Cool Season Makeup Palettes

Eyeshadow is the one cosmetic product that I find can be matched to the Colour Books without smearing it out on paper or on your face. How much eyeshadow can you really apply to your eyelid in one shopping session, let alone truly know if it suits you? Impossible. This is a product worth learning to judge from the pan.

Like every other aspect of choosing your most beautiful colours, recognizing your best eye makeup depends in large part on recognizing everyone else’s too, at least in a general sense.

Tricia Bratley is a (trust me) beautiful (shockingly so and I’m going to prove it in the next post) Bright Winter. She lives on the Wirral Peninsula in the NW U.K. And she loves makeup, all makeup, not just her own Season’s, in which she is most accomplished. Tricia assembled the palettes you see below, took the photos, and so graciously sent them to me to share with you.

This series sets Summer and Winter neutral (as in grays and taupes) eyeshadows, colour eyeshadows, and blushers, adjacent. Within each palette of eyeshadows, you may find options for the three Seasons within each True Season, but Tricia focussed primarily on the True Summer and True Winter when she organized these collections.

These palettes consist of MAC colours. If you have any questions about specific pans, please post them in the Comments and Tricia will come in and answer.

Neutral Eyeshadows


Summer neutral eyeshadows.



Winter neutral eyeshadows.



Coloured Eyeshadows


Summer colour eyeshadows.



Winter colour eyeshadows.





Summer’s blush.



Winter’s blush.


These photos are so good that there is nothing I can add. Enormous thanks to Tricia for her work and her generosity :)

Never fear, the True warm Seasons are next.



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  1. Thank you for assembling these palettes, Trisha. And thanks, Christine, for posting.

    If it’s not too much trouble, I would like to know what all of the Summer colors are.

  2. Those palettes are beautiful. I would love love love to get the names of all the winter shadows and blushes. Please :) :)

  3. Well don’t stop at Summer’s palettes, =D name the winter palettes too,pretty please =D! So pretty! Ooooh the temptation! You did a beautiful job Tricia.

  4. LOVE this!! So true that you have to be able to spot the other seasons’ colours in order to spot your own. Also so interesting knowing some of these were mistakes I would have made prior to PCA. Can’t wait to see the true warm seasons post.

  5. Hi

    The shadows and blush are all MAC (because they fit into the palettes no nicely).

    The Summer blush is just three colours (but i have two of each)- Coygirl, Dame and Well dressed.

    The Summer shadows are: (vertically L-R)


    Gesso (matte)
    Crystal Avalanche (frost)
    Vellum (frost)

    Yoghurt (matte)
    Phloof (frost)
    Vex (frost)

    Bisque (matte)
    Malt (matte)
    Haux (satin)

    All Races (matte) Limted edition
    Quarry (matte)
    Shale (satin)

    Coquette (satin)
    Copperplate (matte)
    Clue (matte) limited edition

    Electra (frost)
    Silver Ring (Pearl)
    Knight Divine (velvet)

    Crystal (frost)
    Idol eyes (lustre)
    Scene (satin)

    Seedy Pearl (frost)
    Crème De Violet
    Plum Dressing (pearl)
    (Newly added Star Violet)

    Digit (satin)
    Beautiful Iris (pearl)
    (Indian ink (matte)- newly added Pro shadow)

    Tilt (frost)
    Moons Reflection (pearl)
    Prussian (matte)

  6. thanks for all these..where did you get them empty palettes boxes from are they MAC too ?? and has this lovely lady done the same for lipsticks ??

  7. I’ve tried a lot of those Summer colors at some point or another. Some thoughts:

    – Phloof is more of a Winter color; its white base makes it very icy rather than pastel pink, and it’s quite frosty on (typically) thin Summer skin. Actually most of the frosts in MAC’s collection are overly shimmery for Summers, although I do love Vex.
    – Malt and Haux were both too reddish and muddy on me. It’s hard to find soft browns for Summers.
    – Adding to the blushes, Pink Swoon is a really nice blush for Summers; it looks nice on the apples of the cheeks over a more diffused wash of Well-dressed. I like Dame, but it leans a bit warm; it might be better on SoSu and LiSu’s than True Summers.

  8. This is amazing! What an angel! Could you possibly tell me all of the winter colors—for eye shadows and blush????

    Thank you sooo very much!

  9. Hi Girls

    Janette:The palette cases are indeed from MAC.

