Emily is a True Winter

Emily has passed the milestones of her first 20 years. The next 20 years will involve marriage, career, and family, often all at once. In these years, women have the least amount of time to spend on themselves, both inside and out. The demands can be overwhelming and once we emerge on the other side, many of us still look like the students we were when we last bought age-appropriate makeup.

Emily 1.

Like so many women, in every age group, Emily does not wear makeup. Easy to understand. Very few women can accurately choose what cosmetic colours suit them best. Many have tried but the result does not speak for them, so they felt like impersonators; or the sales pressure was too intense, and the upsells too mind-boggling to honestly express uncertainty. We have all seen, or been the woman at the makeup counter looking completely overdone. You can feel her thinking, Get me home before someone sees me.

Emily would like to know what clothes look best and some help choosing makeup that does not make her feel painted. She has the sense and good taste to want to be noticed for the right reasons.

When the cosmetic colour is wrong, you can never achieve the magic, no matter how lightly or heavily you apply it. When you start hearing, Just apply a thin layer and blot it to a stain, forget it. If you need all those shenanigans, the colour is wrong and besides, it would not last 10 minutes. We all know what makeup- sitting-on-top-of-skin looks like. When the colour melds with the skin, you can apply quite a bit before it starts looking fake.

Emily 2.

Put a light, wishy-washy colour on a True Winter and unattractive things happen. Their eyes are dull, almost empty. The person so dominates the colour with their inherent colour intensity, that all you see is a face that appears ill. The skin is dull and shadowed. What happens to the skin happens to the whites of the eyes. As they yellow or grey, the crispness of the eye colour is terribly diluted. It makes you  feel sad to look at that face.

Emily has colouring so strong that she wore many of the Bright Winter drapes well, the most brilliant colour there is. Bright Winter requires a little heat in the skin, which Em does not have. That heat will not harmonize with her. As a result, the Bright Winter drapes drained the colour from her face and turned her skin grayish, like the walls of the room.

Though I have often said eye colour is not relevant to Season, I want to clarify that. Any Season can have any eye colour and that remains a fact. But just as the drapes are looking to make a connection with the skin, so are they searching for the like colours in the eyes. They are astonishingly and precisely coloured to create a reaction in the skin, and to detect an exact colour match in the skin. When the association is made, it can be electrifying, as if the drape colour is coming right out the eyes, a true mirror for the natural colouring. Em has navy blue in her eye. Watch it come out when like colours find one another.

Emily 3.


1. If you are not used to lipstick, use sheer colours but stay true to your swatches. The blue-eyed winter with a soft feeling about her may do better in soft fuchsia than red, but too much colour would be outside Em’s comfort zone. We used Cover Girl Amazemint in 615 (Cozy Plum) and it’s lovely.

2. Even young people should use shimmer makeup carefully. It has as much to do with facial anatomy as age because the lightness advances. The upper eyelid may be too prominent. Classy makeup is your supporting cast. It does not scream, Look at me!! Let your makeup be a diffusion of your own colours floating over your face, but let people look at your eyes because they are the shine in your face.

3. Here is an example of Winter who might deepen her hair to match the brows, but always remaining true to the base shade. Nature will never colour you wrong. Her hair is the right colour but Emily could enhance the dark brows/milk skin effect more by deepening her own shade a touch. It will look real because the brows are dark, but more dramatic (not necessarily better, just a stronger visual effect).

Emily 4.

4. This is also a place to think about how bad it looks if a Winter were to lighten her hair. The dark brows become more prominent, and look severe, which may read as aging or masculine.

5. As a Dark Winter, my eyeliner is browner and lighter (MAC Grey Utility). Em will wear a crisper darker gray (Graphiti). I have never seen anyone of lighter complexion than Frieda Pinto can wear black eyeliner as their best choice, at least in the daytime. True Winter’s gray consists of black and white. It’s a pure, true gray.

Emily 5.

It takes a certain courage to step up to a personal colour analysis. Like having your fortune told, as empowering as it is, you may hear some things you are not ready for. I have been told that I read palms. What I really read is potential. To see yourself as you never have, both inside and out, takes endurance. It also brings the responsibility of answering the question, What are you going to do with it?

Em will travel her own colour journey. It will be unique, unlike mine or yours or anyone else’s. Some of it may not gel for years. You have a lifetime to refine it. She can feel confident and beautiful wearing makeup and know that people see the real Emily. It takes more time to convince yourself of all that it can be, and how powerful the final effect is, when every element meshes.

Once you get to the makeup counter and are told that you do not really need to follow your personal colour swatches, you really have to dig deep and find some fortitude. Why would you not use them? Why would the sales assistant not use them? If they have never had a PCA and watched the process, they cannot understand why you are holding the book you have, or what the other Books look like. They’re tremendously good at what they do, but colour analyzed skin tone perfection is a key that can only be turned one way.



Use of Images

The images contained in this article are of private individuals, not celebrities. I consider the permission for me to use them as a privilege. It is my intention to protect these women’s privacy and generosity. If you use any of the photos without permission, I will seek legal counsel. I do not want to have to reduce the beauty and detail of the photographs with watermarks.

This is a learning site. Please do use my words with credit back to the web page you copied and pasted them from. If you mix up my meaning and get the message wrong, feel free to omit any reference back to me.



True Summer Jewelry

True Summer often embodies traditional femininity and classic designs. That said, there are many other versions of femininity.

True Summer word pictures

I find True Season personalities more faithful to their Season than are Neutral Season characters, who show far more variability.

True Summer is deeply decent, sensitive, and so civilized that they put the rest of us to shame. For Summer, the word pictures are flowing, the most beautiful blues and roses, pastel, still water, hazy, graceful, precise, detailed, refined, fine, and understated.


Just as Summer colours are soft, so is the feeling and reflection of the jewelry. Nothing moves or changes quickly. Matching elements and pieces are in keeping with the monochromatic scheme that suits Summer best.

Multiple different styles feel too much like a miscellaneous assortment on the Summer soothing ambiance.

Sparkle, dazzle, and movement are excessive energy variation, feeling inexpensive and random.

Summer is quiet, focused, and particular. The message on their answering machine is slowly and clearly enunciated. Ask for directions, and you will be awhile listening, but you will get there on the first try. Ask a Spring and you may be lucky to see each other the same day.


The metal is certainly silver, though you could veer towards the warmer white gold if you approach the warmer Soft Summer (like Jennifer Aniston), or rose gold if your 12 Season colour analysis showed your skin tone to drift the other way, towards Light Summer (Princess Diana gave that impression). If you have a Wintery air, you can harden the metal to platinum.


Stones from your personal colour palette always work. Sapphire in pink or blue are perhaps the best. This brooch was custom-created, but it perfectly represents the rarity, the investment piece (as Searcy said) quality of this Season.

Pink Sapphire Breast Cancer Awareness brooch.

Diamond, fine cut

If you once thought yourself a Winter, as do many Summers that I see, you can integrate a Winter element. Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett gave that impression. Both dramatically weakened their impact when they chose yellow in their hair over ash browns. Use diamond, but choose one that is more delicately cut. You can also use blue sapphire with diamond, but choose a piece that is exquisite and detailed, rather than heavy or bold. Summer is not an attention-seeking presence.


Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group with similar properties. There are many perfect colour options among these stones.

For green-eyed summers, there are some uncommon options among these stones. Watermelon Tourmaline is a rare and beautiful gem.

Rose Quartz

For the lighter women in this group, rose quartz is very beautiful. It is perfect in its soft lustre and very compatible with your colour palette.

Rose Quartz earrings.

Look at the purple amethyst while there.


What if you shop at Sears? Circular silver hoops are a staple. Where the classic shape of the oval defines Winter jewelry, Summer’s circle is associated with childhood and grace.

Silver hoops.

These hoops are silver. I like the wavy lines. They feel flowing and smooth, but have more substance if you prefer something less delicate. Lacy filigree is lovely for Summer.


Opal, of course, must belong in this group, as do cool turquoise and aquamarine. The Shades Of Blue wire necklace feels right to me. The colours look at little yellow, probably due to the lighting. These are made upon request by the artist, Janine Antulov. Follow the link to read her description of the creation of this piece.

It need not feel like ultraconservative Grace-Kelly jewelry. The rules are guidelines, intended for you to add your own spin. That is how we speak for ourselves subconsciously. Design something unique that resonates most strongly with your True Summer colouring and personality.

Shades of Blue at FineArtAmerica.



The Mystery of Brown

This article is the second of 3 connected posts. The first one was What Are Clear and Soft Colours?

There, we talked about muted colours belonging to Autumn and Summer. They are lower intensity. Brown appears in Summer as lighter, softer grey browns, as mushroom colours, or with a blue or mauve tone, as pigeon colours. Autumn browns are span light to dark as latte or browned creams to coffee.

