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Lipstick: Liason

Soft cool plum rose, matte formulation.

The coolest and darkest in the Soft Summer collection, and darkest of the True Summer colours, Liason is an overall cool to cool-neutral tone with a beautiful deep colour on its own, or blotted slightly to leave a perfect berry stain. Also an excellent long-wearing base colour that can be adjusted with gloss, and you have moist lip colour till noon without having to reapply. 

While Liason is a beauty of a soft deep rose for True and Soft Summer, colours in the same or related Seasons often become more stunning and dimensional when their colours are mixed and they take on the best of one another's properties. For example, mixing Liason with Glama lipstick in the True Summer group creates a knock-out of a gorgeous lip colour. 

Matte formulations are opaque and drier than cremes, and take a little more time and attention to apply. Once on the lips, they form a comfortable and long wearing layer that may be worn alone or with another colour or gloss over top. 

Seasons: Soft Summer, True Summer.

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