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Lipstick: Transcending

Light, cool, pastel pink in a sheer gloss formulation.

 A colour from the lighter cool pink range. For True Summer who is light in appearance or prefers a sheer barely-there effect, this may be a beautiful nude lip.  

 For some, depending on individual pigmentation, reaction to cosmetic pigment, or desired effect, the colour will be too light to define the lips on its own, and excellent to sheer, moisten, or lighten matte or darker colours without adding warmth. 

 Like the blush Angel Wings offered in the True, Light, and Soft Summer collections and Sample Sets, Transcending is light, cool, and soft, sharing enough in its colour properties find a home with many Summers. The sheerness adapts by allowing natural lip colour to blend with the product pigments and softens the colour. Young women or those seeking subtle lip definition may be pleased with the result. Light Summers seeking a more peachy-pink warmth may prefer Flowergirl, while Soft Summers may prefer the warmer, darker colours of Shag or Ruby Slippers.

Season: True Summer, Light Summer, Soft Summer. 

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