Spring and Autumn Browns

Spring has true brown colours too, just like Autumn. When you shop for clothes or makeup, how do you pick Spring’s camel coat from Autumn’s?

Left, Spring. On the right, Autumn.
Left, Spring. On the right, Autumn.

These colours are not rendered precisely. If you own a Colour Book for True Spring or True Autumn, you may notice that. It doesn’t matter. This illustrates the point well enough.

A color like camel can be very soft, or low saturation, or it can be very bright, or high saturation. It depends on how much gray is in the mix. Look at the two camel browns in the middle row. The Autumn one appears more golden, darker and heavier, even opaque.

The Spring brown feels closer to you because of it lightness. Light colours visually advance. It almost feels more transparent, though transparency is not one of the ways in which we define colour.


The Springs have a yellow undertone, while the Autumns have a gold undertone.

All of the Spring colors have yellow added to them, and all of the Autumn colors have gold added to them. So, the difference is between yellow and gold. Gold is a deeper, grayer, and darker shade of yellow.

Spring colors feel light and bright. Autumn colors feel deeper, richer, darker, lower in saturation.

Autumn browns are of lower saturation than Spring because there is more grey in the mix. If they were musical notes, Autumn would resonate far more deeply. The register feels lower. Autumn colours are more golden, but a golden color has more gray in it than a yellow based color. Gold is a darker version of yellow and it is of lower saturation, hence its place among the Autumn colours.

The color brown is actually orange that has been darkened. A dark orange is a brown.

Shopping with knowledge

When we get to 12  Tones, as opposed to 4 Season Color Analysis, the differences are slight, but do make a huge difference in the additive final result. The key to having your entire wardrobe work as one, within itself and with you, is for every item to follow your inborn synchrony. For those who have been draped, you saw that your runner-up Season was not the same as your best.

Below is an example of how to apply this information. It is easier with clothing than cosmetic colours. This is a Laura Mercier palette.

Looking only at the brown eyeshadow quad, do you notice that it is not gold or orange? The colours feel bright, lit with a pale yellow light. The musical note would be high and clear. These may be browns but they are not earthy, which gives a much heavier feeling.

That’s the easiest rule of thumb: Spring browns have no orange in them. Is it fail-safe? No. There are other Seasons with non-orange browns. This just helps you exclude a few of the wrong ones.

Laura Mercier eyeshadow quad at Sephora.

The no-fail guide

But you know, with your Colours Book, you have few worries. You might think that the camels and honeys and light browns are quite similar between Seasons. When you actually look at the swatches in the Books, they are obviously different. Match your personal colour palette as closely as possible and you will succeed. Colour is always best understood when compared to another colour.

Try not to shop from memory. Your success rate will drop to 50%. You do not remember colour as well as you may think. Always, always shop with your Book so you can meet our goal, which is to never, ever have you buy the wrong thing again.

Do your matching in natural, slightly overcast daylight. Take the article up to a window to check the color, or be sure to ask the sales clerk if it can be exchanged if the color is off in natural light. Stores usually use the cheapest lighting possible, which is the worst for viewing true color.

I scribble the product on a piece of white paper because the swatches are painted on white cotton canvas. The sales assistant is standing there watching and possibly feeling quite irritated, but at least it’s not unsanitary.  Then, I flip the pages of the whole swatch book past the cosmetic and decide if they look right together.



What are Clear and Soft Colours?

Let us say that every colour begins as grey. Drop by drop, you add a colour pigment. As you increase the amount of pigment, so do you increase the saturation. The colour is becoming more clear and intense. Finally, there is no grey left and what you have is a pure colour.

Understanding saturation in 12 Season Colour Analysis is key to using your colour analysis swatches correctly for selecting clothes and makeup.

Colour Saturation

In the progressions below, you can see how the grey lessens while the pigment colour becomes more dominant in the final colour. We began with a soft, muted, dusty colour of low saturation and ended with a more pure, vivid, brilliant colour of high saturation. Another word for saturation is chroma.

Muted colour is heathered. Clear colour is pure. It is very far from gray. It is closer to full saturation.

Here is another comparison chart. The colours on the right are not becoming darker, or warmer, or cooler. They’re just clearer or brighter, relative to gray.

Playing with colour parameters

You could darken a colour without removing the gray. Gray goes to heather mist, then lilac, lavender, and mauve. We’re playing with a different aspect of colour, namely the lightness/darkness. The saturation is not changing so much. These are all soft, muted colours.

You could equally change two parameters of colour at once. Wedgewood blue to sky blue to sapphire raises darkness and saturation at once.

Colour has a third parameter, that being warm/cool. Personal Colour Analysis is determing exactly where your colouring stands in terms of all three criteria. All the colours you are made of, your teeth, your freckles, your veins, eyes, teeth, suntan, they all have the same setting on these three scales. That’s the unifying thread that keeps your colouring in perfect harmony.

True and Neutral Season colour saturation

Summer and Autumn colouring wears muted colours. Though Autumn is more golden and Summer is mauve, both are softer than the clearer Winter and Spring shades.

The Neutral Seasons are born with a personal colour palette that is clear to some degree. It is in the particular combination of the degrees that you arrive at the 8 Neutral groups.

The saturation of gray

Can gray itself be more or less clear? It sure seems crisper and sharper in the Winter than in softer Summer.

Winter’s grey is pure. That means that it is made of black and white. That’s it. It can read a little blue or red at times. The feeling is of ice, stainless steel, or coal.

Summer’s greys have blue and pink in them, as pigeon colours. Spring’s have yellow, as sunlight on pebbles, and Autumn’s have brown, as elephant or asphalt.


How about a pure vs. muted yellow? Daffodil to butterscotch.



Brown is a little complicated. Brown is dark orange. Low saturation brown implies gray plus orange. That reads as earthy, tan, tawny, toffee, desert, SantaFe, and so on. High saturation, clear brown as you’d find in Spring, looks like the various colours of beer.

It is quite important to get it right because it is such a wardrobe neutral and cosmetic colour staple. The Mystery Of Brown is the topic of the next article.



Dark Autumn Jewelry

As in any of the 12 groups in Seasonal Colour Analysis, the variability is enormous. My Dad is a Dark Autumn. Here we are, the proud parents of our first pie. As a younger man, he appeared to have black hair. It wasn’t black in the sense that Asian people have ink blue-black hair, but it was blacker than the blackest coffee. His eyes are dark hazel. It would have been very easy to confuse him for a Winter, but the sleek shiny Winter look was all off. His character is practical, not emotional or theatrical. Like most Autumns, he had a sense of what suited him, but wore far more brown than anything else.

Me, Dad, and our pie.

Halle Berry could be a Dark Autumn, with her bronzed colouring.

My friend Gina is too. Her skin tone has an olive quality and her overall colouring is vivid and dramatic. She has all the fiery sparkle in her character that she has in her appearance.

Gina 1

These are the Autumn individuals who integrate a trace of Winter darkness, coolness, and formality. The colours are exotic, spicy, and more warm than cool. They are also dark.

The jewelry is strong and metallic, with heavy touches of copper, gold and bronze. The weight of Autumn jewelry is found but the regal touch of Winter calls for more simplicity, fewer pieces worn at once.

The look is expensive, rare, and precious. The feeling is of age and extreme value, as in heirloom pieces and vintage reproductions. The colours are deeply glowing embers. Just as there is weight and luxury to the fabric that suits Dark Autumn, so is there a strong essence to the jewelry. Flimsy fabrics belong to another Season, as does dainty silver filigree.

Dark Autumn jewelry 1.

Diamond is a classical Winter stone, as might be Ruby and Sapphire, but worn in warm metal settings, they add drama and opulence. The proximity to Winter certainly allows silver settings too, depending on the clothing being worn. Any cut stone in your personal colour palette will be perfect and with the tolerance for warm and cool, there are many to choose from.

The 1928 Jewelry company pieces always come to mind. The antique aspect gives the feeling of ancient treasure. The metals are a little darker and more heavily textured than the standard gold strand. The chains and links are usually considerably heavier than the delicate fixtures of most jewelry. The richly luxurious colours lend a precious and ornate feeling. The ambiance is of great wealth, of a library in glowing evening light, burning coals in the fireplace, touches of gold and and deep greens in the room, plush velvet and satin fabrics, and a dark burgundy wine.

Dark Autumn jewelry 2.

With the personal colour palette of fiery, spicy, passionate colour and the unique ability to wear striking and vivid contrast, this group comprises many of the more exotic shades and prints. Far-off spice markets and bazaars are evoked by paprika, cinnabar, and bay leaf. There are numerous lighter shades and neutrals, including black, but the defining terms are darkness and heat. Likewise, unusual and original jewelry looks custom-made and one-of-its-kind, adding to the impression of affluence.

