sometimes it looks yellower (more blonde), sometimes more brown, and sometimes more red. Googling for images of almonds brought me to a page that reflected back at me the subtle varieties of my hair color.

    So after years and years, my name is Adrienne, and I’m a Light Spring. I feel like I’ve finally come home.

  25. Welcome to the beautiful world of Light Spring, Adrienne. It does sound as if you’ve found your way back home.

  26. Fasinating! Hello Christine can you tell me which season can wear lilac lip gloss but when it looks natural or pink on them? As well as which wears purply pink lippies?
    Thank you :3

  27. I would True Summer and True Winter respectively, Penny. Though I would want to see the colour exactly to say for sure.

  28. Interesting Thank you Christine that makes sense! So no lilac for light summer? One more question which season can wear Essence Frosted Pink Lip gloss it’s a blueish/cool pink but it’s not lilac?
    Thanks again :)

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