Lilia is a Dark Winter

We share zodiac signs, Meyers Briggs types, and Season. How could we not have a day of the analysis and philosophy of beauty and self?


Here we begin. Cuteness beyond words.


Draping and Black

Once she had a chance to review the journey of her colour analysis, Lilia asked,

At first, we did the four drapings of black, brown, silver, and gold. We saw that black gave a severe look and was the worst followed by silver and gold which all gave something good and bad, and then brown that felt comfy but not striking.

So why in the world would I wear that black color on me if I know it was the worst on the first drapes we saw. If there is some color I should combine as a basic and then adjust to my Tone, why could it be more the brown that was the best of the four ? (from what I remember but maybe I have a bias in my memory?)


You’re remembering the very first drapes where the categories are still very broad. When I use those first four drapes, I am not thinking in terms of Season decisions. We were gathering information about what your skin does placed next to different colours. Only True Seasons will have definite Yes/No reactions, but they’re 1 person in 10.

We will see better and worse effects with all four of these early drapes. Dark Winter often looks comfortable in True Autumn if you ignore the yellow because they have a little muting and that type of warmth. Their eyes often connect with some Spring colour characteristics – why? Because they find and harmonize with the higher saturation. I think in terms of skin better with gold than yellow, eyes better with higher saturation, rather than Winter over Summer. All four of these first drapes can be equally success and compromise, even the one we might pick as best.

Black wasn’t Lilia’s worst. It was the best in some ways, despite too much shadowing. Summer silver grey was non-existent, diminishing of her and diminished by her. The drapes have an effect on us and we have an effect right back on them. The skin was fogged in, cloudy, yellowish, almost polluted – what Winter colours do to Summer colours when held side-by-side. Winter’s white makes Summer’s white look yellowish even though it’s not, it’s slightly blue-pink-muted. Only black cleared the smog to perfect the skin tone, removed the jaundice of Spring and Autumn, and brought definition to the features. Too much definition? Certainly, but we adjust that later on in the process.

Those first drapes represent the extremes of that pure Tone. Very few people wear them perfectly. I haven’t seen a True Winter (or True Autumn) in forever. Yes, it is a compromise to choose black as the best, but at the first drapes, everything is a compromise unless you’re a True Season. Plus, our eyes hadn’t yet learned all they were going to. They had many more comparisons to absorb. The process adjusts and adjusts. That True Winter black is too blue-black and too shiny but there are many blacks, just like many blues, and so on. Dark Winter’s is a little warmer, a little duller. Extract some Winter blue, hold it in front of a diesel exhaust for a moment (meaning add a little Autumn gold), et voila! Dark Winter white extracts a little of True Winter’s blue and adds a drop of dark chocolate(Autumn gold).



I don’t suggest all black on anyone, even in your best black. It looks Babushka. It makes a person look older. Colour is younger without even trying. Head to toe black is outdated, an urban myth, an energy flat line. But Dark Winter can and should wear black. It is a very basic wardrobe colour on that Tone. Some Dark Winters feel that dark brown or dark blue are more modern than black to wear with other colours and I don’t disagree at all. With black, the pendulum went too far and it’s time to center it again.

On Dark Winter, it’s only black that I don’t love best when it’s shiny. Shine exaggerates. Light gets lighter, warm seems warmer, cold, colder. All the other colours in the Tone are equally good matte or shiny. My opinion only, Bright Winter is shinier than even Winter’s usual high shine. Dark Winter is the least super shiny.


That Green!

I take a lot of heat about this particular green. In the Masterpiece Drapes we show at the end of the session, there are 15 stunning colours for that Tone. About the green, every single woman says, Are you sure? She is uncomfortable and squirmy. She declares, Ok, well, I’ll never own anything in this colour! Some go out and it’s the first purchase they make, usually the woman who has given me the most heat over it :)

I still only own it as a facing on the collar of a red vest. I don’t remember it from my own PCA. But what did I know? We analyzed my family of 5 and found 3 True Seasons and 2 Neutral Seasons that were the same. Meant nothing to me. We could have been 5 Bright Springs and that would have seemed normal.

In a year, a woman owns an item from about half of her palette. She is comfortable in her more perfect makeup colours, and she pulls out the palette and thinks, Look at that colour. Why have I never seen it before? Why do I not own anything in that colour? And the world of You opens up a tiny bit more.