Frivolous effects, casual clothes, and youthful touches are not in keeping with this strong bold energy. This Season delivers a serious visual impact. Clothes and accessories are important, creative pieces. Of course, the size of jewelry is always in keeping with the size of the person wearing it, so the pieces need not be enormous.

Dark Autumn jewelry 3.

These people may be capable, often forceful, organizers and leaders. Potent personalities need to be reflected in an exterior that is equally powerful. Anything soft or moderate just becomes a person wearing someone else’s clothes. The bridge that links the inner to the outer being, and translates into a compelling presence, will not be made.

The target is always to perfectly harmonize your inner core and exterior self. Your colour heat, your body size, your personal vitality are all expressions of the same energy form that came together as you. Learning to listen to the language of your soul creates a visual communication that just feels so right.



Soft Autumn Jewelry

Begin all your purchase decisions by remembering the key words about your Season. The word feelings that should drift across the Soft Autumn screen are quiet, softly golden, warm but not hot, gentle lustre, natural (maybe even organic, very much of-the-Earth). It need not be a wood and shell necklace, it just should not be busy, bold, dazzling, and attention-seeking.

This is my sister-in-law, Holly. She is the perfect model of the Soft Autumn.


In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, this colouring group is primarily defined by Autumn colour characteristics, warm, muted, and dark. A trace of Summer lives in this blueprint, making them a Neutral Season (ie: a blend of 2 True Seasons). The result is that their skin tone perfection and body harmony colours are cooled and lightened a little bit. They remain muted or soft because both Autumn and Summer colours are soft, giving this group a double dose of softness.

Quietly sensual is the mantra. She looks far better in natural metals and stones than plastic, large hunks of metal, small, jingly pieces, or anything that appears artificially coloured. The entire sensation is of comfort and nurture. Complicated pieces look hectic and tiring. To the viewer, it feels against the grain.

Pink delight.

You may look a little like this young woman below. Is she a Soft Autumn? Without being draped, who knows? She is a good example of the Soft Autumn, with her squared jaw and warm Autumn look, modified by Summer grace and softness.


Are you beginning to notice that members of the same season often look similar, or share certain common features? Big round eyes in a doll face? Often Light Summer.

As a Neutral Season, silver is within the Soft Autumn realm, but may not match your all of your clothing items. Use pale golds rather than a very yellow tone. Choose a brushed finish on metals. Semi-precious stones and gems are gorgeous. Turquoise, coral, jade, amber, topaz, any stone that is mined from the Earth itself, and offers a soft and gentle glow, is lovely.

Treasure Trove 3.

True Autumn’s (see True Autumn Jewelry) heavier effect is replaced with a more delicate impression and less of a forceful colour impact. The colours are more tawny than hot, and the feeling is more flowing and lighter in weight. The glow is paler. The pearls are creamy, not white.

The natural radiance of these persons is a wonder of easy, easy colour to look at. Sometimes, a Soft Autumn finds their palette endlessly bland but it isn’t. It is so natural, so free of stress, worry, and challenge. This jewelry never imposes or aims to impress. Using Earth stones and gems in simple, unfussy designs adds the luminosity and touch of brightness that feels like warm apple pie, a vanilla and brown sugar scented candle, or a mid-afternoon glass of wine on the beach.



Louise and Stevan Are Light Springs

Spring personalities were put on Earth to make the rest of us smile. Louise and I work together ( she is a veterinarian too) and I am grateful for it every day.

Me and my friend, Louise.

Although Louise gets the credit for making me laugh (not easily done), her husband David is a pro photographer. He took this picture as well as the breathtaking pictures of Louise that follow.

A quintessential Spring, Louise can talk about any topic under the sun. She is always open and friendly, assertive, sincere, optimistic, and FUNNY. As she says, If you cannot look on the bright side, what is the point?? Louise says what comes into her head. She is spontaneous, not careful or rehearsed. She is not withdrawn. On Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day, my kids want to be with Louise for the day, not their serious, business-like mother.

As always, colours repeat not just how you look but much about your personality. These are ice cream dessert colours. They are happy and impulsive.

Strawberry shake.

These clothes are certainly not menswear tailored, but neither are they always flouncy. They may be sporty but they are mostly about movement. The relaxed, informal personality looks natural in jeans and comfortable textures. With the Summer feminine blend and the light delicacy of the colouring, this could be an ultra-feminine person, but Louise is the easy and casual type.

Many Springs are fascinated by the natural world. They jumped in the puddles as children, not over them. Louise is never happier than in her garden. She looks great in beautifully coloured fleece. If she chooses, she can look very feminine, but she does not carry dark/serious/formal so well.


You might look at Louise’s hair colour, see the medium ash brown (it is more ash IRL) , and say:

  1. She is too dark to be a Light Season. >> Remember, hair colour is irrelevant. It is hidden during the analysis so that we avoid this exact mistake. Hair colour can be anything. We are only concerned with perfecting the skin.
  2. Her hair is too cool. Springs have golden hair. >> She certainly is closer to her cool neighbor on the Summer side, but her skin perfection colours are more yellow than that. This is the Summery version of this Season. Not everyone falls precisely into their Season. They may be closer to one neighbor or the other.

What does it look like when the person veers on the warmer side of Light Spring, moving very close to True Spring?  Meet Stevan. His colours are still light. He and Louise share the same personal colour palette. He is as handsome, sunlit, and friendly as he appears in this picture. Stevan smiles easily and is genuinely interested in others, the hallmark of a Spring. His hair is as golden as his skin tone and his character. (Before anyone asks, Stevan is the bigger one, but that so-cute baby has golden potential.)


I am such an admirer of natural contrasts. When cool hair is paired with warmer skin, as you see with Louise, or the reverse combination we saw in Pam Is A Dark Winter, these are striking to look at. The one is a showcase for the other. It is especially important to understand your coloring if this is your blueprint because sales people will unknowingly match clothing to the degree of warmth/coolness they see in hair and eyes. They have little choice. Without personal colour analysis, it is impossible to understand the precise degree of warmth/coolness of skin tone.

Pam really has to stick to her guns when someone tells her to wear warm lipcolour or add copper highlights. Her skin is mostly cool so her makeup and clothes are mostly cool. She knows her cosmetic colours from her swatches. Louise has to insist on apricot, salmon, and warm pink when someone tries to sell her fuchsia. Her Spring colouring reminds her to avoid dusty, grayish colours at all costs. She looks for clear and light.

However, in her hair colour, her highlights will only be barely yellow, not too golden, respecting the Summer coolness of her natural colour. Stay with the contrast you were born with and heighten its elements. If Stevan were to highlight his hair, he would use a much more yellow colour than Louise, respecting the clear, pale golden warmth of his natural colour.


Can she wear black? No. She looks sad and severe. As you know from Wrong Colours Away From The Face, I believe you look most connected when your darkest colour (especially for big items like coats, pants, and shoes) is no darker than your darkest hair tone. There is altogether too much black out there anyhow, an evasion for not knowing a better choice. Though a Light Season, Louise has a deep emerald turquoise, a Chinese blue, a gorgeous violet. They are not oppressive. They are sophisticated with the incredible neutrals of champagne, cameo, and seashell.

Colour conveys feeling in subliminal ways. It speaks of imagination and youth. It also conveys hot-ness. It can be done the cheap way, but that’s another evasion. Why not do look expensive? Why not look like this?


When the colours you wear, repeat the colours you are, you have a secret weapon.



Use of Images

The images contained in this article are of private individuals, not celebrities. I consider the permission for me to use them as a privilege. It is my intention to protect these women’s privacy and generosity. If you use any of the photos without permission, I will seek legal counsel. I do not want to have to reduce the beauty and detail of the photographs with watermarks.

This is a learning site. Please do use my words with credit back to the web page you copied and pasted them from. If you mix up my meaning and get the message wrong, feel free to omit any reference back to me.



True Autumn Jewelry

You arrived early for the party. You take a look around at who is already here. Immediately, your eye is drawn to the two women talking on the couch.

One is sitting quietly, straight back even though it is a slouchy couch, laughing but not letting loose. She will probably sit there all night because she does not like circulating and making small talk. She feels self-conscious about how to interrupt conversations. Of course, she wears all black. Not the most imaginative colour but it undeniably suits her. She is wearing one solid piece of jewelry.

Winter bracelet.

