The Goal

For you to know your natural colouring, and know how to use those colours effectively to present the most attractive, rational, visually powerful version of yourself.

For our clients, you will…

Maximize the success of your first impression. Decisions are made about us because of our appearance within the first 3 minutes. We can’t opt out but we can get them working to our advantage.

Bring decisions about you related to appearance back under your control. Right or wrong, appearance does influence how others make decisions about us. If you understand how, when, and why it happens, you are able to determine the outcome.

Discover an important piece of identity. Impacting for everyone, especially those under 25 and anyone seeking their path or purpose in life. It is too easy to know and too important to wait another day.

Upgrade your appearance to one that is modern. Keep your look as current and relevant as you want clients to know your services are. Look like the adult that you are.

Direct every shopping experience. Most of the counter, webstore, or shopping mall is for someone else. Learning to recognize the part that is ours and ignore less-than-best advice will save thousands of dollars and hours of time.

Look put together all the time, whether your wardrobe is minimal or maximal.  You will have a cohesive colour formula that brings your wardrobe into automatic alignment.

Find satisfaction in your personal visual brands of attraction, femininity/masculinity, sophistication, intelligence, health, and sex appeal. The keys are all in the same place, yours to access when you are ready.

Believe in change from the outside in.

For colour analysts, you will…

Be trained in the science and art of human colour analysis using scientifically accurate methods and tools, and supported with education and business opportunities through every step of the career.

Become recognized business owners in your communities, bringing the gift of colour analysis to the people around you.

Participate in a community of colour analysts who have integrated passion for colour and a desire to help others, to practice the highest standard of the colour analysis profession.


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