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I love a story about life’s unwinding path. I am happy that you are here to read  mine.

My name is Christine Scaman. I am in my fifties now (2016). I live in Ontario, Canada, with deep roots to my home province of Prince Edward Island, Canada, which I visit frequently.

I was a veterinarian from 1990 to 2014.  In 2009, I trained as a colour analyst and did both jobs for 4 years before time constraints and new directions led me to full time colour analysis. I have been amazed at how the algorithms for arriving at Season and medical diagnosis are similar. The tricks our minds play to lead us down the wrong path are much the same too. Many readers will recognize how opportunities present themselves to us later in life that are a culmination of everything that came before. Veterinary medicine taught me how to think to arrive at a result with the highest likelihood of being correct.

Cosmetic colours have always fascinated me. I remember applying purple eyeshadow using parked car windows for mirrors on the way to school in my early teens.  I had subscribed to the World of Beauty from the back of a teen magazine. Lovely kits containing six random items arrived at our door each month. It had not crossed my mind that my mother would be anything other than very pleased to pay $9.99 for each one. I gave unsubscribing my best thirteen-year old attempt but the kits kept coming, which annoyed my mother even more than paying the monthly bill. She finally gave up. Eventually, the kits must have stopped arriving.

When Carole Jackson published Color Me Beautiful  in the 1980s, many lights switched on, for many people. I thought I was an Autumn, but more importantly, I imagined how great it would be for a woman to buy her perfect cosmetic collection from those four colour palette pages. I saw what we all did, that somewhere in those quizzes and palette pages lived a lot of truth. Without objective guidance more personal than a book can provide, we waste too much time and too much money. We should know or be able to guess at a such an intimate part of ourselves but the fact is that we can’t. We may get some things right. Until all the building blocks of clothing, cosmetics, and hair stack up, the 1+1=3 effect will not happen. We need a trained professional with high quality instruments to find our answers.

Since my credibility would improve with formal training, I researched the various PCA systems. Most made some sense but seemed not to hold up to questioning or practice. In April, 2009, I found the Sci\ART system. Years of scientific training made it clear that this approach was analytical, science-backed, evidence-based, and the most precise.

Turned out to be one of the top 5 best decisions of my life. If I had a few questions about its accuracy, they were answered during my training or have been answered since with practice and experience, just like any other field of learning.  In the process, I learned that I had placed myself in the wrong Season (Season being just another word for type of natural colouring) and had to re-learn the colour beliefs I held about myself. Climbing the wall of my own resistance was an essential experience for helping women do the same thing with more sensitivity. It was the beginning of realizing that clients need post-PCA support to unlock the magic as much as possible.

I am a consumer of retail, just like you are. Whether or not you wear makeup is not important. The size of your disposable income is irrelevant. Success does not require that you spend a dollar more on your appearance than you spend today.  All you need is the courage of your own beauty and the willingness to learn something new, boosted by the rewards of daily improvements.

Learning something new is not usually that hard. The more difficult part is figuring out what to un-learn. My purpose is to support you and show you how to use your natural colouring to move towards new choices that will look more beautiful to others and feel more confident for you. We work in partnership, with me acting as a camera lens that faithfully helps you know how others see you. With your best interests at heart, I can guide you towards your most flattering, believable, and harmonious choices in clothing, cosmetic, and hair colour. You will feel the freedom of selecting from a narrowed range of lovely choices, rather than the endlessly hectic range of less-than-best options where most folks shop.

Most importantly, I want to empower you. I want for you to know yourself better, to recognize someone who has been hiding inside, waiting to get noticed. I want you to be a smarter, tougher consumer, and be taken more seriously in all aspects of your life. Take back yourself and who you came here to be. See how good it feels to finally settle into your own skin and know what a perfect fit it has always been.

About the Sci\ART system in which I was trained and whose guiding principles I continue to use – I place great value in the distinctive language of the 12 Season colour palettes. Each one speaks of our world in its unique way. To communicate those feelings, in 2011, I wrote the book Return to Your Natural Colours. Every person expresses their own version of their Season or colouring, influenced by body type and essence.

Many asked if I would teach this system, since no other training was available after the death of Sci/ART founder, Kathryn Kalisz. The training course came together in 2012. In a collaboration that has been nothing less than brilliant, my trainer, Terry Wildfong and I created Test and Luxury Drapes that have surpassed anything I had seen or imagined in beauty and precision. We also have cosmetic collections curated for the 12 Seasons, and collections of wardrobe neutral colours to assist shopping decisions for the most challenging groups of colours to choose correctly.

You do not have to be who your parents expected, or your husband wants, or your boss demands, or your kids…. You are only responsible for your own happiness and success. Not anyone else’s.

Einstein said,

Until I am ready to walk away from what I am, I can never become what I will be.

Well, that is true. But you need not know what you will be when you start. You just need to start.


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  1. Dear Christine…After many weeks of trial and error I have found my season (I think). I am a True Autumn (?) I have neutral skin coloring (warm and cool) my skin is light coloring, but not pale. I have medium auburn hair, green eyes with yellow flecks. I look terrible in very warm colors, best in corals, peaches, beige, camel, overwhelming in black. Am I correct on the choice of my season? Or do you have any suggestions? I would love to know what you may think?

  2. Hi I live in Belfast in Northern Ireland I am so interested in your subject but find it all do confusing many many years ago I am coming sixty this year I had my colours fine but I am not sure they are correct I cannot seem to feel confident they are right also all this ting and yang I want to be all sorted out its so frustrating can you help me please

  3. Some of this has a fairly easy answer, Barbara, some parts more difficult. For the Yin and Yang of image archetype, you might spend some time on Rachel’s site at bestdressed.us. You could also google ‘image archetype’ and ‘david kibbe’. You might enjoy Kibbe’s book from the 1980s called Metamorphosis, often copies floating around on Amazon Used. I’d suggest you do a little reading before jumping in yourself, but when you’re ready, it can be done very accurately online (info on PIA at Rachel’s site). Regarding colour analysis (PCA), it’s trickier because it must be done in person. There are fine EU analysts but none in Ireland at this time. We can talk about this more if you’d like to email me privately to christine@12blueprints.com

  4. Hi, I live in the San Francisco area of California, and am so wanting to be able to get a PCA. I check your directory every month or so to see if there is an analyst in my area, alas, to no avail. I had my colors done years ago, when Color Me Beautiful first came out and was typed a Summer. That sounded right, I am an ashy blonde, with virtually no warmth in my coloring. More recently, with the added categories, I realized many of the soft summer – as well as true summer colors – were very wearable. It is very confusing to me though, that I can also wear some winter colors (like black and fuchsia)! Do you anticipate having an analyst in my area at any point in the future? Love your site!

  5. Hi, Kelly, We have no practicing analysts in the SF area at this time. We do have analysts in Corona and San Jacinto. Please email me (christine@12blueprints.com) if you would like their contact info.

  6. Good morning! I have greatly enjoyed reading your story and was surprised to find some similarities to my own! I am also a veterinarian, born in Atlantic Canada, and have had a lifelong passion for colour. I have been searching for a long time for a way to incorporate this passion into my life. I have been draped as a Winter many years ago but I wonder if I have changed over time as I approach my 40s. Looking forward to learning more about your system!

  7. Thank you, Stacy, and welcome :) I hope that find the info you seek. Please don’t hesitate to email me (christine@12blueprints.com) with any questions.

  8. Dear Christine,

    What are the latest lipstick colours in the market for the true winter?

    With appreciation,

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