Please No Colours for Winters

The last in the Please No Posts.

I was asked, “Don’t you just wear whatever you want?” Such a good question.

We could eat whatever we want, decorate our house however we choose, and invest our money however we want. We know that those will not be our best choices.

We look to other sources for help and guidance. To choose our best colours, the source is a colour analyst.

Please keep in mind that these are my opinions. They represent what my eye finds elegant and flattering,  or unbecoming. Everyone can and should have their opinion when it comes to taste.

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Should the video below not play, you can watch it here on YouTube.




The Colours

Bright Winter

  1. Light Summer aqua. Eyes and no face. Not even much eyes come to think of it. Not much of anything relative to what is there.
  2. Soft Autumn rose. Truly fuzzed up face.
  3. Generic burgundy. Functional.

Beauty colour: Blue periwinkle.


True Winter

  1. Some kind of Soft and True Autumn fusion peach beige. The ultimate in go back upstairs.
  2. True Summer green on True Winter. Better on some True Winters than others. Also, True Summer green only gets a bit lighter than this. Give a Winter green that is much more something – light, dark, saturated.
  3. Faded denim. On any of the 5 Winter blends. It looks too weird to classify as casual.

Beauty colour: Pomegranate juice.


Dark Winter

  1. Soft Summer cool soft rose. How can it be so gorgeous on them and such a washout on Dark Winter. Aren’t they similar Seasons? Technical similarities with some crossover in the darker colours may be a better way to think of it.
  2. True Autumn beige. I once thought I was an Autumn who knew what suited her. Mmmm-hmmmm.
  3. Light Spring pink. Considering the presence this person can emanate, why doll clothes?

Beauty colour: Dark green. The colour and the person are one and the same, like a walking magic show.



20 thoughts on “Please No Colours for Winters”

  1. Do you regularly wear the gorgeous Christmas Green, Christine? :-) I’m not assuming their actual seasons, but I just imagined Winona Ryder and Ellen Page in those colors and I was like, WOW.

  2. Only one comment on Winters yet, I’m surprised! ;) I thought this would be among the most popular posts.

    On the faded denim: “On any of the 5 Winter blends. It looks too weird to classify as casual”, I have to agree, if indeed I am DA, a Winter blend… Denim, especially faded, looks far out on me. I must admit I don’t wear jeans of any colour since many many years though, they don’t fit my (mainly Romantic) style type in the slightest. ;))

    Though, as times go by, I’m less and less convinced that we need to “look to other sources for help and guidance”, at least not about how we decorate our house… And as to eating, the official sources have been dead wrong for decades. But that is off-topic here, I guess.

  3. Melina, I guess many readers just agreed with Christine’s opinion. Winters tend to be more withdrawn. :-)

    Off topic: Unfortunately, sometimes we must look for help and guidance on diet- when dealing with a health problem, for instance. And I think we actually look around for guidance all the time, even we are not always aware of it.

  4. Winters withdrawn, and just agreeing without speaking their mind? :) Not at all the picture of Winters Christine has painted on this site! ;) (I have quite a Winter personality myself, despite probably being an Autumn, so I remember it well.)

    (And just to reply to the off-topic issue – yes, we might unconsciously look for help and guidance all around us, but I meant *professional* help and guidance specifically. And as to diet advice doctors normally give on help problems, what I said above holds – the official sources have been quite wrong for decades, and unfortunately mostly still are. But I guess it’s best to stop this off-topic before Christine gets upset at us… :))

  5. Well, I know a winter who is withdrawn, says nothing for a long time, but definitely has an opinion and acts accordingly.
    But I was joking, I do not believe in the connection between one’s colours and personality.

    As for the advice doctors give, if one has diabetes, I know from experience that it would be quite wise to follow the
    medical professional advice. The need for professional advice on color and style may be the same: The lack of self-confidence may be in some cases a debilitating illness,

  6. Post-college, I worked in an upscale dress shop. It was the early eighties and beiges, salmons and sages were the high-fashion colors to wear. I worked with a few women who were Springs or Autumns and looked spectacular in the colors – I (a Dark Winter) turned to the color of oatmeal. I returned to my dark, cool colors and looked better, if a little out of fashion.

