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The Blueness of True Summer and A 1-2-3 Idea

Centre Stage is good but a bit light for my taste. It’s also a little dry which is good because it stays for hours and doesn’t move. A touch of Flash Bulb over the top and the result is more divine in appearance and wearability. I want lipstick till noon.

The 12 Colour Equations

True Spring is a (2 colour + 1 neutral) or (2 neutrals + 1 colour) look. Actually, that’s probably everyone’s best way to use neutrals, but when you wear the 2 colour, they can both be equally sized if you choose (others might use 1 large and 1 smaller block), and they can be complementary or at least quite different colours (others would wear colours of the same family or neighbours on the colour wheel). When you wear the 1 colour look, make it a bright one, not one of the gentler ones.

Are Seasons The Same Between Colour Analysis Systems?

If you decide that System A resonated best with you, then stick with their products. Whatever they call the Season, if those were your most harmonizing colours, then stay with those colours. Buy their swatch book and hope it repeats the colours of their drapes very faithfully. Don’t be analyzed by A’s drapes and buy B’s Colour Book, it may not contain the same colours. In fact, you should assume that it will not contain the same colours. Stay with A’s makeup recommendations too because those are calibrated to go with the palettes of the individual system.

What’s The Real Number of Seasons?

How many Seasons a PCA system has would have no influence over my choice as a client. Really don’t care. I put that on the Paying Attention To Wrong Things bus. What would matter to me is:
1. When the analysis is done, what do I know, what do I have, and how successfully can I use it? First, how accurately prepared is my shopping palette – the reverse of that being, how likely am I to make shopping mistakes?

12 Seasons: The Most Important Thing (TMIT)

Your colours don’t zigzag all over the place on any of those scales. They stick to a fairly close setting. Who has colours that are extremely warm and extremely cool at once, or very clear and very muted? Nobody. The genetic paintbrush was more organized than that. It decided what your settings were on the 3 scales and from there, faithfully picked the paints from your own personal colour wheel.

Are All 60 Colours Really My Best?

It’s also in how you wear your colours. A Dark Winter in a big block of light colour won’t look quite right. She needs darkness to balance it with the larger proportion of dark colour in her and set up the contrast that every Winter needs. If her complexion is very dark, that block of light will work better because the contrast will already be in place.