Colour analysis for private clients is scheduled with great flexibility as it suits our schedules, including holidays and weekends.

Appointments are seen in a private studio in London, Ontario, Canada.

Your best approach is to contact me by email with your interest in having a private PCA session. A 4-6 week minimum advance notice is recommended.

Reach me by e-mail at :

Please do read the page of PCA FAQs. The most commonly asked questions, including cost, duration, and preparation, have been answered there. If you have further questions, I am happy to answer them at the e-mail address above.



8 thoughts on “Appointments”

  1. Hi Christine;

    I live in New Brunswick and would like to make an appointment with you. Where exactly in Ontario are you located. What openings do you have for september.

    Thank you;
    Suzanne Hache-Bourgeois

  2. I’d like a colour analysis, and you have come highly recommended. However, I’m in Toronto and have three small children. I’m willing to travel, but if you’re very far from me I’m not sure how I can get to you. Where exactly are you located, and how can we work this out? Thanks so much.

  3. Hello,
    My Mom, my husband, myself and my 2 daughters had a color analysis done approximately 15 years ago. My 2 daughter-in-laws would like to have one done. How do I find someone close to my area?
    Thank you

  4. Good morning
    I would love to know if you are aware of anyone in the Brantford Ontario Canada area who does colour analysis using the 12 season system? I am thinking it may be a fun gift to give to my 2 daughters and myself

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