Jeans for 12 Seasons

Here is a post that many have asked to see. If there were three items that are owned by the greatest number of people, jeans would have to be in there.

What better way to pass the time when my dearest province of P.E.I. looks like this? See the little banana piece of land just SW of centre? It’s disappearing under the snow! Though I hear that Boston might be even more so. From the CBC Prince Edward Island Facebook page,

Photo: CBC Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Photo: CBC Prince Edward Island, Canada.

We think jeans match everything. Colour analyst Jorunn Hernes (of Fargeporten in Norway) and I collaborated for these collections of jeans. I assembled Autumn and Summer, Jorunn took care of Winter and Spring selections, and then we discussed each other’s choices. The learning is incredible when you work with someone. You see the very same world in a whole new way.

We found that jeans absolutely don’t match everything, just as white, black, gray, and navy don’t. Some choices were clearly better than others. Like any garment, any given pair of jeans truly contributed best and were an enhancing choice with one or two palettes only. They looked somewhere along the ho-hum, hilarious, and hideous spectrum with the other ten colour collections.

The catalogs contain items grouped under the main Season, and then subdivided into three as the True and the two Neutrals.

As you peruse the catalogs, the comments will indicate items that sometimes belong in other Seasons. Some of these were inserted intentionally to offer comparison. For others, we were uncertain ourselves. We took a guess at where we thought they would land. Then, we did some measuring (with the palettes) and surrounding colours, and changed our minds. We left them there to share our decision process with you so that we can all learn together. It doesn’t seem to matter how long a person has worked with colour, we cannot recall its properties or predict its behaviour nearly as accurately as we think.

Items sell out near instantly, literally within a few days. The colour lesson will not go away. The pictures and catalogs are permanent on Hue and Stripe. If a banner across the item says Sold Out, just float your cursor over it.

Thank you to the reader who suggested this. We learn more by using an idea or testing a hypothesis than rolling it round in our heads. Everyone who has created colour vision boards has had the same invaluable experience. I learned a ton. For me, it doesn’t get better than that.

Jorunn will publish her article, How We Really Dress, today on her site. There, you will find the links for the Winter and Spring catalogs.

The link to the Summer catalog is here.

The link to the Autumn catalog is here.

Considering that jeans can cost $200 a pair and that 3 of the 4 catalogs fall short of your best appearance and most interactive closet, please do keep an eye on the Colour Travels section in the left column. New locations are added often. Notice that Jorunn, co-author of this Jeans series, is travelling in March. Also, Oregon, southern Florida, Texas, and Louisiana are enjoying colour analysis opportunities in March.

Image analysis is in Florida and North Carolina in March and April, respectively. Wow, these analysts are becoming a force – one that will pour its heart into finding you beautiful lipstick and one fantastic pair of jeans.



15 thoughts on “Jeans for 12 Seasons”

  1. I’m not sure if I’m a bright winter or bright spring but I do know that I look best in jeans that are a rather bright indigo. Black works provided it’s sleek rather than greyed, and must be paired with a bright or light top. Stonewashed and overly faded makes me look dull.

  2. Love Jorunn’s comment: “The easy answer for how to pick jeans for winters is Just Say No” – that might explain why I really don’t like jeans these days (don’t even own a pair)… ;)

  3. I wish there was as equal focus on TW as there seems to be on both DW and BW in the posts and closets….feeling a bit left out as a season.

  4. Wow, this is so timely. After avoiding jeans for several years after my PCA, lately I feel it would be so handy to have a couple so I’m gearing up for shopping mode. Thanks so much to you and Jorunn for all the work you put into this.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the post on jeans along with the links. Exactly the what I need while curating my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

  6. Oh my gosh! I am so embarrassed- I did not see the links when I was reading the post. Please forgive my oversight and inaccurate comment. Sincere apologies!

  7. Thanks – it is so instructive to see these subtle differences. Although as a summer, I have never felt that I can go too wrong with jeans. Love the focus on casual and what women really wear.

  8. So validating to see my favorites line up perfectly with your picks for Soft Summer, especially the one you put in True as comparison. As a person who lives almost exclusively in denim, I’ve gotten quite picky about stitching, fade, and warmth levels. Sometimes I’ll find an amazing fit that’s just a tad more saturated than I’d like, and I wash the heck out of them in hopes of softening them up.

  9. Jorunn & Christine, thanks a lot for your inspiration.

    As a probably true autumn I love your picks for that season – rather dark denim with copper stitching. But I still prefer denim trousers dyed in camel or brown which I was lucky to find.

  10. This was great, thank you so much!

    One thing I do wonder about — would it be possible to include some jeans at lower price points, or maybe just general shopping guidelines? I find I go through jeans very quickly, and when it’s time to replace them I have an awful time doing so because of my body type — basically the only reason I still wear jeans at all is that Old Navy has not discontinued the few lines that fit me right (the Sweetheart line, sometimes the Rockstar line on less bloated days).

  11. Glad you found value in this post, Katherine. Whichever price point we choose, the challenge of gauging colour online remains. You still have to get to the store or be prepared to return. Your best bet is to bring the catalog with you on a mobile device to look at the jeans, or a printout of a screenshot. About shopping guidelines…how do you mean? We were hoping that the images would serve as the pictures worth a thousand words…or did you mean that you were hoping for body type guidelines? In which case, thank you for bringing that up!! The jeans in this post and Jorunn’s were chosen 100% for colour. Absolutely no correlation with body type, which cannot be found with Season. We did look for certain Season associations as the comments say, but I would say that image archetype (IA) takes precedence absolutely. A Classic Spring will wear a more minimalist jean than a Gamine Winter. Not sure if you have visited, but IMO, that is where the IA action is.

  12. Oh, I just meant purely color — for instance light vs. dark rinse is pretty easy to see, but a lot of the Autumn/Winter (for instance) seemed similar-ish. But then I might not be looking at the right things the right way?

    (Also, I just reread my old comment and I realized it might have sounded a bit picky/ungrateful — apologies if that’s the case! This is great, again, and also relevant.)

  13. Got it, Katherine. No worries, your post didn’t sound that way at all, I just wasn’t sure about the Q. The A and W will look similar because both Seasons share some things. The more blended the Seasons, the more the jeans will look similar. I had to go to the retail page to decide. Depending on how much orange/brown I saw, the more likely it went in stronger A influence. By True Winter, there is no copper tone except in stitching which might ok on some image types. I held up both palettes, either with the reds, neutrals, or greens which I like because of that colour’s tendency to be great or gross in a way most people can see pretty fast. I know that clients are working with one palette, which is fine since all you have to know is “Do I buy these or not?”, whereas Jorunn and I have to put them into 1 of 12 groups. We’re getting to that limit of what can be demonstrated on a screen. But as with all of PCA, by the time you know enough to be in this ballpark, you are already looking a thousand times better than all the other choices you might have made at the store that day. Thank you for your Q, it brings up so many important points :)

  14. First of all, I really like the catalogs. Browsing though each seasons version of one and the same garment is beyond helpful. You really get a feel of why-this-season and what-definitely-not. And while we each are pros in our own season (and might know better than an analyst even), the other seasons are usually a total blank or guesswork (or stereotype). So thank you both for that wonderful collection.

    And kudos for finally approaching reality. I mean I liked the posts about the cocktail dresses, and the lockets and the handbags. But that was always just educational (and I always got hung up on the style). But jeans? Now that is a practical lesson! Who doesn’t wear jeans?

  15. Hey, Christine — copper stitching is not an issue — go over the stitching with a Sharpie pen et voila, it’s now soft black.

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