  7. Crunchycon,
    I get what you’re saying. Wearing colors simply because it’s trendy to do so is definitely an age-old practice. I posted here a while back about the black-and-white trend here in Australia, and there now seems to be some sort of a True Autumn/Dark Autumn color trend happening in Japan. I don’t think most Aussie women are aware that their B&W stripes are wearing THEM in most cases. Most of the Japanese women looked ill in the “fashionable” Autumn colors.

    Orange is one of my favorite colors, but I can’t wear it without my face turning gray/blue. I’m always jealous of my possibly-spring mother whose face clears up in her salmon shirt and orange lipstick. Oh yes, I definitely could wear whatever I want. But the question at the end of the day is, “Would I rather look great, or insist on my favorite colors?” This keeps me faithful to my plum lipstick (Mac Rebel is the best shade for me so far).

    The funny thing is, my second favorite color is the Bright Spring blue. I can’t wear that color without my face turning orange. I’ve learned to satisfy my “color cravings” via accessories such as wallets and purses.

  8. Oh, I definitely get what you’re saying, I’d also rather look good in not-so-favourite colours than ill in my favourite colours! But these days, for me “wearing what I want” is the same as wearing what makes me look good :)

    And Japan has a True Autumn/Dark Autumn color trend? I really must go there! ;)

    (Inge, I hate to disagree with you again ;), but I must emphasise – no, based on all my knowledge, in most cases it’s *not* wise to follow medical professional advice if one has diabetes… Most doctors tell patients to eat loads of carbohydrates (=sugars) and less fat, when it really should be the other way round – and what they tell you may well kill you, in the very least make you worse. )

  9. Oh, and just to add, I’d *love* to be able to wear MAC Rebel, FFM! But alas, it looks way too purple on me – too dark and too cold (I have a dupe). Orange on the other hand I can wear (if it’s muted enough), but it’s a colour I used to hate until fairly recently ;) Just goes to show the grass is always greener on the other side (or not), lol!

  10. These suggestions totally match my experiences. In pastel cool colors I look almost not there. In warm colors I look poor or pitiful somehow, more asymetric and flat. Dark saturated colors from the autums or dark winter are better somehow but ageing. I never ever wear denim for many years.

    I am most probably a bright winter and would love to wear something in this recommended periwinkle blue color. I never find it in the stores :-( It took years to find some very few light colors for bw like baby pach/pink or this bright sunny almost-white. I do a lot dyeing myself in pink, red, black and dark teal/blue.

    There are some very beautiful bright colors for bw that are not dark: the ones on the tips of the strips from the true color fans for example. These are the hardest to find and to mantain.

  11. I think my oldest friend is BW; I’d love to see her in that blue, I bet she’d look incredible in it. She looks unbelivable in a coolish & very bright pink wrap she has, she just lights up. She does seem drawn to certain autumn colours though, she loves the sort of burgundy illustrated here. I think she sees them as more sophisticated than bright colours, which they are…on me. Funnily enough before I decided I was TA I was often drawn in turn to what I now know are BW colours, I suspect we were looking at what looked good on each other & thinking we should wear it too.

  12. Melina,

    Muted orange is something I also wish I could wear. A long time ago, my mother’s friend gave her a lovely muted orange jacket. It felt so soft an I wanted to wear it so bad… you know the rest :-)

    I also read a cute story of this little girl who, with her dad’s help, gave her mom Mac Rebel as a gift because purple was her favorite color. I saw the pic of her mom wearing it… uh… she looked like she was dressing up as a Halloween ghost. It may be rude, but I have to say it.

    Do you look fab in TA colors? Well, I saw Susan Sarandon on YouTube yesterday and I believe… so does she!

