1. What do clients receive?

  •  a thorough draping with rigorously calibrated colours to identify your Season (Season means group of natural colouring)
  • a palette of 65 colour swatches, exclusive to your Season
  • a demonstration of how to recognize your best colours with highest accuracy
  • a demonstration of how to select and apply your cosmetic colours
  • information regarding most flattering hair colour
  • information regarding any other aspect of colour in appearance, such as eyeglass frames or wedding dress white
  • an 18-20 page document that summarizes your analysis, describes the particular radiance and energy of the Season, explains the clothing colours and combinations and choosing flattering hair and makeup colours, the right jewelry, colour applications for men, and for fun, a segment on personality traits often found in the Season
  • the first step of a journey of self-discovery about who you are, and how to use clothing and makeup to tell the world about the real you. This is the “life-changing experience” that people describe from Personal Colour Analysis (PCA).

**Please note that I cannot always predict which Seasons I will see when I travel or teach. Should I be out of stock for your Season palette, I will have it shipped to you at my expense at the soonest possible time.

2. How can I become a draping model for a training course and what do models receive?

At no cost, in addition to the complete colour analysis experience, models receive the colour palette as a thank you for their time.

The complete analysis will take 2-3 hours. If we apply cosmetics or discuss hair colour, it may take a little longer.

Courses are held in London, Ontario, Canada.

If you are interested in being a draping model, please e-mail me (christine@12blueprints.com) and we can set up a time for an upcoming course or add your name to the model request file. Please include a photograph so that I can plan for each student to see a variety of types of colouring.  The photographs are only seen by me, never shared with anyone,  deleted once the draping has taken place, and may be removed from my personal files at any time upon request.

Friends and family are welcome to join us if they will be also be models during the same training course, even if not on the same day. The more age groups and types of colouring, the better. We drape 1 person on the first day and 2 people each following day.

As much as I love babies and children, experience has taught that they compromise the student’s learning. Children seem to require more of Mom’s attention when it is directed elsewhere. The modelling session is provided at the student’s cost and her learning is the first priority. Also, we want the model to enjoy and learn from the analysis, which is invariably disrupted by small children. I ask that they not be brought to modelling sessions.

Please note that scheduling models is not done on a first-come basis. Here are some of the criteria:

  1. Priority is given to men (or women who bring men for the second session of the day)  because they are harder to find as models.
  2.  Second priority is given people who are not likely to belong to the Dark, True, and Bright Winter groups. The student will see many throughout her career and several are included in each course, but they tend to volunteer more actively :)
  3. Persons of darker complexion may be contacted sooner, especially if the student has expressed a desire to see darker skin tones.
  4. Members of the same family are an opportunity for the student to see inheritance patterns and people of different ages whose colouring might be similar.
  5. Depending on time of year, models who live nearby will be contacted first in the months where travel is less predictable.

Not included in modelling:

  • cosmetic application
  • makeup lists
  • hair colour consultation
  • written information about Season
  • future access to support or advice
  • Luxury Drape viewing
  • time for photographs

The course is the student’s experience rather than the model’s. We might touch on specific questions that you have but once the student has understood the concept, the support you desire may be found in the online groups for your Season.

To offer the student practice with various aspects of client interaction, part of a regular client PCA appointment may be added to the modelling session. This might be a conversation about the model’s colour journey and experiences, a demonstration of harmonizing the swatch book to items of clothing, a discussion of hair colour concerns, or some aspect of cosmetic application such as matching foundation or choosing a lipstick. As a model, if you have a preference for one of these,  please advise me when the appointment is made.

In terms of preparation, the answers below may apply, questions 4, 6, and 7 in particular.

3. How do I schedule a private colour analysis (PCA) and what is the price?

Appointments are seen in London, Ontario, Canada. The studio is located approximately 10 minutes drive from the London Into. Airport.

Scheduling is flexible and includes weekends and holidays. Please contact me by email (christine@12blueprints.com) to discuss availability.