The green is important in the wholeness of you. Every one of your colours is. We get caught up wearing our six best but no landscape is complete with only that. We need our earth and bark, our bitters and sweets, to present our totality. We are a balance of our light and shadow places. The circle of life, the equilibrium that must exist. Your colours can access parts of you that you can’t reach on the day of your colour analysis. You don’t know about these levels and regions of you yet. The colours are looking further down the road of you.

There is a tendency to see these final drapes as 15 turtlenecks. They are wherever you insert them. Your eyes will capture one button on a friend’s coat. A navy coat is far more interesting with a narrow green band sewn into to the cuff or lining, or the whole lining!, than it would be as a solid navy block. The person is communicated more completely, as the multilayered individuals that we are. How amazing is it when your clothing can be that accurate about you?


The One and Only Magic

Lilia remarked,

Today, I wore lipstick and I just saw my lips, no harmony, just biiiiiiig lip color! I went back home and indeed it was a true winter sample. But on the palette it was good and did harmonize well! Also my coat is a navy blue, not as dark as the one in the fan but with more saturation and clearer. Funny how yesterday with a deeper blue/and black, I got complimented each time crossing someone and today, nothing. Seems true winter colors on me are awful and it makes such a difference switching from dark winter to true winter!


No question, it is unbelievable how the little adjustments make a giant difference in how you look and feel once your eyes and heart are sensitized to it. If you can’t quite tell if a colour matches for saturation, look at it another way. Is it too blue? True Winter is where you may find most errors, but they’ll all be too blue.



I wonder if colour analysts agree that we don’t meet people and work at guessing their Season before the draping begins. But subsconsciously, we analyze every person we meet – and for me, on every aspect of our interaction. True Winter will wear makeup to the appointment. I’ve only met 5 or 6 and it has not failed. They will find a way. The Lights will say, Sheer is never sheer enough. Dark Winter will tell me fairly early on what they don’t like. Lilia doesn’t like any version of purple, from the iced violet that is usually a favorite, to any other version. Burgundy felt much better.

She said, I showed my PCA pictures to some people, and each time it’s Ooooooh that purple is SO beautiful on you! Dammit! As I see it, it is really a big deal because it’s the undertone.




Yes, approximately what I see as the undertone of Dark Winter. As you’ll read in my book, I don’t really know what undertone is as a biological layer. Nobody ever defines it in a way that makes sense to me so I do what I always do – I make up my own version till I hear a better one. The book (RTYNC over in the right column) shows the undertones as I see them today, though for some (like Bright Winter), there were a couple of choices (not Dark Winter).

I’ve read that undertone is the colour of our different bloods. That implies structural changes to hemoglobin, doesn’t it? It’s not implausible that it could change its molecular structure enough to alter its colour without impeding its binding with oxygen. Who’s going to fund the research to prove it? What drug could be developed based on the data? Undertone is a bit of an aura feeling I get, though I’d never put that in a book. It’s like the sum total of the glow of the individual. Does that imply that I can see it before the draping? No way. My eyes need to see the reactions of your skin just as much as yours do.

Lilia: So from what I understand, I chose the only colour I hate in the world to be my very number 1 good colour.

Ok, first, it’s funny.

But on a psychological level, philosopher that I am, I’m sure we have an intuition for colour. I’m sure we deeply know and recognize what’s good or not. When I see my wardrobe I can find a lot of consistency with Dark Winter. Why would I have eliminated the best colour on me ?

Christine: Yes, it is funny. And, for me, fun. I love to take you as far as possible from the woman you arrived as. I want to open every window in your mind that you will allow so you can see yourself as you never have. Your choice of words is so good, I chose the only colour I hate…, because you did.

Many women wonder why they have aversions to their best colour, even on a larger scale of, Why would I eliminate my entire Season? I don’t know but I’ve talked about it or around it a lot. We lose our path. We hear other voices than our own from when we were that little face up at the top. We believe compliments to be accurate when in fact, compliments are always always emotionally invested. We don’t love who or what we are. We need permission to be our real selves. So many things.

Lilia: Is there something to fear about being beautiful?

