How Do I Know if I Will Be a Successful Colour Analyst?

I wish you this today and for the 364 days ahead:

Happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018 to you and your families!

The next image could be a picture of me standing next to my car. Freezing cold and relentless snow here in Ontario.

The header image is but a distant dream.

About the title question:

The short answer is that you don’t know. Neither do I.

Benjamin Hardy, the top writer for, said something to the effect that all we get to see is what’s in the beam of headlights. Not the final destination.

If you’re trying to decide whether to embark on the PCA path,

(One woman said, “Always looking for a new career!”)

Normal colour vision is fine.

Being a fashion insider or outsider makes no difference.

Logic and spreadsheets might get you to one good answer.

Something else that I’ve seen work really well is when a person says:”I don’t know how successful I will be and I don’t need to know. What I do know is that I can’t really picture my life without this in it.”

Now you’ve got my attention.

In this video, a few more thoughts about what might smooth the way.


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