The cost for the 3.5 – 4 hour session (including the palette, documents, and cosmetic application) is:

>> $440.00 CDN for women; with 13% ON HST tax, $57.20, the total is $497.20

>> $375.00 CDN for men; with 13% ON HST tax, $48.75, the total is $423.75

>> $350.00 CDN for children under 14; with tax 13% at $45.50, the total is $395.50,  if no hair colour advice or cosmetic application time is needed, as the parents decide. Otherwise, the adult women’s price applies.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available upon request. Please email me at christine@12bluperints.com so that we may discuss your preferred presentation and content.

4 ways to pay:

1. Cash, USA or CDN.

US currency is fine. Do not make a special trip to the bank to change money. However, please be aware of the current exchange rate and bring the exact amount because I can’t make change in your currency.

2. PayPal prior to the session. At www.paypal.com, you can choose Send Money to 12blueprints@gmail.com. You may prefer to complete online payments using your private wifi or data plan the day before the session.

3. Visa or MasterCard at the time of the session, using a Square on an iPad (see www.squareup.com).

4. E-Transfer by email prior to the session. This is the preferred method within Canada, at any time before the appointment. If this will be your form of payment, please mention it in our pre-PCA conversations so that the correct email for sending payments may be shared.

Cancelation: Should the appointment be canceled, there is no fee regardless of when the cancelation occurs. The sooner you can let me know, the better. Should the appt. be rescheduled at the time of cancelation, the price at the time of cancelation and re-booking will apply for 6 months. After that time, any changes in fee would be applied to the new appt.

4. When should I delay or cancel the appointment? 

If the night before was a late night or you might have the flu, let’s postpone the session. Sitting under lights for 4 hours may make you more queasy. I am fine with short notice cancelation, send me an email as soon as you know. 4AM is fine.

If you have had a sunburn, more than a mild suntan,  or used self-tanner in the last 3 weeks, we should delay the session by at least 2 weeks.

If you are on medication that you feel may have altered your colours, we might delay till you are well into recovery. In reality, our colouring rarely changes due to illness or medication but to take full advantage of the session and the result, it may be best if you feel confident in your colours.

If you are scheduled as a draping model, please do not commit if there is any chance of cancellation. Training course schedules are tightly orchestrated and adding last minute models is extremely challenging.

5. Are there group discounts? 

Group discounts are not applied at this time.

A maximum of 2 clients may be seen in one day.

6. How much time should I plan for?

3 hours for men and children over 12.

For women,  4 – 4.5 hours.

To maximize your benefits from your PCA, one week before the appointment, women receive a pre-PCA questionnaire by email to help both of us understand your colour history and help focus your desired outcomes. We will discuss it briefly before the draping so that you can share any other relevant concerns.

7. Should I bring anything? Anything that I should not wear?

Do bring your foundation. It will save time if the match is a good one. I stock several options for light to medium skin, but few for darker complexions. If the colour match isn’t so good, better we should figure that out now. I’ll show you how.

Bring your mascara if you would like to take pictures, as I do not stock this product.

Bring your makeup brushes if you prefer that we use them instead of mine.

Bring your makeup stash. When we start looking at how to choose makeup colour, comparing with what you already have helps your eye learn to shift to better choices. We will not address every item in your kit, but you will understand how to filter through it on your own to correctly decide what is enhancing to you. 

Do NOT wear any makeup. None. No eyebrows, no tinted sunscreen.

Do not wear earrings if it can be avoided.

Do not wear coloured contact lenses unless you have no choice.

Feel free to bring a few items of clothing, 4 to 6 being a good number, if you would like to learn to harmonize colours of items that you already own.

Bring a water bottle.  Coffee, tea, and snacks are fine too, recommended even.

If you would like photographs, bring a phone or camera with enough storage space.

You don’t need special clothing but you will be wearing a gray cape, like a hair stylist’s, and a scarf to cover your hair. The drapes are laid across your chest and moved over top of each other. Dress in layers. Do not wear clothing with hoods.

If you wear glasses, please wear your contact lenses if you have the option. If you have several pairs of glasses, wear those that are the least colourful in the frames and have the least tinted lenses.

Do not have a facial, go skiing, use self tanner, or undergo any other procedure that might irritate or colour the skin for 2 weeks before the appt.

8. Why can’t I wear makeup?

It would be like trying to see your skin through a mask. We will colour analyze the mask, the makeup, instead of your natural and true skin tone.

