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Eyeshadow Accent: Jungle

Soft khaki green with fully matte formulation.

 Soft Season colouring is uniquely able to make the most of softened colours. In clothing or cosmetics, softly muted colours appear energized and colourful, and so do you. Everything is in perfect balance, always enhancing, never competing. Jungle applies as warm, light green (not neutral or khaki), repeating a colour found in many eyes in this Season. The matte application adds a distinct velvety quality that works beautifully with the textures of skin and hair.

The success of shimmer with Soft Seasons depends on the woman, the colour, and the occasion. In this Summer-influenced Season, the skin may follow its Summer inclinations and prefer a flannel or fudge reflectivity. Overall appearance may be best in matte cosmetics, with shimmer contained in small areas or mixed with matte colour. Shimmered earth tones are generally quite at home on Autumn faces. However, 'colour colours', including green, may require  more careful handling. Jungle is entirely matte, allowing all Soft Autumn women to be flattered with beautiful colour. 

Season: Soft Autumn.

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