Her friend is doing an imitation of somebody. She is laughing freely and gesturing more freely. She watches people coming in. She seems able to talk to three people at once. Her outfit is a riot of wavy lines but it was made for her, a batik handpainted print with a beaded fringe. The waves appear in motion as she moves. The fabric is satiny and catches every ray of light. Her bracelet is so full of life that it would be too much costume on anyone else. On her, it looks beautiful with her golden skin. It is joyful and almost mischievous.

My jewels Michael Negrin (Spring bracelet)

You move into the kitchen. The woman slicing vegetables for the platter commands attention. For one thing, she does not care if you are a guest, you get given the job of refilling drinks. She directs traffic so the meal gets served on time and to her satisfaction. Her Autumn energy is highly organized as she orchestrates the evening.

You wonder if she has some Meditteranean ethnicity. Her skin is lightly freckled, but she seems to belong in the sun and to reflect its heat from her deepest core. Her cheekbones and jaw are equally strong. She wears little makeup, just a sheer bittersweet red lip colour. Like the colours of her busy and productive kitchen, she is wearing a raw silk blouse in a fabulous paprika colour, with a textured chocolate brown vest over it. Well in tune with her personal colour palette, she has added a fine woolen scarf with a stained-glass design in deep autumn leaf colours. Her bracelet is lying on the counter.

Red copper.

With all three pieces, they feel just like the women who wears them. It so belongs that you would not be surprised to see it fly through the air and attach itself to her wrist with an electrically charged attraction.

The natural stones suit the straightforward character of the Autumn woman. They are the colours of a giving Earth. This is not September, with its lingering remnant of Summer. Neither is it November where the freeze is setting in. This is a rich harvest, a comfortable welcome in a busy kitchen, a safe, steady place.

Seasonal colour analysis is very much about personality, about reflecting the inside on the outside. If the colour feeling you show is not the colour feeling you are, your appearance feels disorganized and random. The Autumn woman seldom pretends. She would not say something just to flatter you unless she believes it to be true. She cries harder than anyone at a funeral. She is fiercely loyal to her family but will not spare them hard work or spoil them with extravagance. She may seem to absorb a lot of demands but when she draws the line at enough, everyone knows it.

She has a great sense of what suits her and combines jewelry and accessories in creative, individual ways. She wears two rings, her solid, wide, gold wedding band and a topaz stone in a solid gold setting. Her necklace is simple, heavy links of chain in a textured bronze. Their shape is squared, which seems to repeat the squareness of her jaw.

Her entire look feels rich but unpretentious, busy and approachable, and glowing and natural. She can wear a lot of metal at once and it works. Her hair is coloured to look metallic, with a dark copper shimmer on a warm, but not very dark, chocolate base. When she wears makeup, she chooses lip and cheek colours with a gleaming shine. By candlelight, even her skin seems burnished.

Her daughters are both Autumn blends, not their mother’s True Season. They try to borrow Mom’s pieces but the energy doesn’t work. Why do so many of those pieces, like this bracelet, look clunky on the lighter daughter and so meh on the darker one?

When the meal is done, she  will be in the kitchen washing dishes, unless her considerate Summer husband beats her to it, which he usually does.



Pam Is a Dark Winter

Pam is a real woman who lives in the real world. Like the majority of women, she is gorgeous and does not know it. She does not have time to dwell on it anyhow. She has a family and a job. She has not been in school for 7 years and it has been hard to find time and money to spend fussing about her looks since then. Pam has become a confident, interesting woman. She does not want to look like a student anymore.

Pam 1.

True and Neutral Seasons

A PCA (personal colour analysis) session devotes a fair bit of effort to sorting out whether the person is one of the 4 True Seasons (True Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). We knew right from the start that Spring was going to be the worst of the 4, and that probably included any of Spring blended Seasons. There were heavy brown shadows under her eyes and her skin was yellow, with too much redness in the nose.

Summer was manageable but Winter was better. Autumn and Winter were about the same. The intensity of her eye colour was dramatically enhanced in the Autumn drapes but her skin was unevenly yellow.

The Red Drapes determined that Pam is neither a purely cool season (Winter), or purely warm (Autumn). In the neutral drapes, we began to see how remarkable Pam could look. I LOVE this part, because one of these red drapes is going to so click that I will take one look and think oh, boy, this is going to be amazing.

When we like the skin effects of one season but the eye effects of another, the skin wins. This endeavor is always about creating the most perfectly illuminated skin, cleared of yellow, ash, ruddiness, shadows, or blemishes. Pam is very clearly a Dark Winter.

The photographs show calm, evenly coloured skin. Yes, Pam has skin to be envied. But Pam is also a Mom with 2 young kids. She does not sleep well every night. Still, in her perfect colours, you can see the luminous, flawless, poreless, Snow White skin, the white teeth, and the crisp whiteness of the white of the eye.

Pam 2.

Pam’s colour memo to the world

You know that I am all about how colour feels. We react to it because of how looking at it makes us feel. Colour is logic and instinct, rhyme and reason, right and left brain equally.

Look at the expression in her eyes. She feels comfortable. These are the colours that she recognizes because they live inside her already. Pam is experiencing what i is like when colour speaks for you. It is telling the world who she really is and it feels familiar, like a truth you have always known but have never heard spoken before.

She is easing into her Winterness. Winter is not an informal, casual, or scruffy season. The individual energy is tailored, simple, and elegant. She will completely dominate overly relaxed clothes. To the viewer, that would feel hard on the eyes because of the continuous conflict with Pam’s own energy.

In Winter’s appearance, there is no movement, playfulness, or softness. You can see why these colouring schemes were named after the seasons. Outfits in a single dark colour convey the dark and serious look. Details are minimal or absent. When present, they are simple and expensive. Dark-light contrast should be extreme. One colour garments that repeat the hair colour are truly majestic. Nobody can compete with the power of this look on Dark Winter energy.

These colours allow her to look as she is. Pam is calm, a little remote, a little shy, but now, she is aware of her beauty. She is a little formal. You would not know everything about Pam in the first hour. This is very typical of the Winter character. Add a little Spring to Winter, and you up the emotion. Add a little Autumn, and you increase the determination. Pam does not back down.

Pam 3.

She looks a little detached. She looks aristocratic. Pam would not carry off a beach blonde look. She will look odd in exotic prints and fabrics. She is not made for lavender and lace. That would look almost crazy, like putting a True Summer (say, Bo Derek) in a man’s suit and plaid shirt. So, instead of jeans and hoodies, Pam is empowered to know what colours will intensify what is special and distinctive about being Pam.

Dark Winter makeup and hair

Pam usually wears no makeup. It feels too fake, too dark, too conspicuous. That is not who Pam is and it feels clownish. In these pictures, she has a dab of concealer blended with moisturizer under her eye. She is wearing a fair bit of blush to add some life and shape to the face. Eyeshadow (medium-dark cool gray-brown)and eyeliner (black-brown) are minimal. The final touch is a plum-brown lipstick, covered with a caramel gloss to tone it down so she will not feel too obviously made-up. This is beyond movie star skin but it looks natural. It took 5 minutes, 5 products, and it looks effortless and real and natural.

Pam’s hair is a dark ash brown. What good could highlights do? The same thing they do to most every Dark Winter. They look terrible. The whole dark force is disrupted with light stripes. The same thing happens when Winter wears light, frosted lipstick. They look flat, chalky, weakened.

Does Dark Winter have a lighter side? Oh, yes. It’s just a little contained.

Pam 4.

Your colour feeling

The trick is to find what you can do, what is consistent with who you are inside.

After a lifetime of playing it safe, you have to ease into saying so much about yourself. As Marianne Williamson said, It is not our darkness we are afraid of. It is our light. Many people are wearing someone else’s clothes and spending a lot of time and money to send out signals that detract from who they really are. Many others are trying to send out no message and render themselves invisible, so they live in comfort clothes, but that is an equally detracting memo about who you could be.

Colour is deeply imprinted on human beings. With an understanding of your personal palette, you develop an understanding of how it feels to be you.



Use of Images

The images contained in this article are of private individuals, not celebrities. I consider the permission for me to use them as a privilege. It is my intention to protect these women’s privacy and generosity. If you use any of the photos without permission, I will seek legal counsel. I do not want to have to reduce the beauty and detail of the photographs with watermarks.

This is a learning site. Please do use my words with credit back to the web page you copied and pasted them from. If you mix up my meaning and get the message wrong, feel free to omit any reference back to me.




A professional appearance is key in the sales industry. Personal Colour Analysis showed me first hand how various colours & shades can make a significant difference on each individual person. Thank you for teaching me to wear the colours that compliment me best… this leads to great first impressions, both at work and play! Stevan, Ontario.


