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Eyeshadow Accent: Backdrop

Pearlized duochrome colour, with rich indigo blue-violet highlight in a matte medium gray base colour. 

The base colour appears is mid-darkness gray on the warmer side of the Season's neutral tones, akin to dark iron gray. As the angle of light changes, a subtle blue violet shimmer appears, interesting on the eyelid as the area is naturally curved, giving the impression of colour shifting on its own. Over time, the colours blend to a lid colour in a violet-tinged medium-dark gray with more intense colour sheen over curved areas as light moves across.

The base colour has a slight metallic effect, allowing this product to blend easily with fully neutral colours. The powder is richly pigmented and beginning with a light application on a powdered lid may help you learn what to expect from the colour. 

 If grays and browns are your daytime colours, Backdrop may be a gorgeous choice for evening wear, for an effect that is elegant and sophisticated, more smoky eye than blue eyelid. The product is dark enough to apply over a pencil eyeliner to even the line, give a smoky effect, and add a quick and easy accent of colour.

Season: Dark Winter. 

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