How Autumns Intensify Eye Colour

I went into the drugstore yesterday. The cosmetician was very pleasant, very helpful, but who hired her for this position? Her makeup was so dark and severe that it would scare children.

I am no better at impartiality when it comes to my own face than anyone else, but there was nothing more this woman could have done to detract from her appearance. Her eyes never get noticed, lost in the pharaoh effects and dark burgundy lip. She might be a Soft Autumn, so it feels a bit of a tragedy to look at her.

Every step of our makeup should intensify eye colour. The first reaction to a good blush should be that it strengthens the colour of the eye above.

In 12 Season Colour Analysis, Autumn's colors are warmed by gold, hover around medium on the light/dark scale, and  are muted to soften them to some degree.

The Autumn challenge is to find colour of the right degree of warmth in a colour that is neither too dark or intense. If the colour is too red or dark, the rims of the eyes irritated and the eye smaller.

Colour in cosmetics can compete with eyes. One reason is that the colour intensity of cosmetic pigments can overwhelm human colours. The second is that the cosmetic version of the colour neutralizes or is in conflict with the eye colour. The cartoon effect of blue makeup can get away from you, but your taste may be different from mine and that is fine. Colour is big enough for many opinions. I would suggest you wear your blues in clothing to accent the eye colour. As a larger colour area that the viewer sees within the same field as the eyes, it is more effective than makeup for this purpose.

Soft Autumn

The principle of the Season, the radiance, the special look that nobody else can pull off so realistically may the akin to the idea that the Earth is our cradle. She feeds us and protects us. She is gentle, warm, and generous in her abundance. Even her light is moderate, kind, welcoming.

Who would put black eyeliner on that? Or cool foundation and fuchsia lips? It would feel like a ski jump in a September cornfield. Avoid overwhelming the eye with makeup, especially darkness. Better to underwhelm the eye with makeup. A little goes a long way on the Soft and Light Seasons.

The hair is butterscotch and brown, like peanut butter fudge. Make the eyeshadow toffee. Every Autumn has the ability to repeat her hair color in her eye colour.

This is a Soft Autumn eye. The orange at the center repeats the freckes.

Soft Autumn orange eye colour

Make this the hair.

Soft Autumn hair colour


Notice too that there is a lot of Summer in this eye, where the outer half or more is gray-blue-green. Soft Autumn is a Neutral Season and a neutral gray-brown eyeshadow can work as well.

Among the test drapes that are used to identify Season, there always seems to be one that connects powerfully with the eye colour. For Soft Autumn, the olive drape is the best eye colour intensifier. Interestingly, for the other Soft Season, the Soft Summer, the best eye colour drape is the soft pine green. The drapes are finding something in these eyes that is not immediately obvious.

True Autumn

Autumn says to the world, "I am gloriously warmed with gold, and I am also safe and strong. I am what I appear to be and honor truth above all."

These eyes have a very particular property. They contain the colour of metal. It might be copper, flame, or a darker greener bronze color. This effect is only seen if they wear their own clothing and cosmetic colours.

Hair colour should repeat something in the eye colour for the instant lift of the eyes. The colour is very warm, usually, a medium warm chestnut brown that may have a red tinge or not. A coppery highlight can be beautiful (don't go too light).

A metallic dot of antiqued gold eyeshadow just over the iris, and under the matte shade that covers the whole lid, is sublime. The viewer sees a flicker of flame in the vicinity of the eye. Keeping shimmer in attire and cosmetics to earthy colours is especially flattering.

Dark Autumn

This is the image of this Season that resonates with me (minus the singing).

[caption id="attachment_654" align="alignnone" width="282"]Pocahontas Dark Autumn Copyright Walt Disney 2005.[/caption]

A strong and practical princess.

These eyes are gingerbread brown, chocolate cake, liquid bronze, or a green-bronze colour. The eyeliner is dark brown, also possibly with a slight green tinge. Mascara is black-brown, possibly black depending on the darkness of the person and hair. Many persons of darker complexion belong in this group and the hair may not indicate the true degree of warmth.

Eyeshadow highlight is darker than most other Seasons, as are the light wardrobe colours. M.A.C.  The other Dark Season, Dark Winter, will wear Winter icy light tones, but not this group. They turn the skin to ashes.

These are exotic colours, such as chilli pepper, wasabi, and nubuck tan. Autumn is nothing if not sensible. Once they see the obvious improvements and potential for their own great beauty, they implement their palette faster than perhaps any other group.

Play up the hair and arrange it around the face. It repeats the eye colour exactly. If it is worn too flat or skinned back, you lose a huge eye intensifying opportunity. Do everything you can to make it gleam. Avoid anything too red, wine, magenta, or burgundy. It looks more natural as warmer brown, like redwood, mahogany, dark chestnut. Port wine is the reddest you'd go.