    Anna: Thanks for the suggestions. Phloof comes out almost transparent on me (like oiled lids), maybe as I’m so pale. I’ll consider re-assigning it to the Winter palette.
    Malt and haux do lean rosy- I’d probably suggest them more for a warmer Soft Summer.

    Pink swoon is indeed lovely on both summers and winters- its one of my favourites. Dame is s upposed to lean cooler than well-dressed, slightly violet, which really re-inforces the fact that shades react differerently on different skin.

    I’ll be back with the winter shades in a bit!

  10. based on recomendations I have swapped out Phloof for Pen n pink (Limited edition) which is a matte powder pink shade, which seems suitable for Summers ( I only have 1 summer freind to try it out on)

  11. Yeah, Dame is a strange one, because it has these very subtle blue sparkles that indicate coolness, and then the color itself seems to have a bit of a peach or brown base on my skin.

  12. I am a soft-leaning summer, and I agree that Malt is too warm. I also have to be careful with Copperplate and Shale, or they make me look dead. I absolutely love Quarry and Yogurt, though. Haven’t tried all the others yet. Thanks so much for making these palettes; they’re beautiful!

  13. A wonderful post! I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Tricia has assembled for the Springs and Autumns.

  14. This post is amazingly helpful.

    Can’t wait to see the other seasons… or if there can be a similar post comparing light vs soft mac shadows/blushes – etc.

  15. Don’t know if it was already said- Coygirl blush is also a match to True Winter and is particularly a great choice if you are a very fair/pale TW (I am). Thank you so much for your contribution to this post, Trish. Very cool.

  16. Thank you for the info, Tricia!

    I love Pink Swoon. Is that wrong for Summers? I am a True Summer who leans a little to the Light, and I love the clarity and brightness of Swoon. Sadly, I cannot wear Coquette on my eyes (it isn’t bad as brow color), as the green undertones in the taupe warm it up too much; then again, I have a difficult time wearing any brown eyeshadow. Copperplate is excellent on me, though I wish there were more blue in it, but Shale is a tricky one. Perhaps it’s too muted, but it can make me look either sultry or exhausted. Malt is horrific on me (oxidizes orange), but Yogurt is excellent and has been a favorite for about 10 years. Quarry is a good replacement for my formerly-beloved Prescriptives Mushroom (back when it was a dusty lavender, before the changed the formula and made it beige-orange-yuck).

    Bisque is a pretty good neutral, but I prefer the lovely All Races as a slightly-darker-than-my-skin wash. My wonderful color consultant used All Races as part of my look for my “reveal” photos.

    Anyway, thank you so much for going to all this trouble, Tricia. I am certain it will help countless people who don’t know where to start.

  17. This is great CHristine – I love the visual aspect of this post – I wish there were more of these – it takes the guess work out of trying to picture a cool summer taupe-grey in your mind – seeing it is so much better and gives a better understanding of the actual colour – can’t wait to see the post for the warm shades – can you do a similar post with lipsticks for the cools and warms as well – thanks!!!

  18. Difficult for me to determine exactly what product is pictured, so waiting patiently for winter list. Want to mention however that is looks from the the website like MAC is discontinuing the blush in Coygirl?

  19. I would love to know the name of the middle row of neutral eye shadows for winter.

  20. Hi Girls

    Thanks for the input, I’ll definatly take it all on board.

    Winter Shades as promiced:
    White frost (frost)
    Crystal avalanche (Pearl)
    Forgery (lustre)

    Sweet lust (lustre)
    Pink Freeze (frost)
    Cranberry (frost)

    Mystery (satin)
    Brun (satin)
    Smut (velvet)

    Beauty Marked (velvet)
    Sketch (velvet)
    Blackberry (matte)

    Black tied (frost)
    Nehru (matte)
    Carbon (matte)

    Shimmermoss (pearl)
    Steamy (frost)
    Plummage (matte)

    Hepcat (frost)
    Nocturnelle (frost)
    Fig 1 (matte)

    Stars & Rockets (frost)
    Satellite Dreams (pearl)
    Shadowy Lady (matte)

    Parfait Amour (frost)
    Purple Haze (matte)
    Contrast (velvet)

    Freshwater (Pearl)
    Deep truth (frost)
    Atlantic blue (matte)

    Bright Winter blush: Pink Swoon, Dolly mix & Frankly Scralet

    Summer blush: Coygirl, Dame, Well Dressed

    Sorry for the wait!


