Eyeshadow Accent: Fierce

Khaki green with fine golden pearlescent shimmer.

Colour is so native and visible in Spring faces that colourful cosmetics are an easy extension of the face. The colour applies more as a neutral gray-khaki than overtly green and serves as a lovely eyeliner substitute for those wanting a softer, less made-up effect or an easier to apply product when defining the eyes. This colour is present in the 5-pan palette for True Spring and is also available individually for women who prefer to wear it as an accent.

Autumn also wears khaki green beautifully and this colour is a beautiful option for the Soft Autumn who wears shimmer well. As it does for True Spring, the colour applies as much neutral-grey as green, enough to be used as either lid colour or accent. The shimmer is soft and warm, fine enough to be most visible when seen from the side, but like all shimmer, creates a slightly sharper effect than matte formulations. One Soft Autumn client said, “Although it’s considered an accent, I love it as a whole lid colour. I use the deeper taupe from the 5-pan Soft Autumn palette in the corner with olive eye liner and it looks gorgeous, like a modified smoky eye. I also use the taupe over the liner to add more dimension.”

Season: True Spring, Soft Autumn.

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