Articles For The Colour Analysis Client

You have met Terry Wildfong here. She was my trainer five years ago, remains my most respected colleague in colour analysis, and is my collaborator in choosing the colours for the Test and Luxury Drapes for our students.

Our beliefs and methods are as identical as those of two people can be. We may use different descriptive words. The fundamentals do not differ. What we see and how we believe it must be interpreted is exactly the same, and the same as Kathryn Kalisz’s writing, which we consult frequently.

Terry tells me that she has planned a series of articles written to educate the PCA consumer. The link to her introduction is here.



One thought on “Articles For The Colour Analysis Client”

  1. I am very excited about these! Terry’s introduction is so clear, and the various potential confusions /topics laid out so well, and her calm experience so obviously vast, that she seems to makes it easy to understand. Anxiously awaiting….

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