  21. Thank you so much, Trish, for the Winter colors. Was surprised to find some of my instinctive choices validated. Now if only MAC MU artists at the counter can be educated!

  22. Hi Donna

    Its was only since organising my palettes that I realised that I’m really drawn to the summer shades- but since limiting myself to the winter shades only i found that my eyes ‘popped’ (experienced this for the first time ever by using Stars & rockets) and my complexion looked brighter. I also switched from using a pale pastel pink setting powder over my icy pink foundation- to an icy yellow settign powder- which actually looked far more natural on me, far closer to my natural skintone. This was recomended to me by a lovely lady on the 12 Blueprints facebook – I’d never considered ‘breaking the rules’ that way before, LOL!

    I have tried educating my local MAC SA’s but they smile and roll thier eyes at me!

  23. Trish, I use TW palette as a reliable guideline & break the rules where its right for my individual coloring. I’m not singling out MAC, but, in my experience, there are very few true makeup ARTISTS at dept. store cosmetic counters.Thanks again for taking the time to post. You wouldn’t want to take a stab at lipsticks, would you? :)

  24. I can certainly take a stab at lipsticks- most of my choices are well known on here, already, but I’ll do my best!

  25. My True Winter take on these lists: While the Winter list is good, the only Winter eye shadow I have in my current makeup rotation is Purple Haze. While the MAC site describes it as intense purple, it doesn’t come off as intense on me. I’ve tried Satellite Dreams and Fig 1 too – so for me, it’s the purples on this list that work. I can wear Pink Swoon blush w/success – the others are too bright for me. Haven’t tried any of the icy colors on the list.

    I’m always looking for the perfect grey eyeshadow for TW and haven’t found one (matte). I use Knight Divine from the Summer list right now, but I know I can do better. I don’t see it on these lists, but MAC Print eyeshadow can be blended to work as a “grey” for me but it’s not that grey I’m looking for.

    That’s my two cents…

  26. Donna- i agree that MAC insn’t good on its greys (I think Christine has expresed this sentiment before)

    Just in case i come accros as a MAC-a holic: its just that these shadows are easily accesible for most people in terms of availability, online swatches, reviews and dupes. I tend to stick with MAC for my ‘clients’ and personally I use a variety of brands- Besame (Vintage repro), Chanel, Guerlian, Revlon (and a couple of the less shiny Urban Decay neutral shades).

  27. Hi Trish,

    Do you think you’ll ever do palettes for us in-between season! I’m looking at the Winter palette and wondering if it will suit me, as I’m a Winter/Autumn mix (Dark Winter) – I’d also LOVE to see your lipstick recommendations. I can’t find the ones you’ve recommended so far on here.

  28. Alison,
    As you see, the thing about recommending a product is that they go and discontinue it. The book I wrote (very top R of this page) contains the makeup as part of the colour layouts for each Season.Big product lists are posted by MarySteele Lawler on facebook, search Luminosity Color Analysis.

  29. Thank you Christine – What I meant was that I can’t seem to find any posts that recommend specific shades in well-known brands. Could you point me in the right direction? I’ve searched “Dark Winter” and only found guidelines as opposed to specific shades, or brands that do analyzed cosmetics when I’d prefer a place I can try the product on in person.

    I found the list you mentioned, and apparently it was created based on people with swatchbooks attempting to match colours, and I think some of them are a bit off, and many of the lip colours too dark for someone as fair-to-medium as me. Have you tried anything on her list and found it reliable?

    Thanks heaps.

  30. The Luminosity lists on facebook are the only full product lists I know. Within one Season, there will be women of many complexion depths and darkness levels so everyone has to make adjustments from any list. I’m a DW who loves Clinique Totally Neutral eyeshadow (to answer your Q to another post) but not every DW will. Some are warmer or cooler or darker than me.

  31. Thank you for this wonderful palette listing, Trish. I’m wondering which season some of the bright pinks from Mac would fall into, like DaBling or Swish or Passionate. Thank you!

  32. Hi Kelle

    Sorry, I;m so late in answering. Passionate and da bling are quite good for Bright winters but swish is quite blue based and better for Cool winter in my opinion. Hope that helps.

  33. Thanks for feedback ladies. Coquette, Haux and Malt all moved to Autumn palette now.

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