Best Makeup Colours : True Summer

The sensible place to begin when choosing colours for our home is understanding the colours that are already there. With makeup, knowing our own colouring, the canvas on which the makeup will be painted, is essential.

We have a colour scheme, like the first wash of a painting. Working in harmony with it is essential because cosmetics at their best appear to be part of the skin, not apart from it, either sitting above or fading away.

Imagine a cosmetic wardrobe that is an identical match with our own colours, a  mesh so seamless that nobody could tell where the makeup ends and our face begins. When the alignment is that good, the makeup looks custom-colored for us.

In Seasonal Colour Analysis, this Season cosmetic colour palette is cool, soft, and light.

To know what to buy, you need to know what to ignore. 90% of what is at the makeup counter is not your best choice. The other 10%? Fabulous.



18 thoughts on “Best Makeup Colours : True Summer”

  1. Thank you so much for this info and for showing the color chips. I really believe True Summer has the most difficult time finding lipstick, blush, and foundation colors and it would be so great if one company made all three. Picasso Pink lipstick by BeautiControl was perfect for True Summer, but they discontinued it. It would be so helpful if a cosmetic company made certain “classic” colors for each season but added a few new colors each season of the fashion cycle for the lipstick collectors. Your blog is just fascinating, no mater which of the 12 types I read about, there is always something to learn about color harmony. Thank you again for your work (fun) here.

  2. Funny you’d say that. Sally Beauty has a blush 388402 that I love for True Summer. I thought it was their own brand, but Femme looks familiar. I must go check. Good color call on the gloss.

  3. Thanks! I checked it again; it’s probably better for True Winter.

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  4. Looking at the gloss again, it’s probably better suited for True Winter. Ah well.

  5. Thanks for all this! I’ve finally found the right eyeshadow, blush, liner, and mascara for me. I’m still on the search for the right lip colour though. Is there any particular lip gloss you could recommend for a True Summer?

  6. Emma,

    Lancome Provocative is usually my go-to True Summer lip. As a pure cool Season, they don’t have warm and cool options, but they can do rose petals and dusty plums beautifully – in colors a little darker than you might expect.

  7. Is it just me, or are the True Summer colors less purple than the True Winter? Is that true of the palette in general, or is it coincidence?

  8. By the way, there’s a “Provocative” look-alike in their La Laque collection…. “Plum Wave”, I think.

  9. They do appear less purple, Ashley, but I’ve never tried to actually make the colors. If we were to get into the actual compositions, I am not certain if there would be more blue pigment by proportion, but there certainly is more red and black in Winter’s colors, so they appear ‘more purple’. Now, if you meant “Does Winter have more purples to choose from?”, then yes. Winter has many, many purples. Summer has more blues and just a few purples.
    Plum Wave is a good example of a product that might suit a darker True Summer or a True Winter that’s not looking for a big color hit. It is certainly blue enough for Winter.

  10. Hi. I think on one of your sites you wrote that tanning for a true winter could kind of mess up their coloring. Is the same thing true for true summers? Thanks.

  11. Yes, Michelle. That mauve-greyness in the hair and skin undertone are completely necessary to see the milk&roses perfection of True Summer skin. Tans, which are always yellowish brown as the skin deposits more melanin, don’t look nearly as good on the pure cool Seasons as on an Autumn or Spring. Even the Neutrals of the pure cool Seasons (the other 2 Summers and Winters) are not at their sharpest best (for the Winters) or healthiest (for the Summers).

  12. Both my son and I have milky white complexions but when we tan it looks kind of dirty brownish orange. Of course we tan very easy. Another good reason to stay out of the sun. Thanks

  13. Hi Christine! Do these colors correspond directly to any of the circles on the color strips?

  14. Perhaps is it our coloring for whom the suggestion to use an actual graphite pencil to fill in brows was made? I’ve always had a horrible time finding a brow pencil that works. Most are too dark, too brown, too yellow, or too red. Graphite (literally taupe gray) sounds like the elusive holy grail, but I’ve never tried it. Has anyone here tried this? Right now NYX micro brow pencil in Taupe is the best I’ve ever found and suffices for now as it’s 99% perfect, but it can stand to be just a tad bit less yellow (or I’m being just a tad too picky ;)).

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