Elisa Is A True Summer

Elisa has always believed herself to be a Spring. Her freckles, warm brown hair, and natural flush in her skin caused her, and others, to conclude that the colours in her design followed Spring colour rules guidelines.

I can see how one might look at the light-medium warmish brown hair and see warmth, light, and clarity.

Her eyes are not warm though. They are a medium-dark blue-grey.

The dark brows could make Winter cross your mind, but this feature is no more exclusive to Winter than darkness in general. Every type of colouring has their version of dark colours.

Nevermind the hair and eyes. We established long ago that they are not used in defining the Season. We look at skin, where the full menu of ours colours is found. We are the same Season with eyes open or closed.

Our Season is related to how we react to colour, and not on our general appearance. Are freckles not a sign of warmth? No. Freckles are just another red herring, found in all 12 groups of natural colouring. You have to look beyond them, at the skin.

With Elisa, the moonlit, luminous translucency that only True Summer does so well was there for sure. The skin’s rejection of the slightest degree of colour warmth was there. This skin tone seems to look turquoise in turquoise, and melon in melon.


Elisa has some natural shadowing around her eyes, another feature found in all Seasons. It was least pronounced in the True Summer colours, but wasn’t erased altogether. That’s called Photoshop.  Our desire is to unite the colours in the entire face and create a natural, non-distracting canvas. There is a little foundation in the photo and no concealer.  On any Summer, I divide foundation with moisturizer.

Elisa is married to the most mannerly man you could ever meet. Aggression and confrontation are disturbing to this personality, preferring to rely on decency and kindness. Courtesy is the most essential prerequisite of all.




22 thoughts on “Elisa Is A True Summer”

  1. Hi Christine,

    Your “case studies” are fascinating and illuminating. I enjoyed this very much!


  2. Your website and your explanations are very clear. Elisa, the True Summer, seems to be about as close to my coloring as I have ever seen in other color analysis books and web pages. However, the one photo of “high saturation” displays only an X. Can you fix this? Also, can you recommend a make up brand and the name of the shade for lipstick? It is so difficult to find a lipstick that is not too brown, too vivid, or too warm. Eye makeup colors are not as difficult to find.

  3. Okay, I think I understand what you mean by “translucent” skin: bluish, luminescent, if not necessarily light. Translucent to me always said “see through,” as in every vein visible. (I have unbelievable light skin with every vein showing, but hardly luminescent.)

  4. Andrea,

    Every human being is a colour story, and a most fascinating one. I learn so much with every single one.


    The question mark has to do with the way your computer is set. I think that you may have pop-ups blocked, or some sort of filter in place. Some of the pictures on the front page of this site may also not load.
    The lipstick is Annabelle Plum Passion, one of the darker True Summer shades. Clinique Bonfire lip gloss is very nice. Lancome Provocative lipstick is also very nice on this Season.


    Your description is right. It’s almost see-through. I think of it as the vampire skin on Twilight, almost like a light coming through from behind through a veil. It is remarkable to see.

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  5. Christine, will you be around this Fall? I will be visiting near your area. If so, I would like to make an appt. with you as our travel plans come together.


  6. Andrea,
    I have no plans not to be here. My kids are in school, so I’m stuck.:)
    Please do call and we’ll set something up. I look forward to showing it to you. Bring all your questions too.

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  7. Oh good! Will phone you during the next couple of weeks…we should know our travel dates by then. Looking forward to meeting you!

  8. One color technique I’ve found that really works for me (I’ve got coloring similar to Elisa’s) is to use some contrast near the face. For example, using two shades of a color like a pale aqua and a certain shade of teal, or a pale pink with medium pink. It somehow brings my face into sharper focus. I assume this is due to repeating the contrast of light to medium brown hair and deep grey/blue/green eyes with pale pink skin.

  9. I agree, Cathy. Although, as a darker haired true Summer, I wear the same colours as a lighter version, I have found that I look more “balanced” in medium rather than low contrasts.