    Ricarda and Ruby,

    BW is my favorite palette! A majority of the colors are a bit yellow for me… but I love it! And yes, I also believe that the periwinkle blue in the palette is difficult to find. But oh, it’s so pretty!

  13. FFM, that made me laugh, “looked like she was dressing up as a Halloween ghost” ;) – for me it’s not quite that bad, but it does look very unnatural. Intriguingly, I think I look more ghost-like with e.g. Revlon Plumalicious, although it’s a (recommended) DW lipstick, and I can borrow lots of other things from DW…

    And I may not be the best person to say what I look fab in ;), but yes, lots of TA colours do look fab on me, though so do many DA ones, also black & cobalt blue (the last isn’t even in DA palette, I think, but in DW).

  14. That beige in the TW row is a great example – it happens to be the cornerstone of my mother’s wardrobe – she’s never been analyzed but seems to have an instinctive love for autumn colors – and it makes her bronzy tan skin just glow. On me (TW), my face disappears and I look like I have the flu. Amazing!

  15. Melina and FFM, I am drawn to orange too. The muted autumny ones make me look like a have a flu: ruddy and pale at the same time and 10 years older. But then if the orange is very bright and / or reddish and in a very shiny fabric it can work as part of the outfit. Probably due to the spring influence in BW. I married in red silk with an orange jacket that had a very shiny glow or sparkle. Today I would not repeat it, but it was nice in that combo on me.
    And this glowing or shining is a repeated story. Give me a color that is not perfect — and then give me the same color in a very sparkling fabric and it is a big improvement and it suddenly looks ok or even good! Kind of magic. Alminium foil on the matte side is boring and nothing on me, not connected. But the sparkling side makes me alive and defined, suddelny I am there. I think because of the big optical contrasts between very light and very dark, it is more like a mirror than like a grey thimg. Same in clothes. Light and middle grey almost impossible for me to wear. Give me silver or paillettes insted. Better both together ;-) Sadly no every day option…
    I tried Mac Rebel in a store and in daylight. Too cold on me. This is my halloween face. And I tried some DW recommendations. Too dark and too spaghetti mouth. Mac Red is really good.

  16. Ricarda, needless to say, for me it’s the opposite – bright oranges make *me* look like I have a flu ;-) And the muted ones (especially pumpkin) make me sparkle.

    I do feel that most oranges found in shops etc. are of the bright, spring-y variety, so considering those were the only variety I had come across, no wonder I hated orange for most of my life and was certain I can’t be a warm season…

  17. Hello Christine, always a pleasure to read your articles on colour. I have a question you might have airheads answered , I was draped as a dark winter many years ago. Since then I’ve aged to my 60s. My hair is gray, medium gray/ salt pepper. Eyes have lighten to med. hazel/ gray grown. Skin very pale.. my question is, should I still be wearing the winter colours or go to Summer. Should I go brighter then the dark? I have been trying to figure this out, but as you say, ones eyes don’t see it. Thank you for taking the time to help me…

  18. We do not change Season in my knowledge or experience, Sharon. The more people I see, the more I believe this to be true. We might fade a tiny bit but not out of Season. For sure, a Winter won’t go to Summer. I’m not sure what “brighter then the dark” means, maybe a spell-correct, I get it. If you meant “brighter in the Dark”, then it depends on the person, time of year maybe (not to me), occasion, etc. I personally like when silver haired women go a bit brighter in clothing and cosmetics inside the Season but it really is decided one woman at a time. Some Dark Autumns can find cool+dark a bit severe in the years after 60. Take photos of yourself in various DW choices and see how the woman looks, pretending you don’t know her.

  19. Thank you Christine, I will try the photo idea. Dark Winter has a lot of bright colours in the fan , now that it’s almost spring, I will look for brighter colours rather then the basic, white, black, gray, etc. I been playing with makeup colour and I find I need More Makeup and colour to stand out. I bought a red lipstick for the first time yesterday and it sure gave me a lift.
    I enjoy your advice and try to apply it to myself…Thanks Again..

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