C: Yes, I think there is. One woman said she actually felt uncomfortable being noticed for this reason. Like separating herself from the safety net of her human tribe. Like having to live up to a newer, bigger, fuller, stronger level of herself. When I pray, I don’t ask for cash or prizes. I ask for the health, happiness, and safety of those I love. And I ask that I can be enough to achieve the things I want. Could that be it? Could we feel afraid that we’re not going to be enough for what this new face communicates?



Philosopher’s Beauty

Lilia: Yesterday, I was wearing good colours. I was complimented and I felt SO awkward. That was so unusual. I didn’t expect that effect. I thought that I already had good colours in my makeup and clothes base. I felt that I just needed a few changes to put all of them together and the difference wouldn’t be that much that anyone would notice except me.

ERROR. I discovered there is a wow effect. There is a magical effect. (that magical effect that I didn’t have with TW colours today). Now, I can now recognize it very well when the magic is here.

C: Those photos we took are striking in a visceral way. Only the exposure and saturation are raised a trace to show the true colours. Often with those last drapes and the makeup on, my heart rate speeds up. It’s very physiologic. The beauty of it makes me light-headed. My breathing patterns change because my brainwaves are altered. It’s not just me, I just have thought about it more.

Lilia: Colours are waves. Anybody who had already knows a little physics knows how waves and frequency work: when you add the same ones together and you have a signal amplified. Adding contrary ones gives a zero signal. I just realized today how obvious it is to link colour analysis with the theory of amplification in physics.

M: Synchrony >> Synergy = More than the sum of its parts. Interference theory.

You get better at seeing magic when you compare closer and farther over the next few weeks of learning your colours. The closer to the palette, the better. With every shopping expedition, you will compromise less.


Reading to Grow Your Soul

Lilia brought this into my world. You will feel closer to who you want to be and how you’re going to get there. From before The Secret took over our co-creation paradigms.

Click on The Game of Life and How to Play It.


Use of Images

The images contained in this article are of private individuals, not celebrities. I consider the permission for me to use them as a privilege. It is my intention to protect these women’s privacy and generosity. If you use any of the photos without permission, I will seek legal counsel. I do not want to have to reduce the beauty and detail of the photographs with watermarks.

This is a learning site. Please do use my words with credit back to the web page you copied and pasted them from. If you mix up my meaning and get the message wrong, feel free to omit any reference back to me.



20 thoughts on “Lilia is a Dark Winter”

  1. Gorgeous woman!

    I have to admit that I wonder about that green, too, though. All I see in that particular photo is the drape’s casting green up all over her face. The other photos are all beautiful – that one makes HER green.

    Do you really think it’s not possible that Kathryn made a mistake on that one?

  2. All of the colors cast themselves onto her face. You can see it strongest under the chin. I think it’s just sheer reflection. I actually find that green fascinating. This was such a refreshing and interesting post. I can understand not wanting to wear certain colors as much as others, and also Christine’s remark about putting colors together to get a fuller impact than just wearing one at a time.

    So, I have another question for Christine. I read somewhere that the woman with the hardest time wearing yellow is Soft Summer. So, since there is a very interesting yellow with a bluish undertone in the SS palette, is it possible that most SS’s look best with this as a touch rather than as an all-over color? It’s been in the back of my mind all this time, and I never even considered the possibility of actually wearing it all over. Perhaps we feel about that color the was DW feels about their green.

  3. Funny how we see different things – when I scrolled down to Lilia in the green, I literally gasped in awe! The colour struck me as being the brightest of the set on the screen and instinctively I quickly tried to impose myself wearing it as a bright winter but oh no, no the image left me flat – on lovely Lilia though it sits beautifully IMO.

  4. “True Winter will wear makeup to the appointment. I’ve only met 5 or 6 and it has not failed. They will find a way.”

    Had to comment on this as I’m a TW and I did in fact wear makeup to my PCA appointment. How very intriguing! (^(oo)^)v

  5. There may be a difference in the way monitors display colors. I see the green reflection under Lilia’s chin, but not in her face, which looks healthy. It’s an awe-inspiring photo because I know I could not wear that green and look like anything except the color, but her coloring is as strong as the green and it works. And she’s just breathtaking in the purple. It’s wonderful to see how beautiful people can be in their best colors.

  6. I can´t stop looking at the purple one! She is beautiful at her true colors! But I have a question: is this purple a DW color? I thought it was Bright Winter. Am I wrong?

