Eyeshadows for 12 Seasons

Introducing the eyeshadow palettes to you in 2 videos:

#1, or Video 1 at YouTube.


Video #2, or Video 2 at YouTube.


The 5 -pan Palette

The colours shown are a presentation of the palette itself. This combination, or any of the single colours, do not necessarily appear in any of the 12 Season sequences.

Eyeshadow 5 pan


The Accent Single Pots

Eyeshadow pots


The Colours

The accent colour is at the lower right corner with the name tag.

Bright Winter has an iced lilac that could work well on Bright Spring but it is blue-side for sure.

Each palette has some metallics and some mattes. Photographs do not show that well.

Each palette is entirely harmonized to the type of colouring. Therefore, colours can be mixed without taking them out of the Season if you wish to lighten/darken/mattify, and so on.

In the Soft Autumn palette, you see the original accent colour, Jungle, on the right next to the label. The colour was d/c by the manufacturer. Its replacement, Fierce, is swatched to the left of Jungle (no label).


Eyeshadow 3




Like the blush colours, the pigment density is quite high, which I prefer. Many product lines have less colour deposit, which can make them easier to apply but building colour is difficult. Indeed, achieving significant colour is difficult, which is only rewarding when we are not sure that we are using our best colours.

A translucent powder applied to the upper eyelid, or alternatively a base colour to dry the skin is a good idea. That way,  the powder eyeshadow will not grab and become difficult to blend. A more even, blendable application is possible when colours can float around under the brushes. It also saves a lot of time. (I don’t powder under outer corner of the eye.)



The purpose of Transformer is to convert eyeshadow to eyeliner – and it does so very well! The darker eyeshadows in the palettes are beautiful as liners.

The packaging is similar to liquid liners, as a small bottle with long, slim handle attached to an excellent, fine brush. Dipping the brush along the edge of an eyeshadow pan picks up the colour and allows you to create an eyeliner. The line is soft and already a bit smoked, not opaque or intense. Duration is excellent, but the application is not waterproof.


The duo powder/wax is among my top 3 products, first because it’s a rare line of cosmetics that offers so many colours choices in a brow lineup, second because the colours look like real eyebrows, and third because the wax is separate so you don’t get little gummy balls of product that streak and are hard to move or remove.

The duo looks like this, though single pots of brow powder only are available also. This is a big enlargement to show you the useful little tools that come in the kit.

The picture below shows swatches of the colours. To match a brow for a client, I have a piece of paper with the colours smudged out as in the picture, except that the colours run off the side of the page.

Running the colours up and down alongside the brow makes the right one easy to choose. You can certainly narrow it down to two. This product can be sampled so you know which to buy.

Ingredient lists for all products are here. 



16 thoughts on “Eyeshadows for 12 Seasons”

  1. Great videos – all 3 of them ;-)
    Am really looking forward to the photographs of the eye shadow colours. Really great idea to be able to replace those colours that one use more than others.
    … and may I add that the Scintilate lipstick is really hard to beat. It took a little time getting used to it, because it is a bit brighter/lighter/more pink looking than what the retail world currently applauds. However it is probably the most versatile lipstick in my collection and has become a favourite.

  2. I am hyperventilating over here waiting for these to come out!
    I have bought two 12 blueprints lipsticks so far, they are beyond amazing. They make me want to throw all my other lipsticks away because they are just so good , perfect for my coloring. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  3. These sound beautiful! I love wearing eyeshadow but I often have trouble choosing and blending the right colors for my skin. I feel like I might have the colors wrong. I am very fair skinned and it has a translucent quality. I use neutral browns and ivory from the urban decay naked 2 basics palette but I always look flat, muddy or dark. The whites of my eyes show but only because of the makeup. I feel like I look better without it. Am I doing something wrong? I have been told I’m a bright winter leaning toward spring but I’m not sure if it’s accurate. Dont Winters look better in makeup? I definitely look better in cool coloring though.

