Green and Purple for Dark Winter

To choose that best palette, the colour agreement between all the colours in the palette is evaluated, in addition to the best apparent match. After all, every colour in you will be wearing your clothing. We don’t see only your greens when you wear a green blouse. We see all your colours.

Dark Winter in Hot Weather

Your appearance doesn’t begin or end with your clothes. It begins with you and ends with the entire composition. Dark nail polish or lipstick or a purse isn’t hotter to you but absolutely affects what others see. Jacquie O. was fine in her white pants, white headscarf, and white&navy tee, but it was the huge dark glasses that balanced the image.

Lilia is a Dark Winter

I don’t suggest all black on anyone, even in your best black. It looks Babushka. It makes a person look older. Colour is younger without even trying. Head to toe black is outdated, an urban myth, an energy flat line. But Dark Winter can and should wear black. It is a very basic wardrobe colour on that Tone.

Colour Equations Dark Winter

I love grey a lot on all 8 Neutral Seasons, those that contain slightly warmer and slightly cooler versions of their many colours. And T. Rex gray is right about perfect. Pants, jackets, eyeshadow, socks, wristwatch bands, it’s all part of the final picture and it’s all getting noticed. Bobbi Brown Rock eyeshadow mixed with the darkest colour in Clinique Totally Neutral trio and you’re there. Make lighter versions for the lid and darker version to put above the crease.

Best Makeup Colours : Dark Winter

Your colour analyzed cosmetic colour for the most natural, believable lip colour is mulberry, so a browned purple, in the lower right position of the lip/blush foursome. Strong cool dark coral-pink is a brighter option. NARS pencil in Club Mix is good.