I can’t believe what a difference having makeup in the right colours makes. Even after a 70 hour work week last week, I looked well put together. I feel like I look more sophisticated and professional. I look like me-but more so! Christine, I can’t thank you enough for doing such a thorough analysis. This is not the old fashioned “oh, you’re an autumn”. The way you looked at how my eyes changed and the tone of my skin with different colours was amazing to watch. Your careful, scientific approach was very impressive. You really cared that I had the most flattering palette for my skin. I also want to express my appreciation for your help with my hair colour. Several people noticed how nice my hair looked (but they couldn’t quite figure out why). Every woman who wants to look her best should have this done. It has really boosted my confidence in myself. Tracy, British Columbia.


The Season Guide that you sent me is great. It is nice to know that there is a colour analysis system that is so comprehensive and that recognizes the fact that there is so much variation in human colouring. I have recommended you to my friends. Jelena, Ontario.


I hate shopping, primarily because there is too much choice and it boggles my mind.  Having the little color book with me is great because it is like I have a personal stylist in my pocket. I whip it out wherever I am and I know that if the color matches, I am safe to buy the item. I actually get compliments on my color choices now.

It also allows me to reduce the amount of clothes in the store that I have to consider.  I bypass entire sections if the color is not one of mine and so I can narrow the field. This helps me shop. Plus, of course, I feel more confident knowing that I will look good. Now, if you could only make me thinner! Sonja, British Columbia.


Having the colour analysis done was so informative and fun. It was interesting have the various coloured drapes placed around me. There were many colours I liked and thought I could wear but realized through Christine’s analysis that I shouldn’t. The biggest surprise to me was realizing my hair colour was much too dark for my colouring. I only saw that when Christine took the grey cap off my hair at the end of our session. I immediately saw how my dark hair colour made me look tired and older. I use my booklet of colours all the time when I am shopping. I just keep it in my purse. Holly, Prince Edward Island.


I haven’t felt this good in years. I feel I have something to work towards. Nathalie, Ontario.


I’ve got to tell you, that my clothes have taken on a whole new dimension of colour.
I was so stuck on black, and it isn’t even my colour. I went to Montreal for my holidays this fall, and decided to spend an entire day going through 3 Value Villages. They hang all their clothing by size and colour, so I went down the isles and only looked at clothes in the colour of the swatches. Perfect, I bought 40 pieces that day, and once washed, they become my own. I have received many compliments on them.
But what was most drastic was changing the colour of my hair. For the last 20 years, I have had highlights, you told me that the hair doesn’t need to be that busy, just go with ash brown, well this time around I feel the brown was too dark, but boy, did it get alot of attention. On the first week alone, over 30 people made comments. One even said, it made me look 20 years younger, (what age did she think I was before???). Your consultation has made my shopping even more interesting, to scarfs, purses and jewelry.
Thank you so much. Diane, Ontario.


I am a consultant and often speak publicly and work with executives and large groups. As such, I take care in the presentation of my message, including how I dress.  If my client is formal, so am I, if they are a bunch of engineers in jeans, so am I.  As such, I consider my wardrobe an investment, same as my laptop.

I had my colours analyzed because it will save me time in making clothing purchase decisions, and money too. I won’t make the wrong decision, and hopefully will get to the right one faster.
I was surprised at how scientific it is. I usually think of this type of thing as a way to sell makeup. I was pleased to see how objective it is and how quickly I was able to get results. It took about 2 hours (I asked for the fast version) and the direction I got was pretty clear. It seems to be working so far. It’s not magic but it is helping me be more effective at work. It’s also saving me time and money, and that, I like. Patrick, New Brunswick.
The process itself–not only the draping, but the procedure by which the draping progresses. Broad to narrow, double-checking the same drapes against Seasons near & far, even the relativistic notion of better/worse vs. yes/no, where a series of betters determines the outcome, methodically exhausting possibility, squeezes the correctness into one direction convincingly. There is something in the feel of solving the question that reminds me of working a logical grid puzzle, and certainly is one of the more complete real-world philosophical exercises that I have experienced.
While I had suspicions that I was a certain Season, NOTHING beats the experience of being draped. The immediate transformation as each drape is applied, as part of specific sequence, heightened by contrast, is a revelation. Elizabeth, West Virginia, USA


When my wife first told me that she had me scheduled for a color analysis, my first response was to make a joke of it and try and convince her it wold be total folly for me to see a color analyst-after all, I’m a rugged man-a man of action who chooses his clothes based on whatever sports season happens to be current and therefore has no need for the service. She pouted and I acquiesced.
Much to my surprise, I found  myself intrigued by the process. I’m not foreign to color theory and I know the profound effects color can conjure on the human psyche when used correctly. The advertising and education fields have used color theory to great success, so why not apply those same principles to how we dress?
As I sat in Christine’s salon, my masculinity being threatened by the hair-cap and cape, I begin to think of the power of first impressions. I thought of the importance of standing out in the crowd and how the organic nature of my clothing system would speak on so many different psychological levels about my organizational skills and taste. When put in perspective, it becomes very clear that I would gain a competitive advantage by suffering through to the end. How many times do we judge people by the way they are dressed? What assumptions do we make about them solely because of the color or cut of their clothes? Right or wrong, this is what humans do…make judgments.
Christine’s knowledge and professionalism were first rate. Her service will not only provide me with a competitive advantage whenever I need to make an impression, it will help me avoid mistakes and ensure that my first impression is always my best impression. Walt, USA.
Last month, my husband and I made the trek to Windsor to visit Christine and got a Personal Color Analysis (in the US, we spell it differently!). It was great. She spent 2 1/2 hours with me and 2 with Geoff. We ended up being BOTH Soft Summers, something unusual in couples. Geoff was particularly tough but Christine hung in until all three of us were convinced. I have felt differently about myself ever since. I dyed my hair a more caramel from yellow blonde, got rid of all my black and lime green, and started to feel more like myself! I now use a foundation that matches my skin, Plumfoolery (MAC) blush, smokey brown eyeliner (Clinique), iced mauve eye shadow (Clinique), and grey, yes grey mascara (YSL). Lipstick is Pink Toffee or Rosette (Clinique). I am SO thrilled with the transformation! I would recommend her to ANYONE for a permanent and wonderful escape from eternally wondering “what colors are right for me?” Geoff and I use our color books constantly and are amazed at how FAR OFF we were! But now we are on track to looking great and SAVING MONEY!!  If you have any question about getting a PCA, go for it. You’ll be a whole new person! Kay, USA.
I don’t think I would have had the good fortune to learn about color analysis, had it not been for a work-related article I was researching. Quite auspiciously, this project led to my discovery of the Sci/ART system and, more importantly, to Christine and her work. Later, another happy coincidence led to my husband and me from the United States to Toronto, Canada, for an overdue vacation–and to a subsequent analysis with Christine. All I can say is, fate works in wonderful ways.

The Sci/ART system is a scientifically stellar, aesthetically rich, and excitingly accurate and complete system–and Christine is a master at interpreting its subtleties and nuances. The dynamic intelligence, precision, and consummate conscientiousness that she brings to her work is nothing short of remarkable. As if that weren’t enough–Christine is also a warm and delightful human being.

When you have an analysis with Christine, you feel seen–both for who you intrinsically are–and for all that you can be. It is inexplicably liberating to at last understand the groundwork of one’s personal coloring; I, personally, experienced a sense of relief. It was as though I recognized–not only the futility–but the sad shortsightedness, of wishing to be other than I am.

In a culture eager to financially capitalize on women’s (and increasingly men’s) insecurities, we are constantly vulnerable to manipulation by the clothing and cosmetic industries. Christine’s analysis brings a halt to this grinding exploitation. Equipped with a new way of looking at color; with, in fact, utterly retrained vision, we are able to say “no” to that which does not serve our authentic selves. And when we say “yes,” it is with self-assurance devoid of indecision and guilt.

Christine often mentions how wearing our true colors makes it easier and more relaxing for others to engage with us. There is an ease; a sense of effortlessness; a lack of obtrusive striving for that which does not inherently belong. I think we all want to experience this “naturalness of expression” in our both our professional and personal lives. We’d like to give it and to receive it; we are social animals, after all. Christine offers the gift of this life-changing awareness. It is a shift-of-consciousness that is transforming and freeing, all at once. AEB, USA.


I recently had my colors done by Christine and found it to be a fun and valuable process. I had always known that wearing the right colors was very important to my overall look but I was quite confused because in the past I had been analyzed by other consultants as two different seasons. After learning about Sci-Art and reading Christine’s blog I decided to once again have my colors done and I am so glad I did! During the analysis I could SEE what Christine saw and felt very confident that I was finally being analyzed correctly. Since my consultation I have been very happy with my colors, they really fit me well in terms of my physical appearance and also mentally. Shopping has been a breeze! I highly recommend a consultation with Christine! Louise, USA.