  4. Thank you, all.
    The top is Ellen Tracy, bought at The Bay in Toronto :)
    Scintillate is a great one, AC. It is a little over the top but in that fascinating way of exploring an edge that only BW can stay balanced on.
    Hannah, these are good Q and need to be answered by your analyst. Only she saw you in person. Every person’s skin reacts a little differently in colours, more so in cosmetics. For any person in any Season, try the colours from this collection widely, thinking about the relationships between Seasons (ask your analyst to help with this). Having not yet tried the eyeshadows on anyone, it’s hard to say how they will react but I expect they will also move quite widely.

  5. Lovely videos and great to highlight the PMs response. That clip was very popular on FB in the UK.
    I’m curious to hear how you would describe True Spring’s browns.

    Sounds like such a great experience creating a makeup line.

  6. Christine, this is an exciting addition to the 12 Blueprints cosmetics line. Being a Bright Spring has certainly been a daunting challenge in selecting eyeshadows, and I’m looking forward to purchasing the palette you’re offering. When and where will they be available?

  7. Jan,if you live in the US, get in touch with Leslie Chatzinoff at colouressencenyc.com

    AC – My own happiness level about this is not so high either, believe me. However, as we both know, adversity is opportunity. It means that there is a better palette waiting for this Season, just waiting to be built.

  8. Thank you so very much, Christine, for pointing me in the right direction to purchase the eyeshadow palette. Looking forward to more of your great posts and cosmetic creations.

  9. I’m so excited to see the light summer palette when it’s ready. I received many compliments on my appearance from relatives at Thanksgiving this year. It had to have been the makeup because nothing else about me had changed. I was wearing Flowergirl and Orchidee. No one mentioned the makeup though and that’s important. They were complimenting my skin and smile. Thank you, Christine, for creating this wonderful line of cosmetics.

  10. First of all, your hair looks so beautiful. Second of all, I was wondering if you’ve ever done any writing on the significance of how the seasons were subdivided… even though you’ve said it doesn’t matter what the number of season, as long as they work and serve the clients well. :-) We had a mathematician talk to us at my school about the “flaws” or minor discrepancies that arise when tuning in music and how the keys on a piano are neither tuned in perfect 5ths, nor in perfect octaves, because the intervals are at odds numerically when lining up the frequencies, yet the system we have is the most accurate without going up to a much higher number of intervals, which would be irrelevant since keeping track of the number of keys required for a greater degree of mathematical precision in tuning that would be horrendously unpractical and not necessary since we couldn’t really perceive the difference with human ears anyway. I wonder about this with the debates in the color community over the number of seasons. Are the season not divided perfectly “evenly” because there is some mathematical conundrum with the frequency of the light waves reflected back, but the 12 seasons we have here most accurately represent what we can see (or most of us can see, since some people have a higher degree of color perception) and the only way to become more accurate, would be to subdivide in a way that would defeat any practical use of a system at all? I mean that in order to get a “better” system… you would have to move on to say 50,000 seasons or something. Just pondering. Color and sound…. vibration of energy… such a huge thing to try to wrap one’s head around! Thank you for all that you do!

  11. Elizabeth, I truly hope that one day, we will meet. This is such SUCH a good question. When building anything, the desired endpoint has to kept clearly in one’s vision. If the desired result is a theoretically drawn grid, like latitudes and longitudes, that’s fine. I want people to navigate modern shopping and make great choices, in part by giving them their version of every colour family, which is not going to work by overlaying a regular grid on colour space. As to your question though, I wish I could answer but I have not the knowledge of colour theory. If colour were represented by a 3D form, whichever colour model is used, the shape is always irregular. This is probably because of the different behaviours of the various hues as the dimensions of colour change. It makes for a difficult entity to divide up equally, certainly in any way that offers 12 groups opportunities in every hue and dimension with which to build a working, living wardrobe. I do not know if music is also irregular, or as you say, that the intervals and frequencies don’t line up though their increments are equal – meaning, I think you said the second version but I might have misunderstood. I’m right there with you – vibration of energy. That is the name of the game.

  12. I just received the bright winter palette and the time flys icy lilac. So beautiful! I will not need to buy any other eyeshadows ever again!

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