  7. Always, I thank you for your comments and questions. Please, everyone, remember that no 2 women who saw these photos were looking at the same version of Lilia’s face. Kirsten said it – the room lighting, the camera, Lilia’s computer, my computer, the blog software, and your computer – every single step changed what you see. The ONLY people who saw these colours and this face as they really appear are Lilia and me. These photos are here to illustrate the incredible beauty that colour harmony can achieve and that colour analysis MUST be done in real time by real human eyes IN PERSON. The more women we drape, the more photos we show, the more we know this to be true. When have you ever seen a photo of a person, a cosmetic, an article of clothing, and had it look precisely and exactly as you expected IRL? Never. Like, ever. Right?

    Rachel – that green, ay? Think of it this way. Consider Dark Autumn’s wasabi green and olives. Adjust for the Winter progression, so add a little blue and red, take out some gold, and saturate it. This green is no mistake, it’s very logical in the Season sequence. But I appreciate the Q because there is a drape in my Light Summer set that is so dark blue, it approaches black. I don’t find it harmonizing. I don’t understand it and it’s so dark that I can’t read the stamp. Of my hundreds of drapes, that’s the one I wonder about.

    Kathryn – the S Su yellow – I think the problem is finding the bugger in a store. Summer always has yellow issues but I easily see it as a large block of colour. Now, S Su’s magic is in the combinations. The very gentleness of the colours allows unbelievable combinations that would be strident or busy/silly in most other Tones. S Su only gets better and better. They look like music. About 3 colours is right, maybe 2 large and 1 smaller block.

    luxe – :) you’ve made my count 6 out of 6 then. I did have one who didn’t arrive with makeup actually, because she never wore it in the first place. Life is funny.

    Daenerys – absolutely a DW. BW purples are quite different. Candies, sugarplums, crayons – not the same energy as the darker purple above. The lighter icy purple might cross over, though not identical to BW’s. Retail reality probably requires that Winters buy one another’s icy colours if we’re to have any at all.

  8. “But I appreciate the Q because there is a drape in my Light Summer set that is so dark blue, it approaches black. I don’t find it harmonizing. I don’t understand it and it’s so dark that I can’t read the stamp. Of my hundreds of drapes, that’s the one I wonder about.”

    Christine, I consider myself as Light Summer. It is so very obvious to me that dark colors are my worst….except for dark blue!
    It’s the one and only dark color I can successfully wear. I never understood this and I blamed it on my love to wear the color blue, but reading your comment I will accept it as a Light Summer peculiar :-)

  9. I loved this article Christine. If you ever come to the UK I will be first in the queue for a PCA!!! :)

  10. Thank you, Janine. Isn’t she incredibly beautiful? You know, Nikki and I have bounced around the idea of visiting the UK together. Maybe one day, we’ll meet.

  11. Christine, about the dark blue LSu drape – when you say that you don’t find it harmonising, do you mean harmonising with the other drapes, or with Light Summers that you’ve draped?

  12. I did look at the top child picture and think a definite winter. My own brother has similar coloring as a dark winter. However when I saw Lilia’s eye color I was thinking Dark Autumn, however even covering my hand over the white drape on the top picture against the monitor to show the orange drape, it is so clear that the Dark Autumn would make Lilia’s skin muddy. The purple drape is beautiful, the bright white also makes Lilia’s skin appear iridescent.

  13. Sarah – I don’t find it harmonizing with L Su women or their palette. It does work better with L Su men and is in their palettes (from the original Sci\ART Men’s Books of Colours).

  14. Christine – thank you for another very good post. And what a beautiful woman. Absolutely wonderful. I like the green and would happily wear it.
    Something I like about these posts is that I get to see the seasons drapes and colours and they are rarely ever quite what I thought they would be. I thought DW was a lot darker, a lot more as if every colour had black somewhere underneath it. But that is not at all how it looks in these beautiful images. Also I thought the shadow of colour under her chin was a sure sign of someone being a summer and the colour being too highly pigmented for that person. Do I understand you correctly, that in this case it is just the way the photos show – or does some of the colour reflect IRL too.
    I am still unsure of me as a Ssu. And there is now way around the black for me. It does belong. Even the two analysts said that. Black and silver were equally good on me. I am looking forward to a 3rd analysis at some point.

