Is It Mom’s Turn Yet?

As women, our lives have stages in which we have so little time to think about ourselves. Literally none. Getting our teeth brushed within a 24 hour window is a success.

Those days are soon replaced by a new stage, where everyone is more independent. We drive them to the activity and go home till it’s time to pick them up again.

We might look at our closets and feel discouraged. Nothing there is really about us. We know that some action is needed, but what is it?

Colour analysis can help you see a new direction. You can start again with the new you and clothes that you love to wear.

The video is also here on YouTube.

The images at the beginning are from a beautiful photographic enlargement, printed on canvas, of the village of Uummanaq, on the coast of Greenland, taken by Canadian photographer, Michelle Valberg.


2 thoughts on “Is It Mom’s Turn Yet?”

  1. Yes…living within my blueprint at 71 years of age….I feel more beautiful than I have ever been. It is an adventure and I am still discovering new colours and creative ideas that enhance my life. There is endless space ….it is not just a set of rules to limit us but an invitation. Thank you.

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