Light Spring Looking Serious

We talked last time about how Light Summer conveys a professional, adult image with a palette that can feel like rainbows and fairy tales.

Light Spring (of the 12 Seasons, this Neutral Season is mostly Spring with a little Summer) is in the same boat. Although creamier and less misty blue, you would use the Light Spring palette to paint the Fountain of Youth. How we dress, how our faces and bodies look, it’s just the light we give off. Light Spring is the creamy green, pink, and white light of a tree in bloom. Not just one little flower, as has been suggested, this is the whole glowing magnificent tree, radiating a clear, young, vital light.

I could suggest that you to aim to project this light when you choose what to buy, but it doesn’t help much at a mall.

Let’s call this beautiful woman Lynn. Light is not the first thing you might say when you look at Lynn’s face or her overall apperance. She knows from a Sci\ART personal colour analysis that the Light Spring palette created the most perfected skin she could achieve. Skin is difficult to illustrate, so we get caught talking about hair and eyes, though we know neither has a definitive place in deciding Season. This hair colour is a bit darker than her natural colour, but not by much. Her eye colour is not dark or intense, rather similar to the soft green leaves behind her. There is a great misconception that the Light Seasons are all blue-eyed blondes. Rachel addressed this topic better than anyone in her article on revising our idea of Spring and Summer.

Notice the perfection of the earrings, dress, sweater, both in style and colour. These people look younger than anyone else, for longer, a marvelous gift. But they don’t necessarily want others to think Barbie, Tinkerbell, cupcake, candy heart, Mother’s Day Cake, or anything else with a pediatric drift, when they assemble an outfit. This can be challenging with a palette that is sunny and delicate to the point of enchantment.

Light bounces everywhere, though not full on squinty light. The overall feeling is distinctly warmer than Light Summer, but lightness of colour is shared as the most important aspect of perfecting skin tone. Every item need not be perfect, is not in the collection below, and will not be in stores. The overall impression pulls single items into a cohesive Light Spring feeling.

Try not to get too playful. Though a coloured bag or jacket is so good on Springs, the brighter the colour, the plainer the style, at least for professional impressions.

Make big use of neutrals, and remember that they are luminous too.

Light Spring work



The green blouse would be better with ivory than white, but the overall feeling is light. The pants with the yellow blouses are not part of the collection. Pants are very light neutral. Most khakis and chinos are too orange, heavy, and/or yellow-brown for Light Spring. Light beige pants are quite fine, but camel can look almost like furniture, bulky and solid on this airy lightness.  It just put friction into the system that doesn’t feel good. Notice in the set above that you can feel some restraint still where heat is concerned.

In response to the Light Summer Looking Serious post, a valid point was raised that I want to share. Why does the Light Summer coat look so light (from the previous post), and this suit so much darker? Is there a difference in how dark the two Light Seasons can get? Great questions.

In my head, they went to about the same level of darkness, or not enough that it would matter in stores, though Light Spring would be the lighter of the two, with the main difference in side-by-side swatches being that Light Spring is yellower and a touch clearer (less gray). That was true of the pre-2010 swatch books I still have. When I looked at my post 2010 swatch books (no idea when in 2010 they were made, if they were old stock or new formulas), Light Spring is definitely the lighter palette of the more recent books. A sincere thanks to the woman who pointed this out.

The Light Spring palette looks the same as my post (not a typo) 2010 books. To look at the two, Light Spring look a bit hazier (as in misty,rather than grey), though those are the clearer, less muted colours. As they lose Summer grayness and take on more of Spring white to lighten plus yellow to warm, they become creamy. The purer the yellow, increasing as we move into Spring, the lighter the colour. Muted means closer to gray, a Summer characteristic. If True Summer is skim milk and True Spring is real cream, Light Summer is still only about 1% milk, whereas Light Spring is what? Half ‘n half, not as heavy as whipping cream.

Light Spring colours must be tints, with more white added to them, or that’s how it seems, though I am no colour mixing expert. There may also be a photographic factor here, since the Light Spring swatches are the clearer ones to look at IRL, perhaps a bit like the effect of being photographed while wearing sunscreen. In thinking of how to describe the difference, overexposed came to mind.

These articles are not intended to show the colour extremes. Only the swatch books can do that. These sets are more trying to communicate an overall feeling and simulate a real shopping experience. The coat in the Light Summer post was among their mid-darkness level browns. Is the coat above too dark for Light Spring? You may feel that it certainly is. To me, it is OK, though they would not go even one degree darker. I left it there for the illustration.

Is the colour too something-not-right, better suited to an Autumn? A Soft Autumn could probably wear it, though I don’t see a lot of orange in the colour, it seems more a Spring yellow-brown on this screen.