If you have permanent makeup, we can work around it. That feature will have to be largely ignored. The analysis will still be accurate and the result correct.

If you arrive wearing makeup, it may be removed here, try to be early since an extra 15 minutes will be required.

9. Will I need to be analyzed again later in life ?

Season is settled by the time we are 15, certainly 20. Your colours may deepen if you are one of the darker colourings but you will probably stay in that Season. Your may wear the palette differently through the years, but the colours will remain the same.

10. Why is hair covered?

Because it’s not necessary for the analysis. Our natural colours are most reliably measured in the skin.

Chemical colour is as misleading as wearing makeup. Natural colour may be covered or not, with highest accuracy when covered.

Hair colour is a huge part of successful appearance. Once your Season is known, then we have the information needed to discuss hair colour.

There are problems with considering hair colour in the PCA on many levels. Here are a few:

1. You can have warm-looking hair and cool-looking skin. You can have cool skin, cool hair, and warm-looking eyes. You can have freckles and cool skin. Any combination is possible in any of the 12 Seasons. Of skin, eye, and hair colour, hair is by far the least reliable to know Season.

2. The possibility of matching hair colour to the drapes. An easy mistake because hair is such a big colour block.

Am I advising against hair dye? Not at all. Done right, it can be gorgeous and harmonious. Like makeup, hair colour in the correct colours can enhance our beauty. We decorate ourselves from the neck down. To balance and polish the big picture, we decorate ourselves from the neck up too. Once clothing and cosmetic colours are adjusted, you may find that your hair has more colour, sparkle, and unity with you and your attire.

11. Can you tell me exactly what my best hair color is?

Yes, or very close. Your PCA result will tell us what colour your hair should be to best flatter your skin. Colour and darkness adjustments are made one woman at a time, but we can definitely suggest the hair colours that will flatter your skin, wardrobe, and makeup.

For women who have coloured their hair for many years, they have often forgotten their true, natural hair colour, especially their real darkness level. Their eyes have adjusted to a different shade than is the truth and hair colour changes with time. Let as much of the roots grow out as possible to give us a more correct appreciation of the hair colour Nature designed for you – and of the multiple hair colours, since natural hair contains a myriad of tones and nuances.

Since I’m not a hair colourist, I can’t help with the technical process or colour formulas to adjust your colour. Your colourist will probably be able to do so from your new knowledge and resources.  Bring your colour palette for the colourist to understand your colour dimensions and the hair colour that will be harmonious with your apparel.

12. What if I dislike the colours that the analyst says are my best?

Great question. It is very important to go into this with an open mind. Be ready for things to change because they will. Give it time. Keep a Selfie Diary of the journey.

Allow the objectivity of others and the PCA process. You may be used to looking the same as you did yesterday and the day before. Few people can really see their best. Too many years of wrong hair colour, wrong clothes, off makeup, habit, safety, and advice from others have gone under the bridge. We almost shy away from our best. In truth, you have no concerns here. We’ll get there together.

13.  Are some people too complicated to analyze? Should there be more than 12 Seasons?

The PCA process works for every single person. No person of any age, ancestry, or colouring is too complex to analyze.

In my opinion, 12 Seasons is the right number. There are only so many colours that human eyes can tell apart, for one thing. Also, inserting more Seasons does not generate any new colours. It borrows from existing Seasons, blurring the unique energy and communication of each group.

14. What if  I think I was placed in the wrong Season?

If ever you think your Season is not right, I drape you again, no charge for the draping though the travel costs are yours. Since most people travel to see me, I go to extremes to be very certain of our decision.

15. Can I pass on the makeup application?

Yes, we can do the Men’s PCA (prices above). The time of the session is reduced by 45-60 minutes.

Be aware of why you decline cosmetics. There is no right or wrong answer. If you had a list of the colours that would look natural and sophisticated on you, would you feel the same way?

Our makeup is focussed on colour, not application technique. With the right colours, application can be simple and quick, almost turn-key, with an elegant and natural result.

16. Can I bring a friend or family member?

I encourage it. It is more interactive and we have someone to take notes and pictures. If you have any feelings of uncertainty about the PCA, then I strongly encourage it.

17. Can I videotape the draping session?

No audio or video recordings are permitted at any time.


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