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Lipstick: Hula Hoop

Vivid poppy red orange, a superb red lip for this Season, matte formulation. 

Neutral Seasons are the groups of natural colouring with some flexibility in their warmth levels (as opposed to True Seasons). This range is apparent in the colour palette and in the natural appearance of the individuals, some having distinctly warm tones in hair or eyes, and others looking apparently cooler until their colouring is tested. Warm-looking Bright Springs (warm brown or greens in eyes, red and ginger tones in hair) may find their version of a red lip in Hula Hoop. Cooler-looking women (aqua or blue eyes, silver or blonde hair) may try this colour, but may find a better fit a neutral fuchsia, such as Light a Fire or Peony from the Bright Spring collection.

Matte formulations are opaque and drier than cremes, and take a little more time and attention to apply. Once on the lips, they form a comfortable and long wearing layer that may be worn alone or with a gloss over top. 

Season: Bright Spring.

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