Lipstick: Blackberry

Intense berry plum in a creme formulation.

The darkest colour in this Season's collection, this is a rich plum fuchsia colour, more colourful than it is dark, and not as brown as many dark lipstick colours may be. 

Blackberry is also an ideal choice for women who prefer to apply lip colour and blot, leaving a gorgeous berry stain, with a pigment deposit rich enough to be long-wearing even after blotting. Wonderful when you want lip colour without a lipstick effect, perfect for casual or summertime occasions. Tip: if you would like a more visible or long-lasting stain effect,  apply the lipstick and wait 5-10 minutes before blotting. 

As another option, this colour is beautiful worn with a balm or gloss to create a jewel-toned, semi sheer application. For all Winters, even for a light-handed effect, sheer colour requires fairly high intensity of pigment.

Though there are always variations with cosmetics within a Season because there is no average colouring in a Season, Dark Seasons are often at their best in dark colours and in turn, a colour that might be very dark on another Season looks normal and belonging.

Season: Dark Winter.

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