Light Summer Looking Serious

In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, the Light Seasons are the Neutral Season blends of True Spring and True Summer. These people are often not as light to look at as you’d expect, certainly not blue-eyed blondes by necessity. Colour Analysis is not about what you look like. It is about what the colours that make your skin the most perfect have in common.

What’s not to like about the Light Spring and Light Summer? Agreeable in every way, reminding of sunshine, mild weather, pleasant temperatures, and easiness.What if you want to express the serious contender side of yourself, and not a dally in a rowboat?

You can dress like the boss, but he/she probably has no idea what to wear either. Two shades lighter than the men in that business seems reasonable. Can color be used to make women less threatening in male dominated workplaces? Or be seen more as equals?

When you want to be heard, it’s easy to forget that whispers work better. They clear the air like an early morning rain in a world where everyone seems to be yelling. A beautiful, natural face like the one below relaxes everyone around them. They ease the tension in a room just by being there. Light Summer personifies the breath of fresh air like no other.

When we look at the colour palettes fanned out for any Season, our eye tends to be drawn to the colours. If you planted an acre garden and it contained a single bloom, your eye would be drawn to that spot of colour. We have to make a conscious effort to notice all the other colours, meaning the neutrals. They are the spine of the whole wardrobe, the items that the real colours are added to. Use them a lot. You don’t need an item in everyone of your greens, but owning each of the grays is a good investment. For Light Summer, they are the colour of breath, shade, and shadows.

Monochromatic (all one colour) and analogous (neighbour colours on the colour wheel) colour schemes look organized and work very well on Summers and their blends, though Spring will use more colour difference and brightness in their prints and combinations. Pair a blue-gray with a blue, or a lilac-gray with a colour from the pink-violet family. This quiets the colour but introduces the friendliness, creativity, and confidence that colour does, and is very appropriate at work.

Avoid child like details, like pintucks, gathers, bows, or dots, unless the colour is quite serious and the effect is low key. These can look great on any Spring blend, but we’re trying to look less pediatric. Smocked blouses or hippie/tie-dye tunics can look as fine as peasant and folk styles on Autumn, but best worn on days off.

Keep in mind the most essential aspect of your colouring. It never gets darker than medium, so your clothes do not either. There is always a light block somewhere to give an overall light feeling, because that’s how looking at you feels. Get too dark and your clothes take over your face, your body, your size, your presence. You have room to move with warmth and coolness, and with mutedness or clearness, because as long as colour stays light, it is very forgiving to your skin perfection.

Light Summer is gentle colour, misty light, an early sun, and an airiness that’s still cooler than it is warm. Silver and gold would both be fine in the photo above, but silver feels more at home. There is no stark white. I know the boat is white, but that’s your left brain telling you so. If you were to paint this picture, the sky and boat are gray, and silvery gray at that. Black? Put one black spot anywhere here and your eye would see nothing else.

Light Summer work



I set the max price at 100 for most items. Your workplace may be more glam than mine, so you may see this as a casual look.

I liked the cardi because it reminds me of how planet Earth looks from outer space, a water planet, all swirling greens, blues, and whites.

Nothing gets very dark. There would be more white tops but they publish with odd reflections.

The blue jacket on the left – too muted? Maybe. It could be sunnier, but sometimes you’ll love something that will be close enough, or you won’t be able to find the perfect thing with the time and money you own. It all has to work in the real world. Light Summer is Summer above all. Denim blues are all pretty good.

The silver watch too chunky? Better suited to a Winter? Maybe, but I like a big watch. The strap is a brushed silver and the stones, numbers, and details set in the face are small. It balances well enough.

As ever, I’m more interested in what you don’t agree with because it helps me learn. I never take anything personally, trust me.

Next post will be Light Spring.




19 thoughts on “Light Summer Looking Serious”

  1. Oh, I love posts about clothing and accessory collections for seasons — any season!! They give me a better gestalt-view than just a colour fan. Lovely to look at. More, please!

  2. Well, that was fun!
    Under the influence of Christine’s inspiration, I went to Polyvore and doodled up my own Light Summer “Need Desperately” wardrobe. But, dare I buy any more clothes? (I already know the answer to that!)

  3. I love the colors, Christine!
    But….perhaps the cardigan is a bit too much brightness for a Light Summer? I know she can wear these colors, but I have the feeling that it is just a bit too much so close to the face?

