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Eyeshadow Accent: Aqua

Clear and clean, a blue for this Season.

Adding Spring yellow to blue creates turquoise, a colour as native to Spring Seasons as it is to a tropical water. This colour is on the blue side of the Season, in a barely sparkly formulation to keep the look adult and modern and still delicate.

On the darker border, Aqua may best serve the True Spring whose colour analysis approached Bright Spring, whose colouring gives the impression blue eyes, or who enjoys brighter colour in lipstick to balance the face, as an interesting eyeliner or lower lid accent.

Whether eyes are blue-green, yellow-green, or a mixture, these colours can improve one another in the harmonious relationship of analogous colours. However, as colour brightens and becomes distinctive, it may also be less adaptive compared with neutral eyeshadows and liners and may serve best in smaller areas, such as the very outer edge of the upper or lower lid, or with a sweep of neutral eyeshadow over top.

By being bluer and darker, Aqua allows equally good alignment with Bright Spring.

Season: True  Spring, Bright Spring.


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