Return to Your Natural Colours

Feb. 7/17: A note for anyone purchasing this book: The current edition of this book is out of print. The second edition will (hopefully) be released in July 2017. 

A Guided Tour of Personal Colour Analysis



Colours, shapes, textures, and designs can enhance one another. Your colour palette looks most beautiful when it’s interpreted in certain style, textile, and accessory choices. When the apparel, makeup, hair colour, jewelry, and every other item of decoration are in perfect harmony with each other and with you, the composition looks and feels as beautiful to see as it does to be.

Your Season’s palette is like a chart of the exact colours with which Nature painted you. The colours are all connected to each other and to you because you share certain properties. That is one fantastic start. An analysis with a Sci\ART colour analyst places the world’s most accurate 12 Season colour layout in your hand. What next? This book is about how to make this incredibly powerful tool work for you with every single thing you buy.

Learn how to make the absolute most of your incredible natural colouring.

The book

…believes that the most beautiful, believable, young, flattering colours you can wear ON your body are those that are already IN your body.

…takes us on a trip together, through places, times, and the colours that belong there and compares each to one of the 12 groups of natural colouring, or Seasons.

…celebrates the colours of our world and how they are repeated in our own colouring.

…explains colours, styles, texture, contrast, cosmetics, hair colour, accessories for each Season.

…covers my personal observations and beliefs about personality, undertone, best makeup colours.

…includes a section for men of each Season.

…includes colour layouts for each Season, understanding that they are for comparison purposes only, not accurate enough to take shopping. The most important role of the palettes is to express the language of the colours collectively, not one swatch at a time, because that’s how others see us.

…gives you a sense of all 12 Seasons, one of the most effective ways to more correctly position and understand your own.

…ends with a glossary and a Resource section for finding great books, analysts, makeup, and other helpful information.

Nothing is for everybody. You should give this book a miss if

…you hope to figure out your natural colouring or Season; there are no photographs of people.

…you want accurate 12 Season palettes to make purchase decisions. This book would have been another 2 years in the making and cost  10 more dollars for that. There are 12 28-colour layout, one for each Season, intended for comparative purposes only. You shop with  an accurate colour swatch book, nothing else.

…you are hoping to learn how to become a colour analyst or would like cast-iron rules about the behaviour of colour and how it applies to human beings (Kathryn Kalisz already wrote an essential background textbook for aspiring colour analysts, here). This is a story of my taste and my interpretation of the language of each palette.

Feb. 7/17: A note for anyone purchasing this book: The current edition of this book is out of print. The second edition will (hopefully) be released in July 2017.

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Feb. 7/17: A note for anyone purchasing this book: The current edition is out of print. The second edition will (hopefully) be released in July 2017.


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20 thoughts on “Return to Your Natural Colours”

  1. That’s a beautiful photo of you, by the way. I very much look forward to reading your book. Congratulations!

  2. I want one!!! As soon as this issue is resolved I will place my order. Please save a copy for me.

    Thank you, Holly Allen

  3. This book would be my best Christmas gift this year :-) Save a copy for me too :-)

    I am so thankful to learn from you Christine – you are the best !
    Hopes to be colleagues one day the sooner the better, because
    I want to share this great colorsystem with the people in Denmark !

    Best regards Anette Henriksen

  4. I tried to order one today (and join the crowd of people who are saying, keep the $1.50). The site says it can’t be processed because of a problem with the seller’s website (which you’ve already told us about). So, please save a copy for me too. I’ll order as soon as you give the say-so! The video is beautiful – I can hardly wait for the book. Thanks.

  5. I’m in France and please can you reserve me a copy too. I’ll keep an eye on the Facebook page for when the payment issues are resolved but I’d really like to try and receive mine before December 11, which is when I go back to the UK to SHOP and I’d like to have had a chance to skim the book beforehand!

    Thanks! Can’t wait…

  6. Also still not able to order. Not to be a pest (as I already sent a e-mail) but please save a copy for me. I’m so excited about it finally being published!!

  7. Can’t wait to sit up in bed and pour over its pages – well done on this Christine – its a huge achievement! Please save me one!

  8. Hi, everyone,

    Take a quick look at the notes at the top of the page – yes, the shipping codes are messing up. My wonderful web guy will take a look when he has a moment.

    In the meantime, send me your PayPal email and the correct Shipping code in a regular email to and I’ll forward you a PayPal Money Request for the correct amount.

    You do NOT need a Paypal account to send money this way.

    Please DO remember to put your mailing address in the PayPal box !

    Half the books are gone now. There will be a second printing, should take about a month.

  9. Congrats Christine, how exciting! Wish I could get one right now, but I’ll have to wait. I’ll be jealous of the rest of you. So wonderful though!

  10. I know you mentioned that your book was not meant to really aid someone in finding their season, but when I read the seasonal descriptions, who I am just popped out at me!! All of the other 11 blueprints to me were “no….this one is too this, or too that.’ My seasonal category? Spot on! Even if I didn’t have a PCA (which I still strongly recommend) I would have more than likely found my color self because of the descriptive way everything was worded. You really do paint pictures with words and engage the imagination fully which is such a help to the reader looking for answers.

  11. Christine,
    I am so enjoying your book! I am still not finished yet as I am taking my time and reading a few pages just before bed. This way I get to savor a little bit at a time and reflect on the colors!
    I am sure I will be referencing it for years to come!
    Thank you,

  12. christine i have enjoyed your website it is very helpful full of great information. I have ordered your book I put in my ordr march 27 and still have not received it yet, I was wondering how long it took I live in texas thank you so much susan

  13. Dear Christine,

    I am absolutely adore of every page of your book, million thanks for your authentic, logical, expert work!

    Thank you!

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