5 Top Beauty Products 2020

In this post, my 5 biggest beauty steps forward in 2020.

The video is here at YouTube

1. Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

Here at Amazon.ca


  • subtle yet real boost to hair body, thickens each strand
  • detangling and light conditioning
  • watery feeling rather than oily when first applied
  • hair feels lighter, neither heavy nor limp
  • gives hair better direction and less static flyaway
  • cannot feel any product in the hair once hair is dry


  • none
  • may need a few tries to understand the effect (I was sure on the 3rd).
  • clean fragrance, perhaps a bit strong and doesn’t linger
  • apply after towel drying or just prior to blow drying, either way fine.

2. NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume, Extreme Jet Black

Here at Amazon.ca


  • quickly adds length
  • fans out lashes with little fine tuning needed
  • buildable in layers
  • good curl and hold
  • no animal testing


  • none
  • if volume is the goal, another product may be better.

3. Align Style Analysis and Makeup Masterclass

Florentina Mossou is the creator of the Align systems. 

They will show you how beautiful you are so that even you have to admit it. 

Pinterest boards for the 16 types are here

The Align Makeup Masterclass (part 1 of 7) is here at Chrysalis Colour.

Florentina will be our special guest on the podcast, at Chrysalis Colour under the Podcasts tab, to be aired in late January. 


  • affirms the profound ability of shape to express (or conceal) beauty,
  • and then makes it relative to your body type. Now you’re talking.
  • Your clothing designs.
  • Your jewelry.
  • Hairstyle.
  • Footwear and eyeglasses.
  • Your makeup.
  • A new way to see yourself.
  • A smarter way to shop.


  • this is knowledge and information. Therefore, patience and determination to learn and improve with practice are helpful. Sometimes plain ol’ reality can be a con.


4. Cover Girl TruBlend Base Business Skin Primer Mattifying

Here at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada

I couldn't find the product on Cover Girl's site and cannot confirm whether it is available elsewhere.

Go Cover Girl! for now being a friend to animals.


  • spreads and blends out fast
  • dries fast
  • hides pores fairly well
  • long-lasting mattifying effect under foundation
  • no dry or chalky feel or look, in fact, undetectable


  • none
  • not a colour corrector to my eyes


5. Paula’s Choice Resist Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50

Here at Paula's Choice.


  • makes good tinted sunscreen from thicker foundation. If full matte coverage desired, better to apply this layer first.
  • please read the many other benefits of this product on Paula’s site, linked above, below the product title


  • none
  • if using to make tinted sunscreen, using the recommended one teaspoon of sunscreen, may be not enough coverage if foundation texture is thin to begin with


*The thicker foundation to which I refer in the video is in the blog post, A Foundation for Dark Winter. However, it’s not the one I’m wearing here. As you see in my recent videos, I’m having fun with the bells and whistles of film editing and trying things behind the scenes too, for an upcoming post on looking better on video.

In this video, I’m wearing a paler foundation (Merle Norman Alabaster Beige, colour no longer available despite having the same name, or so it was 2 years ago) and less contour than I normally do for video. Although good for every day, on video, I wonder if the skin appears pale and the face looks flatter and puffier. I’ll use the Rimmel slightly-warmer-than-the-skin foundation and a lot of contour in the next video, try to recreate the lighting, and we can compare as we continue together on our appearance journeys.

Beauty Faves 2018

The last time I did one of these post was December 2018. For a page from my style diary, the YouTube link is here for 5 Untraditional Beauty Products. I still use every one of them.