Lipstick: Smudge

Moderately sheer tawny red. 

A perfect colour to define the lips for most every woman in this Season, this colour is where Dark Autumn begins. Smudge is a comfortable and sophisticated introduction into the world of cosmetics, a colour to apply over other lip products or the tube to have in your purse that can be applied anywhere, for any occasion. 

The sheerness allows the woman's own lip colour to blend with and adjust the cosmetic, making it a good option for True Autumn as well, best if tried first in case it appears too red or cool. The colour builds to create more cosmetic presence, still with a natural look. 

With all cosmetics in any Season, individual colouring or reaction to cosmetics influences the final colour. While Smudge is successful and easy for 8 in 10 Dark Autumn faces, it may occasionally appear lighter or warmer (more coral-orange), whereas a darker choice gives the mouth a more natural and balanced look within the face and overall appearance.

Seasons: Dark Autumn, True Autumn. 

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