The issue for me is whether a Light Season would wear the jacket and pants together or if the overall look would be too heavy and somber. I still think it would work with a light blouse, but some of the very fair women may feel otherwise. Every woman will have to make a darkness adjustment within her palette, based on the darkness of her natural colouring and her own preference, how much makeup she likes, etc. The model wearing the suit is holding her own in it. The model in the photo to her left probably could as well.

How could I, I forgot handbags for the Lights?!


Bags for Light Seasons



Interchangeable for the Light Seasons. Not too much hardware, which looks heavy. Light means light by every connotation of the word.

Light purses get dirty, I know, but I still prefer the look with this woman, clothes, and makeup.

The right column, 2nd from top, though a nice colour, may feel too clunky and heavy. May also depend on the size of the woman carrying it. Purses look good when they kind of match our body shape. Rounded with rounded, boxy with boxy, big and little with big and little.

No brown bags, which feel too weighed down and utility for Spring, especially Light Spring, even in a workplace look. I apologize to anyone with brown purses and respect, indeed welcome, your right to disagree with me as long as you tell me why so I learn something. Left column, 2nd from top, is also a bit heavy, but if something qualifies as cute, probably Spring.

Middle column bottom, the blush pink may not be for the day you chair the meeting, but great for the business lunch the meeting-after-the-meeting. I believe we should find a way to wear our undertone colour every day. Others get that something is going on that their eyes are not often given.




18 thoughts on “Light Spring Looking Serious”

  1. Christine I love you for writing all these articles! I love reading them, absorbing the text, learning. You do have a way with words, and I can’t wait for your book to be ready.
    Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

  2. This is SO helpful. Over the past couple of weeks or so I have been reading through your entire site, taking notes, etc. I have just been “diagnosed” as a True Spring, decades after first being draped and told I was a Winter (old system) and then later that I was some form of Soft Summer. You can imagine the state of my wardrobe now: I am left with one jacket, a casual skirt, a couple of T shirts, no jewelery and almost NO idea how I am supposed to start from ground zero. (On the bright side — pun intended — I just bought a cheapo lipgloss and am thrilled — e.l.f. “Wild” for any True Springs reading!)

    My bright colours are scaring me after all these years of black, grey and murky slate blues so this post has given me some good ideas about focusing business-wear around my neutrals. Question: now that I can buy handbags with gold hardware, how much hardware do you think works for the True Spring? I’m still trying to get my head around all this “animated, vivacious, sparkly” stuff . . . !!

  3. PS True Spring again: For years I have carried caramel coloured bags. Would not have bought brown and on reflection think you are right that it is too visually heavy on a Spring. I found, in purging my wardrobe, that there were certain garments/ accessories I had bought according to my own preferences instead of what I thought I “should” buy: pajamas, robes, workout T-shirts — and for some reason, handbags.

  4. Very nice to see a light spring who is not another blonde wrapped in light beige. But it has also left me wondering. I think i’m some kind of spring myself and I happen to be a natural blonde, but if I wear only light beige people tend to ask me if i’m tired. So does that mean that i’m not a light spring or does it mean that light spring is not all about light beige? Anyway, thanks for all the interesting info.

  5. wow, this article is well written. although it has been stated previously I enjoy your ability to put the “intangable” into words for us color devotees. It’s obvious you are well researched and have a passion for color and it’s affect on us mere mortals. Once again much gratitude for sharing your insights.

  6. Christine, I see now that you have replied my comment but seem to have misplaced it in “Light summer looking serious”. Not important really, but it is why I’m replying after so long time. I don’t wear make up and the shade of beige is difficult to descripe. Anyway, I know now that I am a bright spring and not light. I realize that you could not possibly help me or use my comment for anything. I guess it was more a spontaneous frustration from my side. I could see how fantastic my sister looked in delicate creamy colors – and that the same colors just seemed to make me look.. blah. It puzzled me since we often hear that we look alike. Anyway, I have read “The brown eyed spring” and I’m wondering if you are planning to write more about bright spring? What are your thoughts regarding this personality? I’m struggling with wearing contrasts – I’m afraid of looking clownish. Guess I’m used with the safety of dressing like a summer. Can the contrast level be too low or too high?

  7. Karen, I am with you on this one. I was draped by Hanka in Prague last week and am also a bright spring. Though I love the colours, I share your concern regarding a clownish look and the questions regarding contrast levels – and I too am curious regarding the personality traits. I will comment further under “The brown eyed spring” – in that way we move the discussion where other bright springs will naturally look and comment.