I loved my Personal Colour Analysis! It makes shopping much easier. It helps me find the colors that match me. I can feel confident that something will look good on me instead of being worried that it might be a bad choice. I think that Personal Colour Analysis is an essential, and should be done as soon as early possible. You should do this immediately so you can start saving money and saving time and getting your shopping right. I feel magical, now that I know my style and colours, in clothes and in makeup too. It makes me feel truly beautiful. Sharon, Ontario.


I would have to say that the whole experience has given me peace. Not initially, obviously, but upon reflection, I feel at peace. It was like meeting myself for the first time. Or finding out something major about myself, that caused me to have to reintroduce myself to myself (if that makes any sense). And now that the fog has settled, the “muted and dulled fog”(haha), I am relaxed at meeting the new me. And I enjoy to know myself that much better. This was another, fairly large piece of the puzzle I found in me. There are less questions. Less self doubt. And I feel like I can forge ahead now, equipped with a better sense of self. I have been enjoying the last few weeks, walking into stores and looking for the “real me” in there somewhere. And when it is not there, I don’t compromise anymore. It’ll be fun. It’ll continue to give me direction, as now I know the destination. There are lots of ways to get there, but I will always arrive at the same place. Within my palette. Whereas before, I had no direction, no sense of self, little confidence, and depended on second opinions a lot. I am getting there. It will take time. But I feel much better already. Anna, PEI.


I waited a year. just to be sure. not that I doubted. for even a heartbeat. that it was all true. never did. I waited to perhaps add credibility so that others can be more sure that what I say can change the way you shop, live, feel, view the world even.

A little over a year ago I had my colours done. I am lucky enough to have a friend who is a PCA specialist. She took me into her parent’s home and worked magic. No, I am not exaggerating. It was exactly that. I sat. I saw. I watched myself age ten years (I am being perhaps cautious with that one since it could be closer to 15.)

I never thought of myself as particularly vain or overly concerned with my appearance. I like to look nice, love fashion and make-up but not at the expense of my child’s education or my retirement fund. Plastic surgery is not in the plan. Looking my best is.

The colours change the way I look. It is that simple. They make me look better. Magic! No surgery, with no make-up, and my hair under a grey cap.a colour made me look younger, healthier. just plain better.

I have, for the past 365 days plus, shopped in a different way. I go into any store, whether it is the SuperStore (which is local grocery store that carries inexpensive clothes), or a high-end haut couture boutique, I never buy anything without checking my swatches. They work for me. I use the mirror to see if the fit is okay but NEVER to check the colour. That has been done. That was the hard part for me always. I sort of knew that certain colours did not work, or well, if I wore enough make-up, in the right colours I might be able to pull it off. That meant shopping for another lipstick or blush to try and make it work. More money spent.

I thought perhaps I would miss some of the other colours I used to wear. I don’t! When I am away and have to borrow a sweater because it is chilly I try not to think of how bad I know it makes me look. That would be the only negative. When you know what the wrong colour does to you and, yet, because of necessity, you are forced to wear it, it is actually difficult.

The decision to spend the money to get the analysis should not be a consideration. I have saved that and more in the past year (more like in the first three months : )). It is not about the money though. It really is not. It is about the way I feel about myself when I get dressed EVERY morning. I feel strong and healthy and vibrant and at my best. How can colour do that? I do not know. I simply know that for me it does!

Thank you Christine. xox. Gina, N.B.


I was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to participate in a PCA, and I learned so much more about it during my appointment. The draping process was not random: the course of the analysis was completely dictated by my skin’s reactions to the drapes. Taking that fact into consideration, it became clear that something truly fascinating was going to happen with the turning of each drape. Though the suspense was persistent, it was tendered by my witnessing of various drapes connecting with the colours in my skin. The magic that results must be seen to be believed.
Beyond the PCA itself, the application of the colours book also warrants some mention. The whole point of PCA is to provide people with the knowledge and confidence to experience clothes, makeup and–dare I say–life in a way that resonates with the person that they are, innately. That being the case, the colours book serves as an invaluable asset to achieving this goal; with it, you learn to recognize yourself in the colours around you–an awareness which elicits both excitement and relief. Every time. Nicki, ON.

Two months after the PCA, Nicki shared this update:

So, almost 2 months have passed since my PCA and I continue to be astonished by the growth that I’ve experienced since then. For me, the first step in embracing my tone or “season” was marked by making comparisons of clothes and cosmetics to swatches in my colors book. Naturally, if I spotted a match, the item was purchased. Easy. The next step: adorning myself in colors from the Bright Spring palette, and then venturing forth to experience the day. This is where it got interesting.

I remember one morning in particular: I was looking at myself in the mirror and reveling in my reflection; the harmony I observed (and felt) was unequivocal. The weather was beautiful and I had completed the rest of my morning routine, so I decided that I would walk to work. To my surprise I noticed that some people were looking at me as I proceeded down the sidewalk. I was able to dismiss the first couple of stares, but soon they became unavoidable. Logically, I told myself that these onlookers were responding to the harmony of my appearance, and that I should embrace their appreciation–but instead, I felt nervous. In a sea of people–among whom I would normally blend easily–I now felt showy and conspicuous. This was the first time that I can honestly say I felt the fear of looking my best. In theory, I understood how visually compelling colors can be when they harmonize with one another, but for me there was a great deal of pressure in presenting this harmony to the world… initially. My consolation came when I’d arrive to the encouragement of others at my workplace, or when my friends would compliment my appearance during a night out. It was all relatively little stuff, but every bit of it was reaffirming.
In retrospect, I think the fear I experienced that day resulted from choosing to broadcast myself so genuinely in a public setting. My opinion: when you wear the colors of another tone, others’ criticisms of your appearance wouldn’t affect you as deeply because those colors do not reflect who you are, but when you wear the colors associated with your personal tone, you risk receiving criticisms that strike at your very core. Interestingly enough, I’ve learned that when your total adornment harmonizes with who you are, there are no criticisms from others; interactions are smooth and pleasant. It is actually much easier to present yourself as you, rather than trying to convince others of who you are while wearing a mask.
At present, I continue to happily shop for clothes and cosmetics that match the swatches in my colors book with the goal of combining them in fun and original ways–except now I am prepared to look my best.

I remember in our car ride I suggested that I wait a while before submitting my (first) testimonial because I knew that some imminent growth would occur; so at that time, I decided a week would be long enough (haha). I certainly gleaned a great deal of insight in that first week post-PCA, but I don’t think it rivals the knowledge and experiences that I’ve amassed within these past 2 months. (In fact, I could see myself saying the same thing about these 2 months relative to a year.) PCA is just the investment that keeps on giving and expanding. As a Spring, believe me when I say that I’ve never struck such an enduring bargain.


The simple truth is that spending the day in your basement last week has pretty much changed my life. And what I feel mostly is a huge sense of R-E-L-I-E-F. I so wanted to find a system that would simplify the daily Getting Dressed component in the best way possible, and that is what I got! Interestingly, a lot of flashbacks have occurred regarding my younger days, when I would mostly dress high-contrast (black and white for work, or black and bright), mostly formal-esque (if it was faded jeans it would be only with a navy top), and nothing heathered as it seemed unnecessarily boring. But there was always a lot of tension given that I was color typed as Autumn way back when so I tried to make peace with those earthy terra-cottas, which were not horrible but which always made me feel sort of diluted. And I would get the occasional spark of recognition from a teal or its ilk, but that was not smooth sailing either due to the hair and makeup not being spot-on. So it was confusing and then, after a while, depressing and then, eventually, just flat-out demoralizing. Like Miss Clavelle in the night I always felt that Something Was Not Right.

But did not know how to fix it. Now I have a blueprint and can test the waters, baby step by baby step, to see what this feels like. So far so good. Cheryl, U.S.A.


I had been curious about having my colours done, because lately I just had the sense that something wasn’t right. The session was such an eye-opener for me. Incredible to watch the difference when my season colours were draped — it was like watching a light go on and then off when other seasons were draped. There is a lot of information you get in the session with Christine — and she provides you with a very detailed Season Guide which is handy to refer to from time to time. It’s been three months since I had my colour analysis done and I find I am continually learning. When I go to a clothing store now I am amused to see myself want to reach for some colours that I like and used to gravitate to — but I know now that they won’t look as good on me as my season. I have come to realize that I can like those colours elsewhere in my life (house hold furnishings etc.) but just not on me! I now keep my colour swatch with me at all times as you never know when you will go shopping spur of the moment. It is more challenging to find clothes, as it’s really adding another dimension to the selection (does it fit? do I like it? is it the right price? and now — is it my season?). However, I can now buy with more confidence when I find something. Spending money on clothes that are not flattering from a colour sense are not a good buying decision.