  15. AC, I understand you might be a Soft Summer. Interesting, considering your photo… I have never been analyzed- and will never be, very likely- but I thought I might be a SSu too. You know, so-and-so skin and the mixed blue and green eyes. Yet I can wear black, and grey is good, especially if silvery. On the other hand, I do not look so especially good in pine green or pewter. But again, if I read about various seasons, by exclusions, it seems that I cannot be anything else than SSu. So in the end, I gave up, and read about colour analysis for the art sake only…

  16. I’d just add some words, after re-reading what I wrote above. First, guessing, as I have done, may not quench the anxiety of not knowing the best colours, because there will always something that seems not to fit. I may like some colour, and feel comfortable with my image when wearing that special colour, for instance, and will never be able to convince myself that it does not 100% works for me, unless helped. If one could get a professional colour analysis that one could trust, it is so much better. Otherwise, one could learn by reading about these things, at least to assess carefully the effect of the colour of an item before actually buying it. But it will be never the same thing as getting a trustworthy analysis.

    And something else, even after being correctly analyses and trusting the result, the before loved colours are not forbidden by law! They are maybe not the very best ones, but maybe they look rather good, especially when combined with some others, in good fabrics, and with the fact that one feels at home, so to say.

  17. Love this article and the comments. Lots of smart women. And you, Christine: “These photos are here to illustrate the incredible beauty that colour harmony can achieve and that colour analysis MUST be done in real time by real human eyes IN PERSON. ”
    Anyway, I have a question: What lipstick is Lilla wearing in the photos? It is fabulous!
    Now, off to look at the greens in my DW palette. Time to branch out!

  18. Okay. I’m the same colouring as this woman. I’ve always worn deep winter colours but since seeing colour analysts they’ve tossed me in deep
    Autumn and I felt muddy and DRAB, then bronzed Autumn then dusky Autumn deep till I hated getting dressed! Literally lost all desire for dressing as I felt very unbecoming till today I saw myself walking into a cafe and the late evening light showed me clearly in the window looking so wrong in autumn Colors I was convinced. I came home and my swathes had arrived. Sorted them into categories and did the whole process. I don’t need to daylight to know that the years have deepened my hair for a reason. I’m a DW and look identical in hair, skin and eyes to this lass.
    So question is must we wear white gold? I don’t gel with yellow gold nor pretend silver as it looks dull and cold against me like tin foil. However looking at her and my skin rose gold is perfection to my mind. Is it concrete that winters must wear silver because I beg to differ if so. I’m no autumn but I don’t do white gold/silver/tin foil.
    In fact I prefer minimal
    Jewellery if any at all and deep red is the best and favoured if I do. Amethysts and garnets and DEEP Ceylon sapphires are always where I turn. Can handle them but not silver or white gold. I’m too deep for that.
    Toned deep winter? Or just deep and preference is to stay that way?

    Appreciate a reply please.

  19. Responding to this comment and the one for the Can Eyes, Skin, and Hair Conflict post, Mariah,
    I’m sorry that your experience has been frustrating. As various standards in materials, education, testing methods, and expertise evolve and begin to distinguish themselves across the PCA industry, hopefully consumers will find the system they prefer and find their answers within it. Although everyone wants one right answer, the reality is that the world is more varied. It may be similar to the situation of needing a few tries to find our great massage therapist, and experience a few not-so-great massages, but overall, we are glad that the world gives us choice and that we eventually found the one that was right for us. Being a Season in one system doesn’t not automatically translate everything about that Season to how another PCA company might practice. This is the same as not using a Samsung charger for an Apple device. While I appreciate that in PCA, Dark Winter may seem synonymous with any company’s Dark Winter, the fact is that they are not all identical. The building blocks must stack up inside a system but not necessarily between systems and companies.

    I hope that I answer your questions. I cannot know anyone’s Season from verbal descriptions or photographs so I’ll take it that you find DW most correct.

    Does DW wear white gold only? No. I find that it can be great or too soft depending on the piece. It’s better when it’s shiny. I prefer silver, platinum, or a gold that is not too yellow.

    I am not familiar with the parameters of Toned Deep Winter. That is another PCA company’s terminology and I do not know exactly what it implies or includes/excludes.

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