  8. Sorry, Karen,

    I’ve moved the reply here where it belongs:

    Karen – Too many variables here. What exact shade of beige? what were the people looking at or for? what makeup were you wearing? I’ve seen True Summer natural blondes. Hair colour is irrelevant to Season. There is no possible way to use this type of comment, no matter how many times you’ve gotten it, to guide you towards or away from any Season.

    Can contrast be too high? Yes, this is not a Winter, it’s primarily Spring. Contrast is high because very saturated colour looks better that way, but it’s done more with black+colour than B&W, so it seems less stark, and the black element is smaller in size. It can get fairly high if the person “looks” like a Winter, with the expected dark hair/light skin, but the delicacy of Spring that is very present here will be overwhelmed by aggressive contrasts if it’s taken too far. Adding light and bright colour moderates it a bit.
    Contrast too low? Sure, foggy landscapes are not what you look like, colours shouldn’t flow together too much. A middle ground where you feel comfortable, especially in the beginning, would be quite fine and very much within the rightest look for the Season. You’ll be braver about venturing and choosing a year from now, but this is where you start.

    It’s hard to write about personality in a comment’s necessarily restricted (in size and to benefit the most readers) space. There’s a little lineup, but I’ll add B Sp. And answer AC’s questions where the larger comment is, after The Brown-Eyed Spring.

  9. “The issue for me is whether a Light Season would wear the jacket and pants together or if the overall look would be too heavy and somber. I still think it would work with a light blouse, but some of the very fair women may feel otherwise. Every woman will have to make a darkness adjustment within her palette, based on the darkness of her natural colouring and her own preference, how much makeup she likes, etc. ”

    I think this is the answer to the question I just asked on Light Summer Looking Serious but I hope you might have some new input anyway :)

    My hair is about a light brown (I like to believe dark blonde), a couple shades lighter than the model in the suit. Before my PCA I wore a lot of black eye makeup (and clothes) and the colors have changed but not the amount of makeup. I just get to play with color more!

    When I wear my darkest tops I’ve found the best makeup for me to do is a really light eye and darker lips. I’ve tried it several other ways and it just seems like my eye gets lost if it’s medium to dark makeup and the same if the lip is really light. And that hasn’t been a problem with my medium to light tops.

  10. Not sure if you saw this on facebook:

    L Sp – can be more like Summers, so pleasant and angelic or more like Springs, so sporty and spunky. Spring loves play over work and will stop to talk anytime. Easy smile. Life is about enjoyment. The Spring half of the Seasons trusts in pleasure. The Autumn 5 trust work.

    The personality discussions are intended to be taken lightly. I doubt you’d find two analysts who would agree about them.

  11. As a Light Spring myself, this article put some very helpful images in my head. One question, though: I remember reading somewhere (not sure who wrote it) that LSpr is “light, but not pastel”. This is a huge mental block for me, and I find myself with either Bright Spring items (as in “not pastel”) or Light Summery items (as in “light” and therefore pastel).

    Or is pastel a part of the Light Spring palette and I’ve just got it wrong?

    (Aaaahh, my Sci/Art color fan should be arriving soon, and I am sooo looking forward to that very objective piece of light spring to carry with me on my shopping trips!)

  12. So, I am entirely confused. I know I am either a Light Spring or Summer but I cannot tell which one! My veins look bluish-greenish and my eyes are grey-green with a section of gold in one of them (I have sectoral heterchromia) I look good in both gold and silver and both colour palettes although I look amazing in those baby pastel shades, but my natural hair colour is a more golden blonde than I think what is normally described of a Light summer. My skin normally looks pinkish undertone but everyone always describes my complexion as “peaches and cream” which is a term for warm, right? But the description of a light summer having low contrast and being really soft completely describes me, as I cannot really do anything dramatic with my look without being overwhelmed or harsh. Still I am not sure as there are some warm qualities I have. I feel like I Amin the middle. :( What would I technically be, warm or cool? I even asked my hair stylist who said I could pull off warm and cool, what does that mean?!

  13. Lila – it means that you are like 75% of the population in that the colours in you have a little movement on a warm-cool scale, a Neutral Season, and perhaps one of the Lights from your suspicions. The only way that you or anybody else can know how warm or cool you truly are is to compare your colouring to drapes whose warm-cool levels have been calibrated.

  14. Hello ladies…I have just found that I am a Light Spring. I love the wonderful colors of the Spring pallet. I find I am the most happy in neutral colors as a base and add the other Spring colors as a “addition” to the neutrals. Having been told previously that I was a True Spring, I was excited to find that I wasn’t. I thought the color pallet of the True Spring looked quite gaudy and harsh for my lighter coloring. I am happy to say a big “thank you” to my friend Caroline in Ireland for finally determining my season. She was a huge help to me and I appreciate everything she has done. Thank you, Caroline! xx

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