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Bright Spring Neutral Colours and CE

In 12 Season personal colour analysis, the Bright Spring is the person whose natural colouring is based in Spring’s spunky, sunny colours. Winter added a bit of its blue and red, but her inborn colours are not nearly as dark and detached as you guessed.

Light And True Spring: Neutral Colours At The Office And CEs

In 12 Season personal or seasonal colour analysis, True Spring looks
Yellower and warmer.The pink drop earrings for Light Spring are cooler pink and the metal less yellow. Belt buckles are yellower for True Spring.
Brighter, which can translate to bolder.
More pigmented or saturated (compare the green shoes – are they yellower on the Light side? Yes, but you’re always juggling heat/value/saturation at once and these are less saturated).

Light and True Spring: Landscapes and Neutrals

Spring’s stereotype is to have their extroversion translated as effusiveness. Not quite. They have caution and shyness. They are not diving into waterfalls any more than anyone else. Spring is not giddy or superficial, though deep philosophical conversations may feel lacking in wit. The extrovert functions best when surrounded by other people.

The Consistent Bright Spring Landscape

Since who we are not is 90% of the inventory of any store, 97% in Bright Spring’s case, let’s get a sense of what that looks like: earthy, heathery, dusty, misty, hazy, dilute, creamy, undefined, slouchy, rough, rugged, chunky, cozy, faded, subdued, faint.
The person is: spirited, vivacious, happy, charming. They’re the can of ice cold 7Up. Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, ready for action, curious, and interested in everything. The body carriage is upright and perky, movements are quick and snappy, and none of this goes with the adjectives in the preceding paragraph.

The Emmas Are True Springs Part 2

Jeans are bright and blue. Denim’s fadedness seems contradictory to Spring’s clarity. But denim is about relaxation and holiday. These are great, intended for fun and amusement, not weeding. They are neither overly faded (read grayed) or dark.

The Emmas Are True Springs Part 1

Usually, True Season skin is different from the outset, in that only one True Season drape of the four seems to flatter, instead of two, or maybe three, with the Neutral Seasons. The skin tone perfection demands absolute colour heat or coolness and it does not compromise, even at the earliest stage of the draping.

Light Spring Looking Serious

Most khakis and chinos are too orange, heavy, yellow-brown for Light Spring. Light beige pants would be fine, but camel looks like furniture, and gives the same impression of the body part wearing it. It just put friction into the system that doesn’t feel good. Notice that you can feel some restraint still where heat is concerned.