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True Winter Sans Drama and A Gentle Dark Autumn

Drama might simply be colour (or style) minimalism. Women exist in every Season who benefit from intricate adornment just to look normal, and so are there women who look better in sleek functionality in every Season.

Dark Autumn Landscapes

Autumn has a steady rhythm. You can always hear the faraway sound of a drum. Autumn’s complexity exists in all three Autumns, so the combinations of their colours look wonderful (and in this, I include Soft Summer), a world of limitless possibility.

Wearing The True Autumn Landscape

True Autumn is the homeland for the most flattering colours of the person whose natural pigmentation is made of colours that are absolutely warm; even the colours we think of as cool have been warmed by comparison to their appearance in the cooler Seasons; like True Summer, True Autumn is more saturated than people think.