  4. Christine – Not sure there’s a right and wrong. For me, True Spring is about delicacy and lightness. If the hardware is chunky, then even a small amount might weigh down the look. You’d have to consider the overall appearance of the item and the size of the woman. We are venturing into “how I think it looks good” versus “what you think looks good, and you’re the one wearing it, and expressing yourself with it”.

  5. “There is always a light block somewhere to give an overall light feeling”

    Why did I not think about this statement before? I have trouble with the darkest colors on my Light Summer swatch book. I’ve bought my darkest, coolest blue in a couple tops. The darkest teal. The darkest pink (or I suppose it’s my red). And they feel really dark if I wear them with my blue jeans which, on a scale of lightest (1) to darkest(5) of my swatch book, are about a 4. So I tend to pair them with my khaki-colored jeans instead (2 or 3) but I think it could still be better. So should I wear my darkest colors with my lightest then? I’ve read so much about Summers not wearing high contrast, especially LSu where it’s supposed to be light, light, light and I don’t see my darkest colors as being super light all by themselves.

    I would LOVE light grey pants like you show above but I’m more comfortable in jeans and don’t spend much on pants as I go through them fairly fast. And it’s hard enough finding dark-medium greys in pants let alone light.

    I guess my question then is, if I’m wearing one of my darkest colors in a top, do my pants need to be lighter than say that grey jacket you have pictured?

  6. Hi, Tora,

    The things I write are just how I think it looks best. So, Heather Locklear, a probably L Su, in head to toe dark seems too somber even if the darks are her colours. Others wouldn’t agree. They would say that as long as you choose from your palette, you can wear every colour equally well in any way. So it comes down to you finding a L Su person, Princess Diana, there are many, and google her Images and think about what you think looks good. Look at for more pictures of people examples.
    If we talk about what I like, with a darker top, I’d make my pants come from the medium to light colours of my palette. Are the colours hard to find? Yes and No. Yes, because this time of year is tough for Lights, much easier in May. No in that your eye still learns to see only your best colours, they are out there.
    You could equally well wear a dark top, a light pant, and a scarf that includes the medium and light shade to blend the outfit. The contrast thing shouldn’t be taken to extremes. Your correct palette won’t let you have huge contrast because it doesn’t go from light to black. The potential for high contrast isn’t really there. The idea is to get some watercolour flowing, no big sudden jumps between colour blocks, but again, your palette is looking after a big part of this for you.
    Your darkest colours are super light, it’s true, but put them next to black or blackened eggplant and navy. Suddenly, your darks are looking quite light as darks colours go.

  7. I know my darkest colors are not all that dark compared to black but looking at one all by itself, light is not the first adjective to come to mind :)

    I will definitely do some googling then. Head to toe photos are what I need to see because it’s so easy for me to forget the bottom half that I don’t see in my bathroom mirror. I don’t look at the whole ensemble often enough. And it’s obviously hard to see myself objectively which is why we have specially trained color analysts like you to turn to!

    I’ve had my palette for a year and a half now and I wonder if my issues with the dark part are the trouble I have in spotting them. It didn’t take too long for me to know when a light color wasn’t worth even walking toward. But the dark ones I test with my swatches are, strangely enough, never too warm or cool and rarely too dark, but are usually too bright or muted.

    Thank you so much for your suggestions, Christine! I’ll just need to practice with my palette some more ^_^

  8. Christine,
    You said in your post above that Light Summers have room to move between clear and muted. Does that mean some LSu’s are more muted than clear?

  9. The post above says Light Spring is next … did I miss this one? Also, how would you describe Light Summer and Light Spring personalities? Thanks.

  10. Shirley,
    L Su is always more muted than clear because they are more Summers than Springs. But when they shop, if a colour is a tiny bit more or less clear, it may not matter too much. It’s not the aspect of their colouring that is most crucial.
    Are some LSu more muted than others? Probably, though not by a wide margin. Those leaning to the warmer side, that have more Spring in them, will have a little more clarity in their colouring than those leaning closer to the Summer side.

  11. Hello,

    Would the lady with the afro be considered a light summer, or is she simply wearing clothing in the light summer range?

  12. Just wearing the clothes, Kay. Nothing about her native colouring seems to repeat the LSu palette, far as I can tell from a distant photo.

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