5 Untraditional Beauty Products

The video is here at YouTube.


Moroccan Oil Texture Clay

This product adds structure (body, muscle) and texture (definition, separation). If you know a product that adds separation only and last the day without looking artificial, please share with me. I don't really want the body part but the Moroccan Oil is so good, so less-is-more, with such great lasting and reviving ability that it ranks as my favourite-so-far hair product.

La Vie en Rose Sleekback Bikini Panty
The word you want is Sleekback.

The features you want are flat, seamless back edges and several silicone strips that together measure about 1 and 1/4 inches wide.

They have several styles. I have only tried this one. It should open to a gray product on the model with the mesh band across the front, and colour options of navy, teal, and shell. 

NutraSea Omega-3 Liquid Gels

 The link takes you to one of my favourite shopping experiences, Well.ca. In Canada, I have also seen it at the Superstore in Canada. 

Shine Stopper at Paula's Choice

It works. If needed, like in the summer, I have applied it a second time during the day. No caking or clogging or obvious powdery effect. It looks like it's not there. 

Precision Pore Cleansing pad at Sephora

So pleased to see that the vast majority of reviewers had the same happy surprise that I did.


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