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  10. I agree, Cathy. I have found that, as a darker haired true summer, although I wear the same colours as the light haired version, I look more “balanced” in medium rather than low contrasts.

  11. Cathy,
    -either repeating the contrast levels, or the very successful technique of wearing monochromatic palettes (several tones of the same colour) for True Summers. It’s instantly effective on that Season.


    – right! because your colouring is not low contrast, so that look will not match you as well.

    You ladies have a great understanding of how to wear the colours, not just what the colours are. It is a harder thing to learn because it’s not provided in the nice little swatch book. Once every colour in you, in your clothes, in your makeup, and hair are consistent in terms of the 3 properties of colour, the synchrony is undeniably strong.

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  12. Wow, I have to say that your model’s hair reminds me of my own hair, that has slight warmth in it, along with ash. on a different note, I must say that it is extremely helpful to have “real-world” examples of the different seasons types. I don;t know why the authors of books on color analysis haven;t thought of this enlightening concept lol. Before I was color analysis I read “Color me Confident”, an updated version of the original CMB book, with the 12 seasons concept incorporated and couldn;t figure out what type of summer i was (soft, cool or light) based on the pictures alone. There was one model for each season, and I don;t even think that the models used were that representative of the types. I would have figure that I was a “cool summer” by the description, but the model depicted was really tanned,,making it harder to see her skintone. The model for “soft summer” in the same book was Kylie Minogue, whose fair skintone reminded me of my own..yet I didn’t feel like the soft summer palette was entirely right. So with all that said, I find that the description and pictures that you’ve placed on the site to be extremely helpful and I can genuinely say that I feel confident in my true season now:)

  13. Jelena,

    The books tend to show the average for the Season. Once you look at real people, those averages seem less helpful. Many people, most people, could place themselves in several Seasons.
    Of all the CMB books, one that has the oddest choice of models is Looking Your Best, but I haven’t seen all the books. I often wonder what made them choose that person.
    A lot can be said about Colour Analysis to clarify it. But colour is only ultimately understood by visual comparison, both components essential.

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  14. I also can’t see the Saturation image. I even opened up the source and found the url for the image and it only showed the url as text instead of the image. So I went to the url for one of the other images to make sure they load when going to the url and it loaded. Maybe WordPress uploaded them funny? It would be nice to see mean with low saturation vs. grayness :)

  15. Tyson,
    It is probably related to the browser you use. IE 6 shows nothing. I’ll upload that image in a different way. LMK if you can see it. Give me till Sunday (Mar.14) to get it done, ok?

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  16. Are those 2 images visible now? This was the article you meant, right?

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  17. Is the dark color you have her draped in a Summer color? I only wonder because I have been “diagnosed” a spring several times but like this lovely lady, my skin picks up the tone of what I am wearing…I wore the same exact color you have her draped in the other day, which is not a color I am used to wearing, and people commented on how gorgeous I looked! They particularly commented on how it made my eyes look so bright and so blue. I teamed it with a Clinique lipstick called Beauty….I am confused, as I thought a color like this would be a warm color….

  18. Debbie, I’m assuming you mean the teal at the end? True Summer and Light Summer both seem able to mirror the colour they wear. True Summer’s is a much darker palette than Light’s. It holds many, many water blues, including this one. The most important thing is that the colour have no heat. Remember that cameras change things and so does lighting. If you saw the drape IRL, especially if you saw it beside the warm Season teals and blues, you’d notice that this is an absolutely cool colour.

  19. Unfortunately I just see an X instead of that image, too. Well, that’s if I use IE. In Firefox, with all blocking/filtering disabled, I see nothing at all.

    Elisa certainly looks beautiful – this is another post that was full of useful information. Thank you.

  20. I just submitted a comment, please excuse the typos. There are grammatical errors throughout, but I wrote on an IPad that did not allow me to scroll up and down to proof, so I sent what should have been a rough draft.

  21. I see comments to other posts, Rita, but not this one. Was this the post to which the comment was attached? Could you ask again or send it by email and I can post it? (christine@12blueprints.com)

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