I highly recommend getting your colour analysis done with Christine. The session is fun, informative and the beginning of a great colour journey. Joan, Ontario.


I have been planning on sending a testimonial on behalf of my whole family for quite some time now. Those of us who had our colours done back in the 1980s were very happy with our seasons then. However, as our skin, hair and eye colours have softened and changed over the years, our palettes just did not seem to work as well anymore. We started purchasing outside our seasons. This created confusion as it went against what we were told and believed for years, that once you are a certain season, you will always be that season. Christine showed us how untrue that statement was.

When we met Christine Scaman, my daughter and I walked in as Springs, my husband and sons as Summers. We left as Light Spring, Light Summer and the rest as Soft Summers. What a relief to be shown why we were dipping into other seasons for new colours. When we got to our respective homes, each of us tore through our closets with our new palettes, followed by quick and efficient shopping! It feels good to be wearing the right colours in confidence again.

Christine is passionate, knowledgeable and spot on with her color analysis. We recommend her highly, especially my daughter who flew in from Calgary specifically to be analyzed by only the best! Eve and family, Oakville, Ontario.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great experience we all had a few weeks ago with you. I can’t emphasize enough how life changing it has been!
At first, I was a little anxious and hesitant but now that I’ve begun to embrace the woman that God made me to be, I feel so much more sure of myself (in more ways than just what colors I should wear!). You have been blessed with such an amazing gift to see people for what they can be. Thank you so much for sharing that gift with all of us!
I’ve been telling ALL my girlfriends…and even some of the guys that ask about my experience and my closest friends have commented in the positive change they’ve seen in me even in these couple short weeks.
My life has changed forever and I’ve been set on a path to love what I have been given. I’ve been taught, yet again, that there is freedom in limitation and understand the burden that has been lifted when you stop trying to change who you are.
Thank you again! I’m sending everyone to your site and handing out business cards like a mad woman! You are truly a gem! Suzanne, U.S.A.


I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed you, your kids, your graciousness, your style, your talent, your technique during my PCA. You don’t talk too much. I process information like you, I think, and having you keep up the running commentary while we went through everything was exactly what I needed to be able to see it for myself.  The way you broke it down into clearly-defined visible reactions, instead of vague intangibles which I wouldn’t have been confident verbalizing, brought me in and even allowed me to participate. [My husband] and I know you are on the verge of new things, and we want you to consider setting up shop in a big city (like Detroit) where you could train and install other color/image analysts and start building your empire . Your ability to quantify the abstract and putting it into words that others can use to understand it themselves would make you an ideal teacher/trainer.  We think you could go BIG!!!  [My husband] especially said that he feels that you and I, once decided upon something, once determined, can accomplish whatever we set our sights on, sometimes its just going for it, and I’m excited to see what you do in the future, building upon the awesome foundation you’ve already laid. I’m not sure you have any real idea, or can grasp, the high esteem that so many women (and men, too, I’m sure, if they felt they could admit it!) have for you and your ability to connect what we would like to be able to see, to feel, to own, and feed it to us in small, immeasurably insightful and digestible, morsels. You can lead us all to the places we should be able to go. Tara, U.K.


Even children notice color harmony – I spent some time with a lively 6 year old girl. As we were saying goodbye, she says, “I really like your purple shirt (A DA purple) and brown glasses” (I have a pair of darkish brown tortoiseshell glasses). So I said, “What do you like about them?” She tilted her head to the side and thought about it for a few moments and then said, “Well, it’s kind of like they just match you.” Wow!
Thanks so much for the invitation to keep sending pics and asking questions. Gates, N.B.


Much more than just a color and style analysis, it’s really caused me to reflect on a lot of things in my life…I have always worn more serious, in fact, probably closer to more masculine type clothing really. And a lot of black! (because it’s the “serious” and “practical” color after all!) I have never been much of a shopper, shopping and dressing has always seemed like more of a chore to me and it’s always been hard to believe that women actually enjoyed it! In the last few days, I have sat in a clothing store, and had a different experience. I had to, first, force myself to take these items in the dressing room– pinks and yellows and turquoises that almost frightened me to even try on. I’m pretty sure I’ve never worn a pink OR yellow shirt in my life. But the most amazing thing has happened, I not only look better, but I actually feel better in these clothes! I have bought just a few different shirts in beautiful pinks and peaches, the most beautiful pink watercolory (this is my new adjective– as I’m finding that anything in my colors that feels like Monet could have had a hand in it is what I’ve fallen in love with) tank top with RUFFLES. I cannot believe how much I love this PINK, RUFFLED tank top! I also bought a few scarves in my colors to separate my face from most of the clothing I own, which are mostly all the wrong colors, until I can slowly rebuild my wardrobe.

Honestly, the whole experience was incredibly valuable to me. I can’t think of anything that did not seem valuable. As I said before, I had anticipated feeling kind of intimidated as I always do anytime I am thrust into a sort of unfamiliar world of feminine things, makeup, color, etc. When I first saw you in the hallway, honestly my first thought was that you looked really beautiful, really well put together, and really confident, and I felt a little anxious that it would be uncomfortable or I would feel intimidated. You made me feel very comfortable within the first ten minutes, and I really really appreciate that. You made me feel like it was okay that I am in my thirties and just beginning this process of finding out who I am and what I’m going to present about myself to the world, and that you were interested in helping me sort these things out. I can’t thank you enough just for being so approachable and putting me at ease in kind of uncomfortable territory for me! It also helped so much that you took the time to show me what you see, I am not all that skilled a differentiating slight differences in color, degrees of warmth or coolness, etc. but as you took the time to show me what to look for in my skin with regard to the colors, I feel like I am able to learn this. As I said before, you are truly an expert, and that also made me feel like I could trust what you were teaching me, even though it was so different from what I have always believed about myself. To think I walked in there thinking black was my best color! I don’t know if other women have this kind of experience, a re-evaluation of their entire sense of self, or not, maybe other women know themselves better than I do, but for anyone who is still searching to find their best self– I absolutely recommend this. More than helpful, for me at least, it was absolutely necessary, I have been reading through all the emails you sent like my life depended on it! Amber, U.S.A.


I had my colours done by Christine last week and was beyond impressed with the entire session!! Christine was fabulous! Besides the fact that she is so knowledgeble about everything, she was so easy to connect with, was very personable and extremely thorough in the analysis itself. She will not move onto the next level of draping until she is convinced that those colours don’t look good on you. I loved how she took the time to explain each step of the process to me. I learned so much from the experience. I went in so confused about so much and came out so excited knowing (and loving) the fact that I am indeed a Dark Winter! If you have been wondering if you should get a PCA done or not, it is SO WORTH it!! If you get the chance to have Chrisine do it, you won’t be sorry!!!!! :) Melanie, Ontario.


Thank you so much for the time and the emails. It was a wonderful pleasure meeting you and learning extensively about your approach to color and its effects. The email content is so much more than I had imagined. I have read every word and copied every page. You are a gifted communicator and teacher, patient beyond belief, and a joy to have spent the morning with this week. And it certainly was a sparkling growth experience! Adrianne, U.S.A.


Having a PCA with Christine was nothing short of life changing. For years, I had been hanging onto a misinformed image of myself based on what makeup artists, sales people and even friends and family had time and time again told me looked good on me. They were all wrong, and instinctually, I knew this. But life is busy and it is easier to go with what you know than to seek out the truth. Christine told me that PCA finds women when they are ready, and I wholeheartedly believe this. At 40, I decided it was finally time to make sense of my style. The colours in my closet and makeup collection were nagging at me, because I knew they were wrong (not all, but some for sure). And after my PCA, it all made sense. I felt relieved and enlightened. And this is what PCA affirmed for me: 1) no one cares about how good you look as much as you do, and 2) people do not really pay attention. I can not tell you how many times I have been told I look good in black and bright colours (I am a soft summer). So, why does it matter? If most of us are walking around in the wrong colour with no one realizing, then it is all relative, right? For me, the answer is simply that true style is about getting it all right, not half-right. I see now (and every day, in fact, when I look around me in the hub of high style in Toronto Yorkville neighbourhood) that you can be fashionable in the wrong colours. But, a woman of style knows how to put it all together. Does not matter who else understands it. And, that is what Christine’s expert counsel has done for me: it has completed the style equation. It is like walking into a perfectly balanced, well-decorated room and not knowing why it is so beautiful, only that it is. Diane, Ontario.


Your PCA this past week was a wonderful experience and better than I could have wished for! You are so thorough in both the draping and follow-up information. You made the final decision so easy to see and understand—you left no stone unturned. If you saw my closet, you would understand what I mean by out of the darkness. Almost everything I was wearing is dark, dark, and dark with an occasional white shirt or tee shirt. I feel a real sense of peace and calm. Thank you for giving me the tools and information to make the best of me—wish I would have found you sooner. You are the BEST! And thanks for all the information you share on your web site and Face Book page. I will be reading and re-reading it in the next few days/weeks.


I went for my PCA with my daughter and granddaughter. It was a huge success and so much fun having Christine along with 2 relatives to comment as each colour was draped. And there were surprises – but Christine is so professional and experienced that she was able to cope with our surprises and emotions. Post PCA I’m making changes gradually, keeping in mind where I’d like to travel to. I highly recommend having Christine do your colour analysis! Joan, Ontario.


Thank you again for the gift you gave me. It was initially strange and unsettling however something has shifted in me and its like the lens has changed or the scales have fallen away and it has become very clear.
My confidence level has increased amazingly, I feel so beautiful and sure of myself. This has not only been a physical transformation but deeper…who knew…well you did. More than once this week in my interaction with others I saw how their skin looked so yellow or tired or dark. I bought a white sweater like marshmallow and saw how the sweater and my face shimmered and glowed with light. The imagery that you used for colour, for example marshmallow white, has really helped me to be discerning. The absolute freedom of the knowing so joyful. For over 12 years now I have daily worked to create personal freedom in every aspect of my being and I have come to know that joy is not an emotion but a state of being. Wow!!! Grace, Ontario.


I think it is about time that I send you my most enthusiastic thanks for our fabulous time with you. It was both fun and helpful. Who could ask for anything more? I have made a point of carrying my colours with me when I go shopping and that I am getting better at picking out sewing material. I have made progress and am pleased. I have such good memories of this occasion. Thank you so much. Jean, Ontario.


I went to Christine for a colour analysis five days ago and I’m still sorting out the results. It was surprising and eye opening. Christine was so kind and generous as she guided me through the process. Seeing my face respond to the drapes was amazing, the results were literally right in front of me. Now, I’m finding that there is a real emotional impact which I hadn’t expected at all. I have a strong feeling that the PCA is going to prompt some big changes in the way I think about myself – scary but kind of exciting. I’m going to take it slowly, sort out my thoughts – and my clothes – before I start shopping. I’ll update this note further into the process. Laura, Ontario.


Dear Christine,

Coming to see you for a Personal Colour Analysis was the culmination of several years of study and learning about systems of color and personality typing. I seem to be one of those people who does  not fit obviously into any category, and I have tried several different systems and spent way too much money on clothes, accessories and makeup for at least three different types. So it was both a pleasure and a relief to go through the logical, detailed and exhaustive draping process with you and to find out that I am a Soft Summer, that common but also most elusive of all colour types!

I loved the entire process, the careful, step-by-step comparisons, eliminations, and more comparisons. Is this better or worse than this? Does this do something for me that the other does not do? Even my husband, so sceptical about the whole thing, was convinced and THAT will save me no end of discussion and dissent down the road, so a special thank you for welcoming him into the session!

The makeup application was quite a revelation also, as I learned finally how to find the correct shade of foundation. I can now confidently agree or disagree with the salesperson at the makeup counter when she or he tells me that it is a perfect match. I have seen the perfect match, I know it exists and I know what it should look like. Never again will I spend money on a foundation that is too pink, too yellow, or too white, just because I assume it is the best I can find.

It has also been incredibly affirming for me to discover that my temperament, my essential nature, is reflected back by the colours that look best on me. I feel that I can relax and be who I am without having to try to be more dramatic, or more romantic, or more down-to-earth or anything other than what I am: a combination of Summer’s soft, flowing appropriateness and Autumn determination and straight-forward delivery. Somehow, by showing me my colours, you have shown me who I am at a deep level. And given me the information I need to show that self to the world. That is indeed life-changing.

Since returning home I have streamlined my closet and my makeup drawer and found in the process that quite a lot of what I already had was perfect or close to my Soft Summer palette. I felt confident and comfortable getting rid of the rest. Of course, I am now excited about building a wardrobe around my very best colours, so with my colour fan always at hand, I am venturing out into new territory. Your Money Well Spent updates are extremely useful also, reminding me of the range of colours and styles that are out there for us Soft Summers.

Thank you, Christine, for helping me make sense of myself, train my eye and lay the foundation for a personal style. I wish everyone could have a session with you. Barbara, Chelsea, Quebec.


To be truly beautiful to yourself. That’s empowering. That is what my color analysis with Christine did for me. Not to wear the mask of someone else, but to know and love who I am. It may be peacful or it may be exciting. Everyone has a place they call home. When the harmony of your colors come together your soul rejoyces. Dancing on the african savana, the blue lake, the forest, the tropical island or the star filled black of night ( You’ll love her book!) ,You will finally feel connected to your truth. Yes you will save money and you will make better ( even perfect) choices. Those things to me are precious yet secondary to the feeling of re connecting with the young person I was before the media and the strange color path life takes us on overtook my senses. Yes I’m back and have never been happier. There is absolute accuracy in her work. You have to see it to feel it. It’s amazing..You’ll believe in a lot more than just your Colors! Robin, USA.


In my late teens I had a colour analysis done and was told that I was a spring. When my mother and daughter and I had our analysis done by Christine, she really “rocked our worlds”. When I walk into a meeting now, no one says, “Wow! What a bright colour!” Now they see me instead of the wrong colours that I was wearing. In the year since I met with Christine, I’ve been told that my hair cut (very short) really suits me, that I look elegant, that I look younger. I’ve been asked about where I buy my clothes and jewelry. However, the best thing to come from my 12Blueprints colour analysis has been the internal feeling of calm that I have gained now that I am no longer trying to compete with my colour choices. Knowing my true colours has helped me to know myself a little better and to feel more like myself in how I present to the world. I’m a true summer! Donna, Ontario.


It’s been about 6 months since first learning of SciArt, and my almost-immediate opportunity to get draped by Christine and truly I cannot overstate the positive impact, on someone basically bewildered by makeup for all my life (I am 50) and who had not thought much about clothing colours (quitting hair henna after 20 years is what got me thinking). The take-home messages? I no longer dread shopping, and I am delighted with what I buy. I feel the beauty of my colours on me, and yes, people in my life have reacted to that magic, as my wardrobe is slowly becoming all in my season. Its changed how I look at me, how I look at the world.

Hmm, as I write I realize this is of necessity a testimony to both Christine and SciArt 12 Seasons. But I would likely never have explored SciArt in the first place without Christine’s inviting, compelling website, and the great discussions catalyzed there. I had been indifferent to the seasons fad in the 80s but Christine’s writings helped me to see the underlying logic ie using the framework of concrete properties of colour (bright/soft, dark/light, cool/warm) to determine the best family of colours for each individuals; this just makes so much sense to me. From my reading, I became aware of my pattern of loving – but then never being happy wearing – bright jewel colours. And there is ONE thing I have known about colours on me since university, thanks to the uniform then of oversized white mens shirts and leggings, that stark white is BAAAD for me (why did I not think to figure out if there were more bad or good colours for me? Who knows.) Putting everything together began to point to soft seasons – even had I never gotten draped, that concept alone put me way ahead of where I was.

As to the draping: Christine was a fabulous balance of personable and professional, so easy to talk to, but at the same time clear that rigour, repeatability, a systematic approach was essential for her (which appealed hugely to the scientist in me. I, and my two friends, absolutely saw the effects of the drapes; in fact after a while, we were doing the leading, while she primarily helped us to articulate what we responded to so strongly in my face (oh, that pinched nose! : ). Everything re-affirmed that I was a Soft Summer and even though that was my guess, still a bit overwhelming to KNOW your season. The surprise part for me was when the hair came out of the cap: my plain ash blonde/brown hair, so-called mousy, looked positively glorious with my drapes. I almost cried. And then, what about a lipstick and eyeliner that I actually loved on me, perhaps the first time ever? And most important: I am able to repeat that magic, both makeup and colours! I have discovered colours my eyes used to just slide right over, like taupes and greys. (for clothing, I do not do minute matching with my swatches, I tend to go more by general feel -and learn from my mistakes, which is why it was thrift store shopping at first : ) And Christine is there for you by email after the draping, to help you grow into your palette.

So if you want to look and feel beautiful, as YOU, in a way that hallelujah!  does not depend at all on being a certain age or weight, get draped (by Christine). Its mind blowing, something I wish every woman could experience. I will end by saying she honestly sees the beauty in every single person; I have rarely met someone with the combination that Christine has of being so non-judgemental, and yet so wanting you to reach and see your best self. Lisa,Ontario




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